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A Successful Manifestation Story

Every now and again, we all need to hear about a success story.

First and foremost, I am writing this post for me. The process of sitting down and conveying the details of a successful manifestation story (of mine) is to remind myself that it can work, that it does work, and that is can work for me! To remind myself how it works, why it worked this specific time, and to help me allow it to work more often and on different subjects.

Historically, the subject where I have had repeated success manifesting specifically what I desire is with my homes. I have moved a lot in this lifetime, and in many cases, I was able to find something I was specifically looking for. This last time was one of two cases, which stand out as specifically deliberate and specifically successful in the details.

At the start of 2015, I had been living in a 3 bedroom 2 bath standalone house for 3 years. It too was a specifically deliberate and successful manifestation from years earlier. During my time there, the contrast inspired desires for the next place. I was comfortable enough to stay there, but I did often think about what I wanted the next time around.

In March of 2015, I did a Tarot reading for myself, which was a common occurrence. This time, however, I got a crystal clear message out of nowhere! The reading told me that I was going to have to move. The way it was conveyed to me was this: I pulled both the Ace of Pentacles and the 6 of Swords together in the challenge position. In my mind, the Ace usually means either “a new home” or “a new job”. And the 6 means either “a trip” or “moving”. Clearly, to me, the combination surely pointed at a move.

Sure enough, the very next day my landlord informed me that he sold the property and that both houses on the lot were to be demolished. He said I had 3 months to find a new home.

I am going to somewhat breeze over this part because this is not the case I want to focus on, but what led up to it.

Over the course of the three months, I looked first at houses and duplexes, which were my preference. I found nothing that suited me. The rents had climbed quite a bit in the four years since my last move and I just couldn’t see spending the money for what I was finding.

My fall back plan was to move into one of the many new apartment buildings that were built over that same four years. I wasn’t sure about apartment living, but I did like some of what they had to offer.

One day in May, I visited the property where I now live. As soon as I looked at the model apartment, I felt chills and thrills. Interestingly, I flashed back to memories of this building. I remembered driving by it while it was being built, then driving by it when it was completed. And I remembered when I walked up to it the very first time from the hike and bike trail, which runs along the back.

So I moved into my 6th floor apartment which overlooked the pool. Even then I desired a lake-view apartment, but none were available.

Over the course of that first year (even the first few months) the new contrast of this complex inspired a whole new set of desires. I warmed up to apartment life rather quickly, but I disliked certain aspects. For example, I loved having my truck parked in the garage and out of the sun, but the walk between my specific apartment and the garage was quite a hike! On a few occasions, I got all the way to my truck before I realized that I had forgotten something and had to walk all the way back to the apartment to get it.

After about two months, I had a detailed mental list of what I liked and what I wanted from here. I specifically did the Abraham pivot. I didn’t like the long walk to my truck, so I pivoted to the idea of having a short walk to my truck.

In the beginning, my desire was strong. The introduction to a new and different scene stoked it. It was an odd sensation. Often, when we move into a new place, there are things we want to change, but we are often in the position to make those changes. For example, we’ll often want to buy new pieces of furniture for the new space, maybe change the drapes and/or the linens. But the stronger desires within me were things I could not change: the location of the apartment, the view, the balcony size and shape, etc.

Some number of months later, I was led down a very intriguing train of thought. By then, I knew that the specific floor plan that I was in was the best for me. I acclimated to the square footage and layout and really liked how it worked for me. No, I didn’t have an extra bedroom or a separate office, but I found a setup that felt really good. So, that one day, I scanned the site map of the complex and highlighted all of the places my particular floor plan was used. I then walked around the buildings to pick among them. I came to realize that nearly all of my desires (and certainly the top of the list) could be satisfied inside this complex!

By the end of the day, I identified exactly four apartments inside this complex that would work for me. All four were of the floor plan I preferred. All four faced the lake and thus had both lake and city views. All four were much closer to the garage than I currently was.

Now there was one detail I couldn’t discern. This complex offers two color schemes. I chose one specifically the first time, and decided I wanted to stick with that same one, but I had no idea which units had which color scheme. So of the four, I had no way of knowing (unless I started knocking on doors and bothering the current residents).

Now hopefully, you’ve stuck with me and made it this far, because we’re getting to the good stuff…the why and the how…the piece to carry forward into other subjects.

At this point in the timeline, this is where I was:

  • I’m living in a place that is still new to me, but I am settled in.

  • The contrast is strong. I clearly know what I do like about this place and I clearly know what I don’t like.

  • In all cases of what I don’t like, I am also clear of what I would prefer in its place. Even though I intellectually know what I want from here, I am still emotionally fixated on the lack—some or even most of the time. In other words, what I don’t like still bothers me.

  • I have found specific solutions that are attainable, that are close, and that are possible.

Abraham would say that through my focus on what I desired, the universe led me to the knowledge of four possible solutions: the four specific apartments that met my desired criteria. It is worth noting that this is, in and of itself, a successful manifestation. It is en route to the desired manifestation—it is evidence of the journey. And because I was aware of this, through my focus, through my practice, through my study, I used that knowing to ease and soothe myself. Whenever I would get annoyed at my long trek to my truck, I would remind myself that I could someday solve that problem without a huge move.

