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Donuts and Diamonds

We all like donuts, right? How could we not? They’re sweet; they’re cute; they’re sometimes colorful. But do we love donuts?

“Lucy in the sky, with donuts?!?”
“Donuts are a girls best friend?!?”
“Nothing says I love you like a donut?!?”

Clearly one cannot replace a diamond with a donut and get the same results. Diamonds are precious gems! Diamonds are virtually indestructible. Diamonds are highly symbolic. But donuts? They’re a breakfast food that is lacking in nutrients. They are fun to eat, sure, but then an hour later we’re hungry again.

We all know that donuts are not satiating. There is something missing. They look good, but the end result misses the mark.

Now, of course, I’m being silly comparing donuts to diamonds. They are not even in the same genre – donuts are food and diamonds are gems. But there is a reason to compare them – and that is symbolism.

Let’s first think of diamonds. We’ve all heard of the expression a diamond in the rough. What does it mean? Well, it primarily about potential. A lump of dirt has a diamond inside. All that is needed is to remove the dirt and then polish the stone. Teachers and coaches use this metaphor plenty. That’s because people get it. Metaphysicians use it too because it is a great way to talk about manifestation. Often, when we pray for diamonds, we get lumps of earth and a chisel. It’s part of our journey to extract the diamonds. Of course, sometimes we’re just given a shovel and then subtly guided to the right spot to dig.

There are so many great visuals with diamonds.

Donuts, as symbols, only showed up recently – in the past year or so. The first time, the word popped out of my mouth in the middle of a reading. The client was talking about aspects of her life and in response, spirit said, “donuts”.

We’ve already discussed how donuts look good, but are less than satisfying. They might be great at first taste, but then after digging our teeth into them, we find that something is missing. After all, there is that hole in the middle.

Manifestations that are donuts are the things in life we create, attract, and receive that look right, seem right, but then as we interact with them, we’re not satisfied. We realize that something is missing. It’s like meeting that tall, dark, and handsome man via OkCupid and not feeling any bit of spark on the first date. He looked good. He said the right things. He paid for dinner. But at the end of the evening, there wasn’t that pull of attraction.

Maybe it’s that new job. It sounded so exciting when we read the description. We wanted it and applied for the position. We were even excited when we got the interview, but then, walking around the office, it just felt… hollow.

To me, I think the manifesting of donuts has increased. Why? Well, because so many of us are consciously studying manifestation. We’ve learned all of these neat techniques, and they work! We now know to visualize and itemize. We make a list and check it twice. “Oh, I mustn’t forget this aspect,” we say to ourselves. Every time something doesn’t work out, our list grows.

And then the next manifestation is closer to the mark. It’s a more complete picture. It’s a donut with sprinkles on top and pretty icing. But damn it! There’s still that hole!

One time during a reading, a client and I discussed his dream. He had so many details to share. They were even heartfelt. He clearly knew what he wanted for his life. So what was missing? Well, when I looked at his picture via his Akashic Records, I saw the hole. Here was this masterpiece of art and the one thing he forgot to paint inside of it was himself! Every time he saw his desire, he saw it out there – as if watching a movie – as if it were someone else’s life. He couldn’t put himself in the picture because he didn’t think he fit! Once he was there, the scene around him couldn’t work – in his mind.

Spirit, of course, didn’t see it that way. Spirit never sees donuts. Instead, they see jigsaw puzzles. All of the pieces are around us, and they all fit. Our journey is simply the path of putting it all together.

Most often, when we create donuts, the piece that is missing is our heart. We create what we want, what we desire, what we think is good for us, and then forget to add love. We think that when it shows up pretty and shiny, we’ll just naturally love it. But then that shiny piece of metal does show up and we don’t feel anything about it. We smile and feign appreciation, but then that night, when we’re all by ourselves, we look at it and know that it’s not it.

As someone who had shut his heart to avoid pain, I know all about donuts. If I ate every one that I created, I would be 300 pounds! I tasted some, for sure! I even felt appreciation for creating exactly the donut I had envisioned. I rarely lost sight of the fact that I did indeed create a hollow image, but I created one with detail, and that was exciting in and of itself. But like a sport fisherman who doesn’t like to eat fish, I threw them all back. “Thank you spirit, for this beautiful donut.” <Fling> (Donut goes flying out the window…)

Consider this: the word “donut” looks and sounds a lot like “do not”. So every time we get a donut, we get a do not. But is the message “do not create donuts”? NO. The message is “do not get discouraged”! Every time we get a donut, we get something that we created! That’s perfection! That’s manifestation! That’s us being within our power. That’s evidence of the God within.

We are creators. We are deciders. We are masters. If we can create a donut with a hole in the middle, then we can create a cupcake with a diamond inside. We can create tall, dark, and handsome, AND add the deep, intimate connection that we desire as well. The donut showed up to show us how we’re doing. Sure, we’re getting the surface details right, but we’re also still creating a hole.

And why didn’t we fill the hole to begin with? Because then it’s so much scarier. If the man that knocked at our door was the one, then we’d be vulnerable again. We’d be at risk of getting hurt. We could fail, (but only in our own minds).

Here’s another piece of information. Hope is not powerful. When we hope for an outcome, we ask spirit knowing, thinking and believing that the answer could be no. We look at our history and say, “it’s been no before”. When there’s hope, there’s also a strong memory of lack.

Don’t hope; intend! Know that when you ask the Universe, it always says, “Yes!” The only variable is time, and time is an illusion anyway. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently? If you know that in 75 days your dream would show up, but not a day sooner, what would you do for the next 74? Would you fret? Would you hope for the best and plan for the worst? Remember, planning is asking. Plan for the worst and attract it towards you.

So fling those donuts out the window, but do not do so until you really look at them. See what you created. See the sprinkles and the icing. Taste them. Decide what you like, then add to it. Accept the donuts as gifts from the Universe, and then fling them out the window.

Mars is just about to go retrograde (tomorrow – January 24th) and Saturn is soon to follow (February 8th). Both of these masters will walk us through what we’ve created thus far. The donuts around us will glow and shine calling our attention. And the window will be wide open. Go ahead, wind up and fling.

And then, as you visualize and itemize your intentions, have heart. Pour a little of that love right into the middle of your mold. Remember all of those times you loved in the past. Look at all that you love right now. Pump up that muscle and then squeeze the juice out of it.

Then watch what shows up next!

Happy Baking my friends!


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