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I think all of the intense Astrological activity going on in Capricorn has me thinking about things in solid and practical terms. I was recently inspired to consider a slightly different approach to an old tradition. Many, after weeks of letting all forms of discipline lay to the way side during the holidays, motivate themselves… Continue reading Decide


A Journey: One Moon to the Next

Every so often, we hear someone talk about an event that occurred many moons ago. For most of us, a month flies by pretty quickly, yet, at the same time, it can bring vast and sweeping changes. For example, one month from today, I’ll be living in a very different home. This year, I have… Continue reading A Journey: One Moon to the Next

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[Update 7/19/20210] These years, thanks to Google Maps and smart phones, we almost always know where we are (on the globe). But how often do we get lost within our spiritual journeys? For someone who stays home a lot, I’ve been on quite a journey. I moved into this house three and a half years… Continue reading Reinvention

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For Good

[Updated July 2021. Essay on Tarot: 6 of Swords] Recently, I encountered an interpretation of the 6 of Swords as: "moving away from harm." I prefer to look at it as: "moving toward something better." In numerology, Six symbolizes harmony. In this case, the emphasis is on harmonizing...and specifically using movement to restore harmony. In… Continue reading For Good