Double Red

Battle of the red planets: Mars opposite Pluto
Battle of the red planets: Mars opposite Pluto

I spent all morning working on a New Moon Astrology post, tried three times, then ultimately decided to give up. I looked at all the information and found myself saying, “Who cares?” and, “What’s the point?”

I walked away from the computer and started doing errands. It then occurred to me that I did have something I could write about. These days, I can’t do anything that has no meaning to me personally. I’d rather stay home and keep silent.

Pluto is all about depth and meaning…not ‘meaning’ as in ‘definition’, but true meaning (with a little ‘t’). True meaning (with a little ‘t’) is personal. Symbols have definition, but what they mean to each of us is individual.

Mercury is about communication (conveying ideas). Mars is about expression (what one does with passion). Both are in homey, cuddly, expressive, emotional Cancer.

Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Pluto illustrates how difficult it is to muster the energy to do or say anything when it has no meaning. [This reflects my personal plight because today is my Progressed Mars Return.]

Alternatively, if one has strong conviction (strong purpose), he or she has additional energy—Pluto adds to Mars rather than taking away from it.

Look around and notice that the ones doing and saying are the ones convicted. The ones holding their peace are the ones conflicted.

The New Moon ties in with all of this…thus carrying it over into this new lunar month (and sun ingress Leo). Some years, Leo can be like a cat sleeping in the sunlight. This year, I think it’ll be more like a restless kitten clawing away at the furniture.

Saturn, by the way, is almost as deep into Scorpio as it will get. In 2-1/2 weeks, it’ll station direct and work its way back into Sagittarius. The sting is strong, but its days are numbered.

Sometimes we fight because we’re angry—other times because we feel threatened. It’s more fun to fight for something we believe in and most rewarding to fight for something (someone) we love.

Here’s a very cool video of the New Horizons fly by:


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