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Venus Retrograde in Pisces

One week ago, Venus overtook the Earth in what is called inferior conjunction. That marks the halfway point of Venus Retrograde; she is a morning star now as shown in this pre-sunrise picture. Tomorrow, Venus reenters the sign of Pisces, which she left about a month ago.

Since March 9th, Venus has been receiving a boost from Mars. She has been occupying his sign of Aries while he’s traveling through her sign of Taurus. When Venus reenters Pisces, she’ll get her assistance from Jupiter. Jupiter is approaching his once-per-year opposition with the sun (when he rises at sunset), and this year in Venus’ other sign: Libra. Since he is the classic ruler of Pisces, Venus will once again have mutual reception with someone.

In this morning’s reading, the 3 of Swords showed up as guidance. It landed between the 10 of Cups (contentment in all areas) and the Ace of Cups (opening up to receive).

Many years ago, I wrote a blog about the 3 of Swords in which I interpreted it as a cutting away. The imagery then was this: we hold in our hands a diamond in the rough. It is covered in rock. To expose the diamond, we need to cut away all that is not pure.

It was clear to me today, however, that this morning’s message was NOT that. The cups cards on either side help establish a softer version. This is akin to Venus moving back into Pisces from Aries.

After staring at the card and tuning in, I heard this:

Allow that, which no longer serves you, to melt away. Allow the unwanted to flow away. No effort is needed.

If you consider time: every piece of the past floats away. First it becomes yesterday, then last week, then last year. Pretty soon, it is far enough back where we don’t even remember what day of the week it was.

All old will flow away from us if we let it. We don’t have to push it away, but we do have to keep from picking it up and rubbing it all over our skin again.

Venus has done the majority of her retrograde work already. I can tell when I tune in and/or look around. Maybe Venus retrograde in Aries was a cutting away. It did feel that way a little bit. I felt myself react. I felt myself grab at old stuff as if it would hurt to let it go. The reality is: it hurt to hold on to it.

Just as the Aries sun melts away the winter snow, it thawed some of the icy edges of this Venus Retrograde. It’s done now if you let it be. The new course has been set, even if the journey has not yet begun. Let the drama and trauma and pain ebb back into the ocean. Let the wounds heal over. Don’t pick at your scabs.

Venus will dip into Pisces for nearly the entire month of April. This is a well earned vacation in the spa to wash off the mud and the dried blood from battle, and to allow the scratches and scrapes to heal.

Venus’ mutual reception with Mars enabled her to become a formidable warrior. But now that the battle is over, she is happy to be done with it. She now gets to be more herself: softer, kinder, and allowing peace to win over by guiding and nurturing it.

That sounds good to me!


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