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Cutting Away the Old

[Originally posted on 1/2/2010 on my previous blog.]

The transition from one year to the next (and even more so one decade to the next) is a great time to get a reading.  It is like taking notice of a rite of passage.  January 1st may only be a date that we have created (not based on a specific celestial event); however in giving it value, it has value.  As a result, on New Year’s Eve, I was privy to a number of readings.

When doing several readings in a short period of time, I am better able to get a hit on the psychic weather that affects many of us.  This year, there was one card that stood out, appearing in many of the readings that I did. 

Sometimes when I do readings, I almost forget the meaning of a card.  I find myself looking at it trying to draw more information than is in the forefront of my mind.  This happened with the one that came up again and again.  Each time, I found myself thinking about it more deeply.  It was as if I was psychically researching the meaning of the card, searching for more information.

It took me about 24 hours, but I eventually found what I was looking for. Yet it was then that spirit told me that the message was not just for the few.  This card was describing an archetypal flow of energy that all could possibly experience and benefit from in the first part of 2010.

I have already mentioned that 2010 is a 3 year (2+0+1+0=3).  Similarly to the last blog entry, if I use the Tarot I can again find specific examples of 3. When spirit communicated that this message was for many, they were very clear that the particular card, a 3 as you might have guessed, was an indication of the entire first quarter of 2010.  In fact, they said, each quarter will resemble one of the 3’s of the Tarot.

So, what is the psychic weather for Q1 2010?

The good news is that the most difficult 3 is up first.  The better news is that the rest of the 3’s are all much, much better!

So, for January through March of 2010, we will be dealing with the energy of the 3 of Swords!

Looking at this card, we see a heart pierced by three swords and oozing blood.  It is not a pretty card and is sometimes felt with deep, piercing heartache.  Yet 3 is the number of creation, so while the 3 of Swords hints at pain, it has purpose.

With this card, and for the next three months, we are asked to cut away that which is preventing us from moving forward.  One reader on New Year’s Eve heard it this way: it is the separating of the wheat from the chaff.

Swords represent air, and thus thought and in this case we find three different ways to think about this.  A cutting away of something old is the theme, but depending on your attitude (mental state) and your willingness, you have three analogies to choose from.

In the first case, the blade is a chisel and is firmly in our own hand.  This is the perspective of choice, willingness and empowerment where we see what is necessary for our growth and willingly participate in it.

Imagine that we have a very rough stone in our hands, so rough in fact that merely holding it hurts.  Its edges are sharp and can cut our skin.  Yet spirit is telling us that inside of this stone is everything we want.  Maybe it is a diamond, maybe a piece of gold.  As is, the value is unknown. We are asked to chip away all that is not what we desire.  But this stone is rigid.  We must hold it firmly in one hand while chipping at it with the other.

The second vision is quite a bit more difficult.  The 3 of Swords is not pretty and for good reason.  In this example, the blade is a scalpel, and the scene, the operating room.  The patient on the table is us and we have a tumor that is pressing against an internal organ.  It has grown to a critical state, or nearly so.  We’ve had plenty of warning signs, but none heeded.

The blade is no longer in our hands, yet the choice is still ours. We are scared of the surgery that is needed, but even more so of the cancer.  So we allow ourselves to be place on the operating table and cut open knowing it is for our greatest good.  The tumor has to be removed. 

So we chose the date, skipped breakfast as told, and headed to the hospital.  We can have whomever we choose at our side, but they can’t do it for us.

The surgery itself might be quick.  A single event could cut us open and tear away the disease. Much of the sharp pain is averted by the anesthesia, but convalescence will be required for recovery.

In any event, once it is over, the healing process begins.  The aftereffects of that surgery will last longer than the surgery itself, and we’ll feel worse than we did before, but only for a while.  After we heal from the event, we’ll start feeling better than we’ve felt in a long time.  We’ll feel lighter, freer and with more energy. 

