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This coming Saturday, Venus completes her retrograde motion for this year. Her next retrograde will begin early October 2018 (in Scorpio). At 5:18 AM CDT on 4/14/2017, Venus will station direct conjunct Chiron at 26o Pisces and sextile Mars in Taurus. Sitting directly in between Venus and Mars are both the Sun and Uranus, which conjunct on the 13th.

For these final days of Venus Retrograde, I have been finding myself looking back some more, but instead of the feelings of regret that popped up during Venus Retrograde in Aries, I am remembering good times. I am remembering when things worked out all on their own and I am recalling how nice it felt when that happened. I am reminding myself that desires can manifest right before my eyes—without stress and anxiety, and without me having to make it happen.

In looking at this in more detail, I now see additional significance for me personally. My natal Saturn sits at 21o Aires just 4o from my North Node at 17o Aries. When Venus rolled past these during her early retrograde, I was reminded of times when I expended much effort only to (seemingly) fail in one way or another.

Abraham often reminds us that action without alignment is wasteful. A whole lot of effort and work results in little to no gain. I now see that my Saturn in Aires fell prey to that mindset more often that I would like to admit. Venus retrograde in Aires helped me discern this. Now that Venus is in Pisces and about to meet up with Chiron, I get to happily and effortlessly let it all go. I can now focus on the times when it all worked out (without effort) and can hopefully use that knowledge to proceed forward with greater ease and joy and success.

Since my last post, Mercury has reversed direction. He is retrograde in early Taurus and will reach back into Aires before he’s done (and come within 3o of my Saturn). This brings to mind another subject.

As you know, the print edition of my newest novel Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome officially released on March 1st. As a result, I have had my thoughts on Marketing again. This time, I am intent on applying ease rather then effort, leveraging alignment or leaving it alone until I can.

Through this approach, I recently discovered the Visionary Fiction Alliance, and I thought some of you would want to know about it. My own evolutionary journey has been blessed with many inspirational books and many of them were Visionary Fiction.

If you look here: What is Visionary Fiction?,  you will find their description of the genre. I was very excited to see how precisely it aligns with the intention I held for my fiction writing from the start.

I specifically chose to write Visionary Fiction for these reasons:

  • I wanted my readers to have absolute freedom. Thoughts, ideas, teachings, guidance, and advice are always given from one character to another. When the reader does not resonate with it, it is merely fictional storytelling. When they do resonate with it, they can apply it to their own current life situation.

  • I wanted to introduce my readers to all sorts of metaphysical (psychic and paranormal) experiences. Again, if they don’t believe or have not ever experienced them, they can simply view them as fictional storytelling. However, I expect some of my readers have had experiences like these and through the story may receive insight, have words for, or simply come to know that others have had them too.

  • I also simply wanted others to have access to some of the wonderful wisdom and guidance I have received from spirit over the years.

  • And let’s not forget the value of entertainment.

If you enjoy reading, have contemplated reviewing, or are venturing into writing visionary fiction, go check out VFA at . You’ll now find my books happily within their library!


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