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Speed and Direction

Yesterday, I tapped into a perspective…a different way of looking at things…at life…at the way things work. The intention of this perspective is to help us improve our ability to deliberately create what we desire.

Imagine, if you will, that I escort you into the passenger seat of a convertible coupe. The roof and windows are down and it is a gorgeous sunny day. Over your eyes, I place blinders. I give you noise canceling ear-pods to wear, connected to a device droning on in a way that brings nothing to mind. With your senses limited in this way, you will primarily sense movement through feeling, which is exactly the point. I hop into the driver seat, and then start her up.

We all know what it feels like to be in a moving vehicle. We know what acceleration feels like, as well as stopping. We have enough life experience to tell us when we’re turning, roughly how fast we’re going, and when we are moving backward.

So, for the duration of this imagined time, you could easily tell me what I’m doing. If I put it in reverse, you’ll know it. If I drive forward slowly and straight ahead, you’ll know that. If I am going super slow, you might not notice a subtle turning, but if I am going fast enough, you’ll feel the pull. If we really pick up speed, the wind will tell you more or less how fast we’re going.

This is precisely the way our emotional guidance system works. Right here and now, the primary information your emotions tell you is your speed and direction.

“Negative” feelings tell you that you are faced and possibly moving away from what you desire and/or toward what you do not desire. Ease indicates movement forward, toward things you like. Excitement is like the wind telling you that you’ve picked up the pace directly toward something really good.

When you find yourself thinking about the past or imagining the future, you’re in the exact same conditions.

We are not “remembering” pain from the past as much as we are currently focused on information which is decidedly in a direction away from what we want. It may very closely resemble what we felt back then, but it isn’t the same. It is NEW guidance telling you where you are NOW going. It really has nothing to do with the past. That past…the memory of the past is simply the information…the thoughts you are pondering right now. The information could just as easily be coming from the TV or internet rather than your memories or imagination; it is all the very same thing.

Here and now, you can ONLY feel the direction of your movement here and now.

If you boil everything down to this one fact, you have everything you need to get everything you want.

Positive and Negative is not good and bad.

We clearly equate hate and anger to negative. When we see others being hateful, we judge that or them as bad and negative.

It will serve us to lessen the association of bad with negative…or negative with bad. In fact, the better words to use are toward and away from.

Negative and positive are not exactly bad or good. For example, if you’ve been distraught, distressed, or depressed for a while, anger is actually a positive relative to where you’ve been. So is hate and blame. Because of the relativity of all things, the labeling of positive/negative, good/bad, or even high/low doesn’t serve us beyond a point. We’ll have much better results thinking in terms of toward/away from.

I’ve heard some say: “I wasn’t being negative. I was focused on the positive, and yet something bad happened anyway.” Or “That person/job/situation is low vibration…I need to get away from them/it.”

Abraham assures us that the Law of Attraction NEVER gets it wrong. If a person or situation is in front of us and it is something we’d call negative, bad, low, or disliked, we ARE vibrating in a way that presented it to us. If we were truly positively focused and vibrating high, we wouldn’t have bumped into this thing we dislike.

I admit, thinking about it this way can make us feel bad. That is because, since we are judging the person or situation as negative, if we accept Abraham’s words, then we have to admit that we too have some of that unwanted vibration going on within us.

So, to bring ease to all of this, start looking at everything as either wanted or unwanted, as something preferred, or something we’re happy to do without.

I wrote those words without thinking, but then read them: Happy to do without. I am happy to do (or go or be) without things I do not prefer.

Instead of letting it go, let it flow.

There have been times in readings when a client wants to garner information in order to decide what to do next. “Should I keep working towards this…or let it go?” That particular question has always struck me because some part of me knows that we should always let it go…meaning allow it to work itself out. But then, in a recent session, it came to me this way:

Instead of questioning whether or not you should let it go, just focus on letting it flow. It might be flowing in, or it might be flowing by. If you focus on letting it flow, then you can receive the most it has to bring you.

If this experience came to you, then there IS something wanted inside of it…maybe not inside of the thing itself, but inside of the experience. When you let it flow, you allow it to work out FOR YOU and fast!

Let’s consider the experience when something in front of you looks 100% disliked. Maybe you read a bit of news that enrages you. Maybe you experienced someone being downright mean to you or rude. What does that experience have to give you that IS desired?

For one, every time you see something you do not like, you state (verbally or non-verbally) what you DO desire. You add energy and clarity to the request.

Abraham says that 100% of our creating happens in THAT part of the cycle. To receive more, you first have to ASK for more and every time you see something you do NOT like, you ASK for something you DO like.

So pat yourself on the back for that experience, because it IS bringing you more of what you want down the road. To get “down the road” you need only move in that direction. And to KNOW in which direction you are going and how fast, you need ONLY pay attention to your emotions.

So having a “negative” experience is REALLY GOOD because it is creating something better for you. And having “positive” moments are REALLY GOOD because you are then moving toward them!

That, my dear friends, is The Perfection of the Universe. It is ALL GOOD! All you need decide in any moment is whether you’re in the mood to ask or in the mood to receive.

The reality is, you will ask all the time. It is so natural, so second nature, so instinctual, it is impossible to turn off. As soon as you see something in front of you, you will state your preferences within that subject for or against.

Since the asking is natural, automatic, and unstoppable, our only “work” is to focus on receiving more of the time.

When you are faced with something that is imbuing a response, just let the response flow. It might create anger within you, which is strong asking, but let it blow and let it flow. The only way to let it out (to let it go away) is to let it flow.

When you are done with the experience, turn your focus to the receiving. You asked (in a strong way) already; now let what you want flow in…so you can let it in…so you can be, do, or have what you want. The event is past, so it is already flowing away. But if we keep recalling it and festering over it, talking about it and replaying it in our mind…if we keep wondering why it happened or what we did to deserve it, we are holding on to a part of it. We are, in that moment, facing away from what we desire and might even be moving in that direction further away from what we want. It is not bad to do this, because repeated asking just continues to create more of what we want, but at some point, you DO want to switch from asking to receiving, right?

Close your eyes, listen with your heart (your gut or your solar plexus) and feel the movement and the breeze. The Universe will take you wherever you want to go. You’re emotions are telling you in which direction you are going. If those two things aren’t lined up—aren’t in alignment, you’ll feel it and thus know it. You DO know what you want (even if only in general terms) so shift your focus and feel again.

And just for the fun of it, read this:


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