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11 / ELEVEN / XI

[Updated July 2021. Essay on Tarot: II The High Priestess]

The High Priestess is the most mysterious card in the deck. This is because her expertise are focused on the occult: namely the subtle and all things hidden. She explores the mysteries of existence, not merely within the earth plane. Eventually, as she comes to know something clearly, she will hand her wisdom down to the other teachers: the Magician, the Hierophant, the Hermit, etc.

Since the High Priestess deals with all that is hidden, a exemplary representation of her work is Illumination.

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[Post updated 7/19/2021]

To celebrate 11/11/11 – I am sharing another excerpt from my second novel: Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. It is from Chapter 11 – naturally. I hope you enjoy it!


Eleven is a Master Number and thus is not reduced to two. However, eleven doesn’t simply add meaning to the number two, it raises the meaning of two to a higher vibration. For example, to describe the meaning of two, we could use words like: connection, communication, and direction. So watch as we start with these words, and then reach higher.

Let’s begin by discussing an individual who is seeking information from another. The one, in encountering the other, makes a connection(2). He or she asks a question initiating communication(2). And let’s then say in this case the second is able to answer the question thus providing direction(2). So far, what we are describing is a human experience that is classically two in its vibration.

Now let’s take this to the next level. Let’s say instead of simply asking(2), the first person is seeking(7). One who asks receives knowledge, but what happens to the one that seeks? We would say that he or she receives illumination(11)! Illumination is not just information (knowledge), but also inspiration (energy). It is a bathing of light. Light is information, but also sound, energy – love. You see light, hear sound, and feel love. From our perspective, they are merely different frequencies of vibration; light is love and love is light. During the daytime, half of your planet is bathed in the light of the sun and is thus illuminated by it. The sun is the source of that light. Thus illumination always has a source. That is why we often refer to The One (God/Goddess/All-That-Is) as Source!

What is less obvious is that with illumination, one is moved into a higher vibration; one is affected and shifted. When a particle is illuminated with energy, it becomes excited. When a person is illuminated with love, he or she becomes excited. Illumination is not just a two experience, it is an eleven! In fact, we are illuminating you right now. We are providing you with information, but also light, unseen or otherwise.

Earlier we showed you how the number two in Roman notation is written as II and thus resembles 11, the higher vibration of two. This is illustrated on card II in the Tarot. In fetching this card, you will find the

The High Priestess
The High Priestess

High Priestess pictured between two pillars. The High Priestess is card number II but also closely related to 11. Eleven may be a higher vibration of two, yet it is still dualistic. In other words, it contains two meanings. On the one hand there is illumination, on the other disillusionment. The High Priestess is aware of this and thus sits in between the two. You cannot have illumination without disillusionment. They are not opposites, like pro and con, but the very same. With illumination, light reveals truth, but that is the very same process as when the light dispels darkness. Disillusionment is thus when false ideas are revealed for what they are, and through this process the truth is then known. Really, the only difference between illumination and disillusionment is your perspective. Just like the gateway of ten, you are free to look backward or forward. And so, inside the gateway of eleven, you can look toward disillusionment or toward illumination. It is your choice(2). We of course, invite you to sit, as the High Priestess does, in between the two in full acknowledgement and acceptance of both – and thus inside of eleven where both paths are seen simultaneously.

And now here is something you can behold and enjoy – a visual mnemonic to help you remember the significance of what eleven brings. The Roman number II resembles 11, but so does the double el – ‘ll’. Now watch as we reveal words and phrases resonant with eleven. We already told you of the two pillars of eleven: illumination and disillusionment. These pillars do not cross like the (X), they are parallel. Thus the difference between two and eleven is alignment. But illumination is also a process, an ongoing process, and one that will continue infinitely. If there is anything that you wish to know, be patient, because time will tell all. Anything false will fade away revealing truth eventually. Allow this, and you will grow wise well in advance of others. And thus you will experience fulfillment and wellbeing and continually move beyond the walls of illusion.


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