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Mercury and Venus

Mercury is retrograde in Aries for another 4-1/2 days. It stations direct on 4/15 early in the morning (in US time zones).

This time around, I haven’t focused on Mercury much, but I have noticed when something—more accurately some information from the past finds its way back to me. Today I happened upon a bunch of that…and it is not even noon yet!

Two such pieces of information I revisited are articles I wrote regarding values (and of course, Venus). That’s when I notice that Venus is in Taurus right now: one of the two signs she rules. This also means my siblings and I will all be experiencing a Venus Return soon, which everyone gets once a year but sometimes more.

Here are links to the two article I wrote in the past that are as pertinent today as when I wrote them:

Price versus Value


Now that I think of it, yesterday’s retelling of an experience from the past specifically with the intention of lining up with something desired in the future is what Mercury Retrograde is all about!

I didn’t share this yesterday, but I am running a promotion…a give-away. If you have yet to read my first novel (Journey to the Temple of Ra) and are interested, you can now receive the e-book for free. Yes FREE. Enjoy!

Just follow the following link to Instafeebie to claim your e-book!


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