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With Venus moving backward in the evening sky, I’ve had all that she stands for on my mind. This is my third attempt at writing something for the occasion. This time, I feel emotionally inspired, rather than intellectually inspired.

One quality…category…subject…or context that is Astrologically associated with Venus is Value. Venus rules Taurus and rules the second house. The second house is about our possessions, but also our value system. In this way, Venus also connects to money and wealth.

Let’s for a second, revisit an old adage. A child asks his parent for an expensive toy and the parent responds with, “What, do you think money grows on trees?”

Of course the humor in all of this is YES, money DOES grow on trees…and not just the paper it is printed on. If you grow fruit, you can sell that fruit for money. Same with nuts. Same with flowers. There’s lots of ways to grow money from trees or plants or what have you.

But let’s say for a moment that money did grow on trees. This would mean that harvesting money would actually be good for the environment too! Imagine that all you need do to grow money is plant a seed (or three), water it when the rain doesn’t come, feed the soil every now and then, and just give it a little time.

In this way, you would be creating wealth without taking it from anywhere. In other words, you aren’t exchanging work for money. It’s not someone else’s money that then becomes yours. It is simply money you create from (nearly) nothing.

If you could create money in this way, would you? Does the effort of planting seeds, occasionally watering and feeding sound too much? If you saw person after person do this successfully, would that inspire you to try it for yourself?

And do you think you’d have the patience to give it enough time to grow? Maybe not the number of years an apple tree would need, but some amount of time?

So here is the piece of inspiration that came in, which is equivalent to watering your seeds. You see, your desire for additional wealth has already been planted. That happened a long time ago. In fact, you’ve probably planted seeds all the years of your life.

So how do we water these seeds? How do we feed them? How do we see them growing, when we can’t right now?

Money is nothing more than a manifestation of value. If you want to create money….harvest value. Value needs no money. Value is something you can have right here and now. Value is nothing more than perspective.

If you want a new job, a raise in your current job, an additional source of income, or success in any endeavor you are already expending effort within, this could be precisely the approach that could fertilize your efforts enough for you to reap some fruit!

Here we go:

First, carve out a little time. If it’s not right now, then see if you can plan for it soon.

Next, decide what approach works best for you. Writing is my preference, but is not at all required.

Third, start itemizing your value.

For example, I’ll show you what mine would look like:

  1. I’m a smart guy. I am good at figuring things out.

  2. I am handy. I can fix things and I can build things.

  3. I have an artistic sense. I know what looks good and when things could be improved.

  4. I am good at putting ideas into written form.

  5. I am good at helping people feel better.

  6. I am a good listener, but also good at offering advice or a perspective, which helps others feel better about their situations.

  7. I love supporting others within their own desires.

Now, this might sound like resume writing, but don’t focus on skills you think others will value, focus on skills you actually feel good about. What do you like about yourself? Are you funny? Kind? Empathic? Are you a good friend? A good cook? Do you like making people smile? Do you like people?

Value is value. Harvesting value is harvesting. Notice I use the word harvest and not planting, feeding, watering, or fertilizing. By doing the exercise above, you are harvesting value because in that moment during the exercise you are finding and feeling value in your self.

And thanks to the Law of Attraction (or what I like to sometimes call the Law of Resonance), if you increase the amount of value you feel day to day, then the Universe will give you more reasons to feel value day to day.

In other words, you might want to sit and write for your first session, but then revisit it whenever the mood strikes. If you work, then spend a bit of time after every completed task to feel value for your efforts, your intelligence, you artistry, your willingness, your participation, etc.

Now, as I said, value is value. That means if you harvest a feeling of value in others, that works too. You can list every or any person in your life and then state what or why you value them…which is the same as stating what or why you appreciate them.

You see value is the same as appreciation. The only difference is value is more directly connected to money in our language and thinking.

If you have a job, are looking for a job, or want a promotion or raise, you don’t have to value yourself as an employee to find what you’re looking for, just find value in your self and watch what happens. It might start with someone simply saying, “Thank you,” or “I appreciate you,” and in a way that you hear it more deeply—more sincerely than before.

You’ll not only start attracting more wealth, as in money, you’ll start attracting more wealth, as in the luxury of feeling appreciated by others.

I think this message is timely for a number of reasons. For me personally, I have been good at harvesting appreciation for my life and the things within it, but I haven’t been specifically appreciating me.

Furthermore, Venus is retrograde in ARIES!!!! This means the focus is on our relationship with self. Amp up your appreciation of who you are and what you have to offer the world around you: be it animals, plants, your kids, your spouse, your parents, or anyone. There are a million little things you do without thinking about them, that touch others, whether they tell you or not. As you harvest value, you’ll start becoming aware of all of the little things you miss. That’s why it is good to do this intermittently. Your first time, you’ll probably list the big things, but then you’ll find more and more to appreciate about yourself.

Soon, you’ll feel more valuable: as in worthy of more money. You won’t even have to ask for a raise, you’ll just get one. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to ask and when you do, you’ll feel good about it (rather than scared) because you’ll realize you’re not trying to sell something you wouldn’t yourself buy. You’ll be selling something you yourself love—namely: time with you!


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