The last of the three perspectives is the one of least control.  We have been so ignorant of the errant thought pattern that we’ll not see this one coming.  In this vision, we are out walking in the woods, enjoying a sunny winter day.  Suddenly and without warning, a venomous snake strikes.  Two sharp fangs pierce our skin and we are flooded with pain.  Yet it is not the pain that is the worst of it.  It is the venom.  We not only must endure the pain of the event, but we must also DO SOMETHING about it!

You’ve seen the movies.  You know what happens next.  The brave person traveling with us or happening upon us is carrying a knife, and s/he knows what to do.  “Here, bite down on this rag cause this is gonna hurt.”

Quickly, before s/he catches any of our fear, s/he cuts into the wound inducing an outpouring of blood.  The venom must be removed.  It must be bled out, and even sucked out.

In each of these visions, there is a cutting away of something that need be removed.  The choice is ours, whether to follow guidance and hold the blade, or wait until it is done for us.  And notice how there is always a loss of some blood.  Even when carving, we’ll lose a few drops here and there.

We never understand why things sometimes get worse before they get better, but there is a reason.  In fact, it is part of the cycle of nature.

But remember, the 3 of Swords is a mental card!  These are visions and need not resemble anything real!  Many of us might not need anything like this at all, but the energy pattern is out there.

Think of it this way, it is like a dry riverbed and we are water.  We are moving through time and space. It is easier for us to fall into that bed and flow like the river that carved it in the first place. It might not be the least painful way to get to where we want to go, but it is the path of least resistance.

The best thing to do if you are feeling any kind of pain, is go with the flow and seek understanding.  With understanding, pain need not be misery or suffering.  It is just pain, a quick stab or a dull ache that recedes with time.

If you work real hard to avoid the prick, you might end up pulling a band aide off bit by bit only creating more pain than was necessary.  Or worse, you might hold off your healing, and thus your heart’s true desire, until another opportunity comes along further down the road.

And let’s talk about pain for a moment.  What is pain?  Sure, everyone knows what it feels like, both physical pain and emotional pain, but what IS pain?

Pain is a response.  It is a reaction to stimulus.  When we are burnt, we react.  When we are betrayed, we react.  So where is the pain?  Is it in our body?  Feels like it is, doesn’t it? Even emotional pain feels like it is in our body. But pain is not in the body; it is in the mind.  Our body is just transferring electrical signals.

Do you know why you rub your hand after banging it accidentally?  Because instinctively, you know to flood the nerve channels with stimulation to dilute the information of pain.  By rubbing your hand vigorously, the nerves have to transmit that data too, and that data does not become pain.  The mind gets all of the data and thus lessens its focus on the pain in order to process the rest of it.

I used to wonder why there was so much pain in the suit of swords.  Swords represents air (thought), not water (emotion) or earth (our physical body).  It is because pain is not so much a true emotion, but rather a reaction to thought, more like a repressing of emotion.  When you feel an emotion, you are now processing thought.  Think of catharsis.   True catharsis will feel like relief and even pleasure while still in the presence of pain.  The pain is the holding back, the catharsis is the letting go.  In that experience, you are transferring energy from pain to emotion.  That is why it is so important to emote!  The energy needs to go somewhere!

If you suppress the emotion to avoid pain, the thought energy (air) is compressed into physical energy (earth) and becomes something within our body which will create what?  Pain!  Thought energy can also be compressed in time rather than space and become an event that will strike at a later time.  But what does that create for us? Pain!

Pain cannot be avoided so much as just put off and/or transformed.  Why?  Because pain is not really any thing to begin with.  Pain is the illusion.  Energy is what is real.  It is ENERGY that is held, moved or transformed.  Pain is only the reaction to that energy and if we are going to react to energy with pain, then that same energy later on will still cause pain.

The solution is to change our reaction to the energy!  Allow the energy to flow.  Allow the emotion (which really just means Energy in MOTION).  Information is energy in motion.  Emotion is thus information.

The 3 of Swords only wants to cut away that which is hindering us.  Offer up what is old.  Ask for it to leave and allow the least painful process to transpire.  Know that the rest of the 3’s in the Tarot are SO much more pleasant and will come as the year progresses.  We are strong enough to walk through this and we are not alone.


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