Bad Math

A belief is a thought you keep thinking. A disbelief is a thought you keep thinking that is contrary to another thought. Limiting beliefs are somewhere in between. You think something is possible, you simply believe it is difficult or requires something specific in order to occur. Here and now, each of us has desires … More Bad Math

Getting What You Want

Some people—sometimes—lose hope before getting what they want. Others—at other times—wait for the other shoe to drop once they do. We are so trained to believe that nothing comes easy. Abraham emphasizes the importance of keeping up with yourself. You want what you want. Sooner or later you’ll get it. Then what? At times, there … More Getting What You Want

Price versus Value

Yesterday, I found myself discussing a topic that I find of value. It was basically about the difference between price and value—something we grapple with every day, but more this time of year than any other. How often do you find yourself considering a purchase and asking yourself, “Do I really want to spend that … More Price versus Value

To Have and to Hold – The Moon within the Grand Sextile

The double Grand Trine in Water is still quite active. In fact, it doesn’t begin to fade until after the weekend. The moon moved through it yesterday. When the moon reaches 180 degrees from the Scorpio corner of one Trine, it will create the first Grand Sextile (7/29/2013). [Also see Mars Within the Grand Sextile … More To Have and to Hold – The Moon within the Grand Sextile