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Lunar Eclipse: (Re)Balancing Thoughts and Feelings

On March 30th just before noon California time, the Aries New Moon lit a fuse initiating a week of activity. One could also say it started the lunar zodiacal year 2014. Now we’re approaching the other half of the lunar month, which sparks another bout of activity.

The Full Moon is not when we normally think of beginnings. Rather, it typically marks a turning point toward resolution. However, this Full Moon initiates the eclipse season for the first half of 2014. Monday, April 14th at about 10:00 pm PDT, the moon will slip into the Earth’s shadow and just after midnight will peak. By then, it ought to be pink! Hopefully, the Pacific fog will not keep me from seeing it.

Although the eclipse does not start until late Monday evening my local time, by then, a full day of astro-activity will have occurred. You see, Monday 4/14/14 is a dress rehearsal of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

In general, the element of Fire may very well be considered the most significant. To me, Fire represents spirit and action. When one is fired up, their intent is strong enough to move mountains.

However, in our current stage of evolution, much emphasis is placed on the element of Air. In the modern world, we prefer to plan everything. We use analysis to quell our fears and if not eliminate, at least minimize surprise.

Well, Mercury is here to answer the call. Before Mars completes the Grand Cross the following week, Mercury will aspect each corner. It will first square Jupiter, then join Uranus, then square Pluto.

I think if we really pay attention to thoughts and communications on 4/14, we’ll have a good idea of what the following week will bring. Arguments on Monday may very well play out with actions the following Monday. If you sit back and observe, you may be able to see things escalate over the course of the week.

Or, if you wish to be more creative and less reactive, keep in mind that Mercury is joining Uranus. These two pairing up could spark ingenious ideas for solution. Given the full cross, you might have a hard time figuring out how to put the idea into a plan, but worry not; there will be time for that later.

Much of Metaphysical Manifestation is about sorting through what is wanted and then aligning with it, not figuring out how to make it happen. [Yeah, I know that 99 % of the world doesn’t think that way, but we’ve all experienced it if we’re paying attention.]

Monday 4/14/14 is interesting enough, but there’s more! Mercury’s timing is oh so serendipitous. Less than an hour after Mercury joins Uranus, Pluto stations retrograde. Mercury squares Pluto less than an hour before the eclipse starts and opposes Mars less than an hour after it ends.

Clearly, there is a plan at work here. Since both Mercury and the moon are a part of the plan I had to look up the time for when the Libra moon exactly opposes Mercury in Aires. Check this out! It occurs at 11:59 pm—one minute before the start of 4/14/2014 (California time).

Here’s a full rundown of the astro-activity:

—Sunday 4/13/2014—

  • 11:59 pm – Moon opposite Mercury

—Monday 4/14/2014—

  • 1:33 am – Moon square Jupiter
  • 2:16 am – Moon opposite Uranus
  • 3:04 am – Moon square Pluto
  • 8:56 am – Moon conjunct Mars
  • 11:31 am – Mercury square Jupiter
  • 4:14 pm – Mercury conjunct Uranus
  • 4:48 pm – Pluto station Retrograde
  • 9:12 pm – Mercury square Pluto
  • 9:56 pm – Moon enters Earth’s shadow

—Tuesday 4/15/2014—

  • 12:45 am – Lunar Eclipse peaks
  • 3:37 am – Moon leaves Earth’s shadow
  • 4:14 am – Mercury opposite Mars

I added in the times when the moon aspects the Grand Cross too. You’ll notice it all occurs early Monday morning before Mercury gets started. So the moon touches each of the four corners just before Mercury does, and from the opposite sign.

We have already discussed how Mars Retrograde is about retracing one’s steps to potentially find a better path forward. [See Full Mars for more details.] And this occurs within the background of our collective evolution pushed and prodded by the Pluto-Uranus Square. Jupiter in Cancer adds an emotional perspective and brings with it all of the (feeling) experience gained in last year’s water trine.

With the moon and Mercury doing their dance, we get to compare and contrast what we think and what we feel. People will be expressing their thoughts through communication, but will also be expressing their feelings through their emotions. In some cases, what one says and what one emotes will not agree, providing an education for all involved.

Last but not least, the moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, exposing aspects previously hidden.

All I can say is: “Pay attention Monday!” Listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Notice the emotions as they well up. Tune in to what people say and what they express, then see if you can discern where the greater truth lies.

Then watch as the non-physical thoughts and feelings coalesce into physical actions and changes.

Monday 4/14/2014 will be the first day of the rest of your life…as always…but this time, that statement could hold more meaning than on an average day.


If you find yourself anywhere close to Guerneville, CA on Monday, April 28th, come by The Center for Sacred Studies [], I’ll be giving a talk from 7:00-9:00 pm. I’ll also be doing readings and energy work on Tuesday 4/29/2014 all day. [Note: these dates have been updated!]


3 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse: (Re)Balancing Thoughts and Feelings”

  1. You wrote: ” Listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Notice the emotions as they well up. Tune in to what people say and what they express, then see if you can discern where the greater truth lies.”

    This morning I have been meditating on the second of the Eight Yoga Sutras: SATYA. (Which is also the name I gave to my daughter.)

    Much has been written on Satya and there are varied interpretations. The most simple interpretation of this Sanksrit word is Truth.

    But here is an article which goes into more depth:

    “In most ways, the practice of satya is about restraint: about slowing down, filtering, carefully considering our words so that when we choose them, they are in harmony with the first yama, ahimsa. Patanjali and his major commentators state that no words can reflect truth unless they flow from the spirit of nonviolence.”

    Ahimsa is the practice of compassion and non-harming… or nonviolence. It is the 1st of the 8 yoga sutras.

    I wish I could be in attendance with you in Guerneville, CA for the eclipse and talk. I will pray for clear skies for you.


  2. Thank you for the lovely article! Very informative, and jives along with my gut feelings about some of the planets lately. I hope your talk goes well. Wishing I could attend! 🙂


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