A Grand Slosh

Many years ago, I went water skiing for the first and only time. A friend had invited me for a weekend trip. If I remember correctly, we hit the lake three times that weekend: Saturday late morning, once more before dark, and then Sunday before the long drive home. The most memorable of the three was the second run.

Picture the scene with me if you will. It is Southern California, away from the coast, mid-summer. The lake is wide and surrounded by those typical golden brown California hills. The sun – to the west – sat just above the peaks flanking that side of the lake. The temperature was cooler than it had been, but only slightly, and the air was still. The activity the lake had seen that day was nearly gone now. It felt like we were the only ones out there.

The conditions were just right to create that water-like-glass effect. It was smooth on the boat, but it was a dream on skis. Despite being a newbie, I was able to ski like a veteran.

Whenever I think of Scorpio, I think of water like that. One cannot see into the lake, and wonders how deep it is. And despite the glass-like surface, anyone with experience knows there’s plenty of activity down under.

Yesterday, Mercury stationed direct – in Scorpio. Imagine if you will, a very fast fish swimming in that glassy lake – just beneath the surface of the water. Now imagine the fish possesses magical powers that allows it to stop on a dime and change directions. If that fish were large enough, the water around it would slosh. Even those above the surface would see the resulting wave.

Well, that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Mercury may be moving forward now, but the waves he made in turning around have not stopped. These last few days have felt worse than the whole retrograde period. Nearly every appointment made, whether work or personal, has shifted one way or the other.

After the visualization came to me, I questioned why I hadn’t felt the same when Mercury stationed retrograde on Election Day. Was it because I was distracted by of all of the hoopla? Perhaps. But then I remembered – on 11/6/2012, Mercury stationed in Sagittarius! Flames don’t slosh. Water does.

So lesson learned. While one normally water skis in Scorpio, right now we’re surfing the waves like in Pisces. And because Mars and Pluto are doing their thing in Capricorn, it’s far to easy to get irritated and/or pissed off by the barrage of schedule changes. Some of us learn the hard way – I guess. I may be a Gemini, but I have that stubborn Taurus moon. Shove a bull too many times, and he’ll roar like a lion (especially if he also has Leo rising).

So I blew off a little steam and smashed my disobeying razor, but now I have a new one and it works much better! Whatever gets the blood flowing keeps us alive. Things aught to calm down in a day or two… I hope. 🙂


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