Night and Day

As I write this on Saturday early morning, we are coming out of an eclipse of the moon. Unfortunately for me, the sky is filled with clouds, so I do not get to witness the event. We are just past the total lunar eclipse, but we mustn’t forget that this is also the Libra full moon.

Last night, a good friend asked me how the eclipse energies were treating me. This had me looking at the past two weeks from a different perspective—from the outside, which gave me insight.

Too often, we forget to do this. We experience life in first person. Notice, however, that most novels are not written this way. To get the full picture of what is happening, we need insight that comes from outside, from above, and from inside the minds of others.

In life, balance is achieved in this same way. I should say, “it can be.” In fact, I think the Libra moon opposing the Aires sun tells us just this.

Libra wants fairness for everyone. Aries wants to do and be(come) what it wants to do and be(come). We, as individual human beings living on Planet Earth, need both. We have a will and an ego for a reason. And we have a heart and a mind, which helps  balance the other two. We have Mars and Venus in the sky, the sun and the moon.

Look at this chart. Can you get any more night and day than this? Our solar sign of Aries is on the ascendant. Our sun is soon to rise. Our lunar sign of Libra is on the descendant, placing the Libra moon in the 7th house, right were it ought to be.


Pluto, high in the sky, creates a T-Square that nearly aligns with our angles. Notice that this T-Square resembles the Libra Scales! And then below the horizon, we have an elegant wedge anchored by Jupiter.

Right now, I am writing in my office, which is a storehouse of boxes. Some are packed, and some are empty. I have already begun cleaning out closets preparing for my move. Frustratingly, I do not know where or when I will move. Packing was simply one thing I could do to keep from going crazy.

Two weeks ago, my plan was to dive into house hunting in earnest as the month transitioned into April. Well, April fools on me. Nothing went even close to plan…at least my plan. The whole week flew by as I waited on this person and that person to get back to me.

From my first person moment-by-moment point of view, it felt as if the whole world was ignoring me, abandoning me, holding me off. It felt personal. It made me sad.

The reality is, life was merely providing avenues for old emotions to bubble up. There is no evidence that anyone was doing anything other than being busy with his or her own first-person life.

We’ve all heard those stories of how, in the distant past, eclipses were experienced with a lot of fear. I ask you, did the eclipses create fear, or did they merely reveal fear that was hidden inside?

As a result of my text conversation last night, I began to see that there is the other side of things. There is not just a setting moon, but a rising sun. It looks like everything in my life is ending, and unraveling, but I can sense that there is another beat, vibe, trend, or pulse.

Some days, I wake well before dawn. This time of year, I’ll typically have the windows open. At times like this, I can hear dawn coming before I see it. The birds starting singing; the human city starts waking up; I can hear car doors and traffic.

In my life, I could very possibly be in that pre-dawn part of the day. There is subtle evidence growing. It feels like this chart. The sun-moon opposition aligns with the Pluto-Uranus square in a conscious (above the horizon) way. With Mercury exactly on the ascendant, we are coming to know the other side of the story. Mercury will trine Jupiter soon enough. And he will conjoin Uranus and then the sun after that. With each aspect that Mercury makes, he learns more, he gets another piece to the puzzle.

In 2013, I pushed forward like the sun in Aries. I was intent and busy. It did not work out so well.

In 2014, the pendulum swung all the way to the other side. I stopped trying to do anything, which brought me more and more into the present moment.

Now it’s 2015 and I feel like I am only just acclimating to that idea. Knowing I have to move has dominated my awareness. Oddly, half the year could go by before the move actually happens. I feel reactive – like Libra trying to balance what’s thrown at it. And yet, life is happening, and is evolving.

Jupiter goes direct in about four days, and I have a feeling that will change a lot (certainly for me). Pluto, interestingly enough, changes direction a week after that. In this chart, Pluto and Jupiter counter balance the full moon eclipse…and each other. Their change in direction will essentially mark the beginning of a new season.

I just looked at the clock, and I believe the eclipse has just ended. This reflective post feels like just the ritual I needed to complete this eclipse season. Ending and beginnings overlap, and gateways sit in between them.


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