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Virgo Pisces Opposition

In yesterday’s post (Venus and Mars; Dogs and Cats), I discussed the Venus-Mars conjunction. A conjunction occurs when two (or more) planets appear next to each other in the sky from our vantage. They needn’t be anywhere near each other in reality. For example, Venus is still quite close to earth. She just overtook us on 8/15 and passed between us and the sun (the inferior conjunction between Venus and the sun).

We recently had a sun-Mars conjunction as well on June 14th. In that case, Mars was furthest from earth on the far side of the sun. So while Venus and Mars appear close in the sky, they are quite distant.

A conjunction represents proximity in apparent location in space. Proximity in time is equally as significant. About 90 minutes before Venus and Mars conjunct, the sun and Neptune oppose.

A few minutes ago, I reread my post from yesterday. I typically read a post a day or two later to better evaluate it as a reader (rather than as a writer). It occurred to me that it was a very Neptunian (Piscean) post. It was descriptive, a bit dreamy, and fluttered and floated about. It wasn’t at all Mercurial. It didn’t make a strong point; it wasn’t based on logic. It was more about feeling and desire.

The Pisces full moon was just the other day. [It was amazing to see!]

If you consider a number of things occurring near in time and space, we have/had the following:

  • Venus conjunct Mars in Leo
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo opposite Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Oppositions and conjunctions have similarities, especially when the orbs aspecting are so different to each other: Venus & Mars, sun & Neptune as examples. In either case, the energies are blending, but like waves that encounter each other, they can constructively or destructively interfere.

Virgo-Pisces is a particularly contrasting opposition. Gemini and Sagittarius, by comparison, are rather similar. Virgo lives firmly on the earth, while Pisces prefers to be as far from terra firma as it can get.

Much of the data I shared in yesterday’s post could just as easily be attributed to the sun-Neptune opposition as the Venus-Mars conjunction. The point of the discussion is different though.

Caring for a dog (this dog anyway) requires lots of planning. The dog eats on a schedule, for example, and needs to be walked right afterward.

Having the dog required me to be responsible and organized (sun in Virgo), while at the same time had me dreaming of what my life could be (moon and Neptune in Pisces). In yesterday’s post, I compared my experience as a cat owner with that of a dog owner, but I simultaneously fantasized about being an owner of some other, unknown, kind of animal.

More contrast for you to consider this week is what your life is (sun in Virgo) with what your life could be (Neptune/Pisces)—the dream and the fantasy, in other words.

Venus and Mars represents very different wants and needs that we each have. Virgo covers living life as a physical being on a rock hard planet while Pisces tethers us to our soul—to the higher self, which lives out there somewhere (as well as in here somewhere).

In my opinion, Astrology is most fun when you notice what is happening…the thoughts and feelings, the interactions and the experiences. That’s when Astrology becomes something a bit more tangible…or at least something you can relate to.

On another note: I want to share a recent review I received. It covers both books!


If (when) you read my books, you will notice that some parts are very Mercurial, while others are quite Neptunian…a little for everyone!


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