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June / July Eclipses

“Eclipses hide the light, so you can see a shadow, then turn the light back on so you can heal the shadow.”

I wrote that quote a couple of years ago and placed it inside what could eventually become my third novel…if I get inspired to complete it. That quote feels oh so real right now.

Friday is our first eclipse of three this time around. We have a lunar eclipse, then a solar eclipse on the June solstice, then another lunar eclipse. We also have two Cancer New Moons, one at 0o (the solar eclipse) and one at 28o in July.

The first Full Moon Eclipse will include both Mars and Venus. Today, Venus Retrograde passes nearly in front of the sun from our vantage. During Friday’s eclipse, both the sun and the moon will exactly square Mars.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think this week (or maybe the next five weeks) is a time for progress. We are approaching the eclipses and the squares. Tension is building. The shadow needs to be seen clearly. Voices need to be spoken…out loud. When one has been sitting in fear for an extended time, anger is movement in the right direction. In anger, one begins to take back his or her power. Better said, they begin to access the power that was always there, even if they did not know a way to it before.

When one has moved into anger, the best course of action is to keep moving. Going back to fear, or guilt, or shame is not helpful.

Anger feels so much better than those other states, including powerlessness and depression. If you are feeling empowered by your anger, then allow that energy to move through you. It will take you to an even better place.

Many, who are not in anger, are afraid of it in others. They fear that the other’s anger will hurt them or destroy something they care about.

If you are not angry, but are afraid of the anger out there, it is your responsibility to turn your attention away from it. Move away from those that are angry. You may feel an urge to respond, engage, or judge that anger, but if you do you will get entangled with it. If that’s what you consciously want to do, go for it. But if you don’t, then let it be and focus on your immediate sphere of creation, the reality that is right in front of you (as opposed to the one on the Internet or on TV).

In a recent reading, my client said something akin to this: “We humans are mere ants.” From a certain perspective, yes, that seems true. But there is also a completely opposite perspective. When viewed from within one’s sphere of creation, one is nothing less than a god.

If you focus inside of your sphere of creation, you will connect with your creativity, your strength, your influence, your power, your godliness. If you reach further and further outside of your sphere of creation, you will become akin to an ant, a tiny being among hoards of others. Nothing wrong with that, but it is a very different experience.

On another note, check out this gorgeous photo of Venus in retrograde, and approaching what is called inferior conjunction with the sun taken by Dr. Sebastian Voltmer:

This image was found here:

More like it can be found here:

Love and hugs to you!


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