On 12/31, I jumped in my truck to head out to the country for a couple of nights. I looked down at my data screen and saw this:

All of the 3s and all of the 5s jumped out at me.

It takes me about an hour to get to my friends’ house, so I had plenty of time to let my mind wander. It then hit me: 2021 is a 5 year. If you cut it in half, it is a five that consists of a 2 and a 3: 20/2 + 21/3.

Some of you may or may not know, my second book [Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome] is all about numbers, among other things. So what is the basic meaning of five? Well, 5 is about change. It is a departure from the linear progression of 1 through 4. The change that 5 speaks of is typically unexpected change…unanticipated. It can be like coming upon a detour that sends you down the country road rather than the main drag.

The ultimate purpose of 5 is to help us get to 6. Six is when we find a harmonious solution; a solution that is better than could be expected. If it weren’t for 5, then from 4 we would simply get more, but not necessarily better.

When you step back and look with broader eyes, we have a 23/5. That means the 5 has within it the 2 and the 3 working together. Before I describe this, I want to look back.

2020 was a 4 year. Based on my version of numerology, four encompasses stability and foundation. One could think of it as the first version of completion. If you are building a house, you first lay the foundation. Once that is done, you then call in the framers. Once that is done, you attach the plywood to the outside. A house is built layer by layer, and in most cases, one layer is completed before the next layer is started. For example, you don’t put up the dry wall until all of the plumbing and electrical wiring has been installed.

So 4 is that kind of completion, the completion of a stage. In life, we sometimes get the opportunity to celebrate this kind of completion. We do get to rest on our laurels, for a moment. If we rest too long, when the 5 comes along, it can surprise us.

Does any of that sound like 2020? No! Nothing about 2020 was stable. In fact, every time we thought things were settling down, another wave of madness rolled in. 2020 didn’t feel like a building up; it felt like a tearing down. In fact, 2020 felt much more like a 5: waves of disruption that kept crashing against the seawall.

Considering the insights from my truck’s data screen: what if we divide 2020 in half? Didn’t everyone do that all year long anyway? How many times did you see someone relate 2020 with 20/20?

If you do the ‘math’ that way, then you get 22/4. But typically, 22 would not reduce to 4 because it is a Master number. It would stand on its own. In fact, I would write it this way: 22[4].

But 2020 was not really a 22. It was simply a 4 (2+0+2+0=4). The symmetry is significant if only because we make it so. And 20/20 is so well known as associated with perfect vision, that is significant as well. So in my mind, 2020 was a 4 composed of a 2 and a 2 (as opposed to a 4 that is, say, composed of a 1 and a 3).

So lets look at 2.

The first paragraph in the first chapter of my book says this:

Zero existed before time and space, before the first second, before the first atom. At zero, there is no separation: no beginning and no end. As soon as there was an observer, there was the observed, and from the zero came the one and the two…

What this tells us is that the 1 and the 2 were created together. They are partners, which is one of the meanings of two.

Two contains the following: partnership, cooperation, compromise, and direction. A line is created from two points. If you are on a line (a path or a road), you can see the way ahead. The direction is laid out for you.

But two is everything dualistic. Here is another pair of paragraphs from my book:

Two is a simple number, yet rich with diversity. Half of all whole numbers are divisible by two. More than any other number, two has been embedded into the words of man: two of a kind, a pair, a couple, a duo, a duet, a duel.

Much of duality has been created in twos. You have day and night, light and dark, male and female, yang and yin. Hot and cold, good and bad, on the one hand this and on the other hand that. When man views the world, he first sees in black and white. We, of course, mean this metaphorically. Duality is a classroom endowed with the greatest potential in learning!

In that drive to and through the country, I had this visualization:

In 2019, we had a plain: a flat expanse of earth. My image was Texas in winter: a yellow grassy plain littered with trees and cows or goats. Early in the new year, the earth shook. We had tremors, and then a full blown quake. A crack formed across the plain. With each wave of shock, the crack grew: in length, but also in width. The crack became a fissure and the fissure became a gully and the gully became a canyon. The two sides moved further and further apart.

For a while, those on one side could see what was happening on the other side. People had the ability to jump over the crack and the fissure. But the more the sides separated, the harder it was to cross.

By the end of the year, the canyon might as well be called grand. Without assistance, it is hard for one on the one side to see or communicate with one on the other side.

This canyon, of course, is metaphoric. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of you might not.

In any event, 2020 did its job; it served its purpose. It lobbed the ball from the mound and now it is our turn to do something with it.

2021 is a 5 created from a 2 and a 3. The 2 is still there. That means we have to work together. We have to meet and interact. Call it compromise if you like. Or maybe it will be more of a duel. But there is decidedly 2.

The 3 is all about creation and creativity. Three is feminine vibrationally. It may be an active energy, but it is an allowing, a harmonizing. When one is creating art, one cannot just plow through with brute force. You can’t just create with a chainsaw, you must also use the chisel. [Well, some might be so gifted, they can create art with just a chainsaw, but they had to perfect that gift, I’m sure.]

As I said before, the change that 5 brings is often an orthogonal change. It is a change in direction. It may require a stepping back before returning to forward motion. In fact, it often does.

Five is akin to the prefix ‘re’ as in redo, review, retrograde, retreat. 2020 set the table, but did not do the work for us. All of 2020 fueled the fire. Now that we know all of the things that are not they way we want it to be, this year we can begin to rebuild. But we can’t just improve or upgrade. Upgrading is taking what is and making it a little bit better. The result is still too similar: it is just the next iteration of the same. In 2021, we ought to reach for something better than that.

2021….2 + 3 = 5

In 2021, we work together (2) to creatively create something beautiful (3) which will be a change, a departure away from the way we’ve done things before (5).

And there’s even more. The 3 is itself created from 2 and 1. So cooperation and compromise (or dueling) is there (the 2), but so is the individual (the 1). Each one (everyone) has its part, its role, its importance. Two posts ago, I spoke of what Aquarius brings to the table. Not only does everyone have his or her role, but s/he gets to choose that role! It is not assigned.

I wish for you stunning, inventive, genius creations in this coming year. And I also say to you to give it time. January 2020 was more like 2019. January 2021 is probably going to be more like 2020.

I will leave you with the last five paragraphs of my first book, Journey to the Temple of Ra:

The Journey of the Fool is from where you are to where you want to be. You have all of the time in the world, yet there is no reason for you to wait. The entire Universe conspires to help you travel. You, nevertheless, have to make the journey. Every step along the way prepares you for a place further down the road. If you were to jump to the end, you would find yourself unable to handle, accept, and be where you are.

Accept or not what is offered. The choice is yours and all choices are valid. There are times when you will fail to see the Perfection that is. Within your displeasure, you will ask, ‘Why is it this way?’ The answer is that you simply have not yet created it the way you wish it to be.

When one journey ends, another begins. Walk this beautiful earth knowing that she loves you, supports you, and feeds you. You are blessed beings, every single one of you. You are the glory of God and an ever-significant piece of All-That-Is. You are never alone. You are never less than. You are never separate. You are loved beyond words.

Walk the Cycle of Creation: follow your individual star, your guiding light. Create your life experience as is pleasing to you. Be what you wish to be in this illusion of separation. Know that your service of others is simultaneously your service of self.

And never forget that you are loved beyond words.


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