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The Soft Six

Hello everyone.  A few days ago, I channeled a message called The Hard Six.  I had just a little time between a long walk and a social event, so I sat down and I dictated.  I assure you, I am still digesting the message.  Some parts I get, I really get in a way I never did before.  I needed the message given with unwavering directness.  That’s because I had already received a message I will call the Soft Six and I failed to reach what I needed from it.  This message does have some great information as well, so I have included it down below.

I do want to share a few things before that though.  I am still figuring out some of the statements made in the beginning of the Hard Six.  I am not exactly sure what they are saying about the 3, 6 & 9 relative to the other numbers.  I now see how they are special.  For example, if you take each number from 1 to 9 and add it to itself up to 9 times, you will see 3 patterns.

With 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8, the resulting numerological sum will be 1 through 9 in varying orders.
With 3, and 6, the resulting numerological sum will be a cycle of 3, 6 and 9.
With 9, the sum will always be 9.

At the end of the message, He (whoever He is), was talking about the sacred geometry solid called a hexahedron, or what we more commonly refer to as a cube.  The cube ever links the 3 and the 6.  We live in 3 dimensions of space, yet once our consciousness is placed within the 3 dimensions, we end up with six directions, as he stated.  I guess what He was getting at is the 6 emerges subjectively.

If one lives outside of time and space, there is only the 9.  There is no time between thought and result, thus only result (9).  So the creation (3) lives inside of the 9, but cannot be separated from it.  Once time and space are added, then the 6 emerges in between the 3 and 9.

It is also interesting that here, there are 3 dimensions of space, and 3 aspects of time (past, present and future).  Our language reflects the three aspects of time, ‘was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’.

Another thing that occurred to me this weekend while I pondered the Hard Six message is that the 6 of Pentacles message is the other side of the coin of the 7 of Swords message.  At the 7 of Swords, we believe that another person can interfere (in a negative way) with our manifestation.  We believe that someone can take from us what is rightfully ours.  Well, the other side of that coin is the belief that we (or someone else) can positively affect someone else’s manifestation.  That is also not true, apparently.  But I get it. When we give something to another and it is good, we are acting on behalf of the universe. We are choosing, in that moment, to deliver to another what they have called forth.  We are not giving them what is ours (via charity), we are giving them what is theirs.  And if we choose not to give in that moment, the universe will find someone else who will, because the universe is merely delivering to a person what is rightfully theirs.

Harmony, I am being told right now, is an aspect of 6.  That is because when we are within harmony, we are in sync with the universe.  We are acting on behalf of the universe, and this flow feels good, joyous even.

That’s why they keep telling me that giving is supposed to be fun.  When it is not fun, it is not giving (not really).

Too often, as ‘spiritual’ people, we think we are always supposed to give, yet that is also not true.  Our highest state is harmony with the movement of the universe, which is, as we now know, ebb and flow, like a pendulum and like a wave. Hmm, something to think about some more…

I am guessing that the message below, which was channeled on 5/5, days before the Hard Six, is from a different teacher.  I truly love and appreciate all of my teachers.

Okay – so here goes:   The Soft Six

Dearest David – have we told you recently that you don’t rest very well?  So be it.  You are the creator of your reality, and we are more than happy to entertain your interests in the mean time.

As you so clearly conveyed these past two classes, the pendulum does indeed contain the vibrations of 2, 3 and 4.  And, yes, you are correct that we haven’t spoken to you much about 6, 7 and 8 these past few years.  All in due time.

However, we are ready to share with you some insights into the sixes. Ones represent beginnings and starts.  Sometimes it is just before something “breaks” the surface.  Twos represent situations, contrast, partnerships, conflict, direction.  Twos span time.  Threes imply movement.  In each case, a three indicates a flow of energy, sometimes constructive, sometime destructive, but always creative – ultimately. Fours are the antithesis of threes.  Fours represent a lack of movement, thus stability and stuck-ness.  It is where you should be right now, resting in between a three and another three.  Like twos, fours span time, but in a sense, fours feel like being outside time, where as twos feel timeless.  When you are in the midst of an intense two, time expands and you loose yourself in it.  Hours fly by and feel like no time has passed.  When you are in the midst of an intense four, time stops, yet feels like it is dragging. In this case, minutes seem to take hours to pass.

Like the threes, fives imply movement again, except in most cases, the movement is backward or off to the left or right.  Three is when you created what you wanted and five is when you created what you didn’t want.

6 of Cups
6 of Cups

And that brings us to six.  The sixes are the milestones within the movement of the three and the five.  The Six of cups is your past.  It is the remembrance of a marker left behind.  A two experience, when re-experienced becomes the Six of Cups.  In that song that you like so much, where the woman relives a past love affair so vividly and emotionally, she is deep within the Six of Cups remembering a Two of Cups of old.

6 of Swords
6 of Swords

The Six of Swords is your past and your future.  The same way the Six of Cups reflects a two in the past, the Six of Swords reflects (forward or backward) a five.  Underneath this five is a definite three.  The movement is needed to restore harmony.  The harmony is desired and is the three part, the disharmony of the situation preceding it is a four, outliving its usefulness and about to turn into a five.

6 of Wands
6 of Wands

The Six of Wands marks a milestone just after a three.  It indicates a successful manifestation or accomplishment.  At the same time, the Six of Wands wants to be followed by a two or three, possibly a short four, but not a long four.  The victory is only a first step within a longer trek.  The accomplishment is en route to the full manifestation.

And lastly, there is the Six of Pentacles.  We chose to end with this one because this is a topic we wish to expound upon.

Six of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles marks a point in time when an energy exchange is occurring.  More times than not, it is a present card, a now card.  The actual exchange may be in the future or the past, but the energy exchange is now.  Let’s just say, revisit your Theory of Relativity lessons.  There is that one case where Einstein discovered that time can bend to the extent that a cause and effect actually appear to happen in reverse.  Yet how can a dependent event happen before the one that caused it?  Let’s just say its because cause and effect is not what you think it is.  These ‘events’ are created together, as a diode, an entangled pair.

[It was at this point that I got lost and couldn’t keep up.  Days later, the Hard Six came out, and I now see what they were driving at…]

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1 thought on “The Soft Six”

  1. David,
    It was interesting what you said about the cube. At one of the events I went to Joe was talking about the cube and creation. I am going to have to look up my notes on this. Keep up the great work.
    Cindy Shelton


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