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I learned recently that the origin of the word decision is quite different than I would have expected. It is, however, elegant and enlightening and makes perfect sense.

We all know that an incision is when something is cut into. Think of it this way:

in (in or into) – cision (cut).

Decision, when we refer back to its Latin origin, means to cut off. Look at it this way:

de (off) – cision (cut).

When we make a decision, we cut off the other possibilities. At every moment, our choices can be symbolized by a fork in the road. We can go left or right, stop, or turn around, but we cannot do two of these things at the same time. So, in choosing to go left, we cut off all other choices. [We, of course, can make another decision after this.]

Two of Swords
2 of Swords

For years, I have discussed the 2 of Swords as a moment of pause before making a decision. We may be heavily leaning in one direction, but we have not yet decided.

3 of Swords

Some years ago, I re-framed the 3 of Swords. Traditionally, it meant strong emotional pain and heartache. Because the number three is creative, I reinterpreted it to mean cutting away. In other words, to make something better, we sometimes have to remove that which we do not want. Even if no effort is required, we do have to allow the unwanted to move away. And sometimes, the contrast that finally helped us decide, did hurt significantly.

Cutting away and cutting off are very similar. So, at the 2, we are facing a decision, and at the 3, we are making a decision, thus cutting off the other options, and cutting away those things we do not feel are best for us.

If you’re in the mood to read further, revisit these articles of mine, which look further into the cards above and their meanings:

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The first article, which discusses Venus, is rather pertinent to here and now. Venus has once again stationed direct and is a morning star, although in a different sign than before. And Jupiter is nearly at opposition, as was the case then, but again in a different sign.


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