In last week’s blog post, I asked for feedback and got some. I still welcome more. If you have thoughts or opinions about my book(s), my blog, my readings, or my ideas, you are welcome to share…publically or privately.

One thing I now understand is this: for many, it was never very clear what kind of book Journey to the Temple of Ra is. For example, one reader asked why I did not advertise the book as containing channeled material within it. Further surprise was the exploration of sexuality, relationship, and sexual orientation.

Then there is the unobvious difference in my blog writing and my books. I’m sure some of the style overlaps, but in my mind, my books are quite different, or at least bring something very different to the table. Maybe some of you have other opinions on how the one body of writing compares to the other.

Another straight up question I received was: “Who was the audience you wrote for?”—which is one I cannot easily answer.

To rectify this, I offered a full 50% of the book as a free ebook excerpt a while ago. Interestingly, not a single request came through.

This time, I have decided to publish an excerpt of Scribe directly on my blog. If you are viewing this on my blog itself, you can see the tab at the top right. You can also click here to get to it.

Scribe to the Temple of Ra, as the sequel to Ra, does not hold back as much. From the excerpt above, you get a clear picture of the material and subject matter of the book.

There is still much to be gained in terms of information for me. So I again ask and encourage feedback. For example:

  • How many of you simply have no interest in reading an ebook (free or otherwise)?
  • How many of you would consider buying or have interest in buying Scribe as a paperback book?

I am tempted to ask more specific questions about my blog writing, but I suspect many would not feel comfortable sharing that level of feedback to me or you would have already. [The few that have say my writing and the subject matter is too difficult to understand.]

I am sure there is an audience out there for me—for my blog writing and my books, which may not be the same audience. I’m not sure how to effectively reach that audience.

And maybe I am better suited for something very different than what I’m doing. Do you have any ideas! Ha ha.

If nothing else, feel free to peruse the excerpt

And if you prefer that I publish an excerpt of Ra on my blog as well, I am happy to do that.


3 thoughts on “RFI”

  1. I have to say, I never check Amazon, or any other website, for free e-books. I only ever get my kindle out when I go on holiday, the rest of the time it is books all the way for me.


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