Royal Flush

You know how, in Sci-Fi movies, there’s often that super bright scientist who’s on the brink of a scientific breakthrough? His theory is advanced, but not exactly safe. He’s eager to share his findings, but must test on a human to prove his results. Since it is not appropriate to risk another person’s life, he experiments with his own.

In many ways, I’m that guy…not so much the super bright scientist, but one who experiments on himself. My Numerology and Astrology explains some of this. My Life Path number is a one, so I am naturally inclined to learn by observing myself. And since I have a stellium of personal planets in the 10th house, my findings are meant to be seen by others.

I guess that does make me a bit of a fool.

In any event, my writings (this blog and my novels) are avenues for sharing my results. We won’t call them conclusions, but rather findings.

Today, I was looking into a personal transit that is imminent (my Venus return). One thing led to another and soon I noticed a pattern. The interesting part is the pattern applies to everyone in one way or another. So here I am to write about it.

You may or may not know that yesterday, Jupiter stationed direct at 12o 35’ Leo. Jupiter will now whip through the rest of Leo until slipping into Virgo on August 10th.

Sixteen days before Jupiter leaves Leo (on 7.25.15) Venus will station retrograde at 0o 46’ Virgo. She will then backtrack through Leo until stationing direct on 9.6.15 at 14o 24’ Leo.

This means that both Jupiter and Venus are working on the same area of the sky. Each touches part of Leo three times:

  • Jupiter: 12o 35’ Leo – 22o 38’ Leo
  • Venus: 14o 24’ Leo – 0o 46’ Virgo

And the sections overlap:

  • 14o 24’ Leo – 22o 38’ Leo

Furthermore, Venus and Jupiter will conjunct three times:

  • June 30th @ 21o 38’ Leo
  • August 4th @ 28o 36’ Leo, and
  • October 25th @ 15o 39’ Virgo.

The June conjunction will be conspicuous in the evening sky. October’s conjunction will be conspicuous in the early pre-dawn morning. The conjunction in August is very close to the sun and might be hard to see.

Interestingly, the sun, Mercury, and Mars will all move through Leo in that time frame. Pretty much all of the personal planets are involved!

If you follow your own Astrology, look up the overlapping range I calculated above. Where in your chart is that? Does it include an angle? Don’t forget to look at your sun-sign chart too!

If you are a Leo born between 8/6 and 8/15, your sun falls inside of that range. And if you’re born five days before or after, you’re easily within orb.

Many of my friends were also born with Leo Rising, and therefore many of us have our Ascendant inside or near this range.

So let’s consider what this could mean.

Leo covers topics such as ego, appearance, creativity, progeny (including offspring), self-esteem, and personality. Leo is regal and tends to attract a lot of attention, which is both sought and enjoyed. The sun is the largest object in our solar system by far, and is the brightest source of light. Life could not exist without it.

In other words, Leo is a big deal!

In one school of thought, those of us with Leo Rising have received (earned perhaps?) a bit of help. We struggle with self-esteem a bit more than most, and thus Leo on the cusp of our 1st house is here to help us gain a bit of esteem in a pinch.

As a Leo Rising, I find the help to be a bit (or bout) of faux esteem. Because I can naturally fake it at times, I begin to see what it looks like. Eventually, I get to know what it feels like. Hopefully, my esteem will grow as a result. Given my experience, I have to agree that Leo Rising is training wheels for my esteem. [Maybe when I progress into Leo, I’ll begin to take those training wheels off!]

Since one ought to also consider the sun-sign chart as well, I’ll discuss mine.

As a Gemini, Leo also comprises my 3rd house: my neighborhood, my thoughts and ideas, my language and communication. Interestingly, as I search for a new home, I find the neighborhood to be priority. I’d rather live in a shack in a nice neighborhood (like I do now), than live in a luxurious house in a not-so-nice one.

[As a progressed Cancer, how the inside feels is also important. How the outside looks is not so important.]

Considering that Leo is both the cusp of my first house, and my 3rd house, I just now gained insight on the relationship between my writing and my self-esteem. Wow—I need to sit and meditate on this information for a while!

Anyway, Leo, for me, is about my relationship to myself (via the 1st house) and my relationship to my writing, my thoughts, my communication, and my peers (my brothers and sisters of all kinds) via the 3rd house.

Jupiter, every 12 years, touches on Leo, attracting attention to our Leo areas, bringing some good luck in the process.

Venus is about our relationship to money (via rulership of the 2nd house) and our relationship to relationship (via rulership of the 7th house). She is also about our relationship to love (of all kinds).

Interestingly, Venus very closely relates to self-esteem (1st house) because she rules the house that comes after it, and the house that opposes it.

When we love ourselves, we are better able to give and receive love with others. And when our esteem is good, we are better able to give and receive money!

For me (as a Gemini with Leo Rising), Jupiter and Venus are going to help me work on (and develop) self-esteem directly (via my 1st house) and with my writing via my 3rd house. Adding in Saturn’s influence, I’m sure this pending move is a part of the complete picture.

I think a number of you will be able to run with what I gave you here and hopefully find insight within your own chart. Either way, keep in mind this could make for a great session and may provide insight on the purpose of the next 5 months. Shoot me an email if you want to explore. There’s plenty of time before Venus goes retrograde, so no rush…

Big Hugs to all!


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