Other bits of information added to the process. For one, I noticed that there seemed to be quite a bit of turnover in the building. Every month, some were moving out and others moving in. Even though there were only four specific apartments that would match what I desired, it was only a time before someone would move out of one of them. I didn’t think about the probability, just the certainty. And I did my best to not think about time…about how long it might take.

As it turned out, I ended up completing one full year and renewing my lease at my 6th floor apartment. None of the four came available by then…to my awareness.

It is worth mentioning another bit of contrast. When I first moved into the building, I knew even then that I wanted to face the lake, so I asked them about the process. I asked if there was a waiting list for the lake-view apartments and they said yes. Right after I moved in, I discovered that they lied. There was no such waiting list, I found out, when I attempted to get on it. “Oh, no, we don’t do that,” they said to me. “You just have to keep checking the website to see when apartments become available.” That meant that I would find out the same time anyone could find out. Being a resident gave me no advantage.

Back then, as you can imagine, I was annoyed. My first time renting from a company rather than a person, and I’m duped right from the get go. Ugh.

Anyway, back to good stuff.

I knew it wouldn’t be good for me to troll the website daily looking to see if an apartment became available. I would look now and again, but after a while, nearly stopped looking altogether. Other things in life (a new relationship) had the majority of my attention.

I will say that during the two months before I completed a full year and had to renew my lease, I checked the website nearly every other day. My desire peaked for a while until I let it go again. After I signed my lease, I lined up with the idea that I would be in that first apartment for another year. And I wasn’t unhappy about it. I (mostly) focused on what I liked and reminded myself that someday I could solve the other issues. When I was specifically annoyed at something, I would look at it and say, “Someday, I won’t have to deal with this any more.” That always got me feeling a bit better.

About 2 or 3 months into my second year, I found myself, one day, peeking at the website again. And that’s when I saw it. One of the four specific apartments I had identified came available!

I was suddenly excited…then panicked…then excited…then anxious. When I thought about having what I wanted, I was excited. When I thought about having to pack up and move, I was…less than excited. When I thought about paying more rent (now that I saw the cost of it) I was unsure. When I thought about losing the apartment to someone else, since its availability was public knowledge, I felt panicked again.

I looked at the clock and realized the office didn’t open for another two hours…so I had time to decide. No one could get in front of me before then. So I sat and focused. I very nearly let it all go because I had grown so comfortable with what I had. After a bit of soothing, I decided to go for it.

So two hours later, I walked over to the office, and got the ball rolling.

I have now been in this lake-view apartment for about 18 months. Believe it or not, while I still love it, I do have a new list for the next one. I am in no hurry. I am not trying to make anything happen on that subject. But I do think about it.

So the other day, I thought about all of the other subjects where I am not experiencing the same success. I thought about why those subjects aren’t working and what I can do about it.

Then I thought about this specific success story. “Why did this one work so well,” I asked myself…and the answer came to me.

This is what my inner being said:

  • You, in this subject, had absolute clarity about what you desired.

  • You knew with certainty it was possible. You allowed information to flow in and show you that. Through your first level of allowing, you identified four specific solutions that would work for you. And your logic told you that, “it was only a matter of time” before one became available.

  • Often, you used your focus to pivot. You focused on the possibility, rather than the probability. The possibility made you feel good. The probability not so much.

  • You used your focus about what you could have to soothe frustration around what you did have. When the old apartment annoyed you in some way, you reminded yourself that solutions did exist and would someday be available.

  • In other words, you not only made peace with where you were, but you enjoyed all that was good about it…and reminded yourself of that often. You appreciated it more than not.

  • And this last reason is key. You allowed it all to work out. You didn’t try to make it happen. You knew that action (for the most part) was futile. There was nothing you could do other than check the website now and again. So you focused on allowing—easing and soothing yourself as needed.

When I look at the other subjects where I have not yet experienced the same success, I compare what I’ve been doing to this list. Am I appreciating where I am more than not? Am I allowing? Am I focusing on the possibility or the probability? How do I feel about each of these subjects?

For some things, the best I can do is stay off the subject as much as possible. With other things, I must continue to soothe myself and use focus to pivot from doubt to something that feels better.

And yet, in many subjects, I do have times when I can fly high thinking about my desires. Some days, I can see all of my desires falling into place—one way or another.

And on those days when I feel especially frustrated or depressed, I look around at this apartment I live in. This is one case (of many) where I did it, where I got it right, where I specifically and deliberately created something I desired…and in detail. The details are what makes this especially fun to think about. I now believe that this apartment was the best of the four I had identified. It even had the color scheme I preferred.

While I still appreciate this apartment as my home, I don’t feel that same excitement I did in the early days. But when I remind myself how it is one of the greatest examples of how I created what I wanted, I then feel excitement again.

It can work, it does work, it will work, it’s not hard to do, but it does require focus, belief, and allowing.

I can soothe myself through the rough times. I can stay off subjects that don’t feel good and dance with joy when ideas do feel good. And in the mean time, I not only can make peace with where I am, but I can appreciate it, remembering when it wasn’t and reminding myself how it came to be.


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