The Grand Sextile

The Grand Sextile has begun. At this early hour (7:00 am CDT), the moon is still earlier than the earliest degree of the other planets in the configuration. Because the six points of the Grand Sextile range from 4 degrees and change to 13 degrees (depending on which planets you include), it is hard to… Continue reading The Grand Sextile


To Have and to Hold – The Moon within the Grand Sextile

The double Grand Trine in Water is still quite active. In fact, it doesn’t begin to fade until after the weekend. The moon moved through it yesterday. When the moon reaches 180 degrees from the Scorpio corner of one Trine, it will create the first Grand Sextile (7/29/2013). [Also see Mars Within the Grand Sextile… Continue reading To Have and to Hold – The Moon within the Grand Sextile


Mars within the Grand Sextile

The first of our Grand Sextiles is still more than two weeks away. And there is plenty of interesting Astrology in the mean time. Readers have been asking me what these Grand Sextiles mean. Clients have been asking for Transit Charts with them. Both configurations (7/29/13 and 8/26/13) include nearly every planet and touch more… Continue reading Mars within the Grand Sextile