Try it before you Buy it

As I’m finishing up the final details on my new novel,JourneyToTheTempleOfRa_Lighter_300dpi-2x3 I was inspired to give away e-book excerpts of Journey to the Temple of Raa full 50% of the book (Parts I – III). Here are the details for receiving a free e-book excerpt:

  • Email:
  • Specify: the preferred e-book format  of the following: .pdf, .epub (for iPad), or .mobi (for kindle).

You can obtain the pdf excerpt directly from GoodReads if you are a member of the site. Just search for: “Journey to the Temple of Ra.”

Once you receive the e-book excerpt, and after you have read it, you are welcomed to share it with your friends. If you desire a format I have not listed, please ask and I’ll see if I can produce that format for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the first half enough to purchase the full e-book (for only $4.95) or the print book.

If I get a lot of requests, I might create a way to download it directly, but for now, please send an email request.

I will likely extend a similar offer with the Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome (except the excerpt will likely only contain the first two chapters). Check back here or my website for details!

Thanks, and Happy Spring!


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