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Right and Wrong

If you’re at all like me, you fret when there is a decision to make. You want to get it right. You want it to feel right. When it doesn’t, you worry about getting it wrong and making a mistake. Sometimes the fear is paralyzing. You keep telling yourself, “I can’t move forward because I don’t know what to do.” Boy does that not feel good.

If you feel this way now or have felt this way before, keep reading. My own fretting has caused me to ask, and my focus on alignment has brought me an answer. This is a channeled message to me from Source.

Trying to get it right is wrong.

For most of your life, you have made it your goal to do it right the first time. You were taught to study, do your homework, and get it right. This is a flawed premise.

There is no right and wrong; only good, (not so good), and better. When you strive to get it right, you can only get it wrong (to some degree) because there is no such thing as right.

Clearly we are not talking about math. If the question is, “What is two plus two?” The right answer is four. However, if your question is, “What is the right thing to do?” there is no answer.

Stop looking for the right answer, the right action, the right direction. It doesn’t exist. Furthermore, stop looking for it to feel right.

Wait! What? Stop looking for it to feel right?

For most of your life, you thought this: it is right when it feels right. It is not right when it doesn’t feel right.

Again, this is a flawed premise. Feeling great is great! It tells you when you are aligned with the thought or action. But the thought or action is not what is great: you are! When you feel great, you are recognizing and experiencing your greatness.

It is best to choose what feels good, but not because the choice is right (in absolute terms), but because, in that moment, you are in alignment with it. If something doesn’t feel good, that simply means you are not yet lined up with the subject at hand. Get into alignment (focus on feeling good no matter how you get there) and then choose.

If you make a choice when you don’t feel good, you will miss some or all of the benefit, even if it is the better choice. So feeling good first is what brings about the best results. In fact, feeling good is more important than the choice. If you feel good and make the lesser choice, you’ll still receive benefit. Feeling good means you are open to receive. Furthermore, all choices have benefit to bestow. You’ll reap that benefit when you’re open and receptive.

When you don’t feel good, you are less receptive, and even really good choices will not be able to give you what you are not ready for.

When you reach a fork in the road, choose the direction that feels better. If nothing feels good, your only work is to focus on aligning, focus on feeling good, by any means.

You have often thought that you don’t feel good because you cannot find the right choice. The opposite is actually true. You cannot find a good or better choice because you don’t feel good, because you are out of alignment, because you are not open, because you are not receptive.

The reality is, there are no wrong choices. There are good choices, (not so good choices), and better choices. If you get into alignment first, not only will you be able to discern the better choice, you’ll be able to reap benefit from any choice!

Forget right and wrong and instead think in terms of good and better. In fact, forget the idea of bad, not good, or not-so-good. Focus on good and better. See the good in everything.

If you have choices ahead of you, look for good…reach for good, but start by feeling good (for any reason) and then discern. If you feel good first, you’ll see more good in either choice.

Furthermore, after you have chosen, know that better always exists. Better always exists because right never exists. Right implies best, but best is as much an illusion as right is.

The good that you do is good enough. When you see better, reach for that. Everything you have done in the past was good enough. Even if it seemed a disaster, it showed you so much. It brought you to greater clarity, which then revealed what is better for you. Guide yourself to see the good that was gained then and see the better that exists now as a result.

You will never stop journeying. There will always be more choices to make. Be easier in the choosing and the choosing will get easier. The more you focus on good and better, the less you’ll worry about right and wrong. And that’s when life gets fun!


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