Channeled Message

Don’t Cry for Me!

Children of Earth:  Don’t cry for me!

Don’t cry for my ring of fire.  Don’t cry for my Gulf of Mexico.  I do not want your tears.

During your short time here, you have not seen much of my fire.  Molten lava flows through my veins.  Oil is a part of me, as is smoke and ash.  These do not harm me.

Do you know what an earthquake is like for me?  It is like a visit to one of your chiropractors: crack and then relief.  Volcanic eruptions are a mere blow of my nose, which has me breathing freely once again.

Do not cry for me.  I do not want your tears.

My ascension is assured.  My mother universe has been providing energy for its support.  She has given me her approval.  As she has provided for me, we both provide for you.

I can be happy as the uninhabitable planet of my youth and I can be happy as your Garden of Eden.

Do not cry for me.  I am not hurting and I do not need rescue.  You could not rescue me if I did.  Would you go to one of your red blood cells and ask them to save you if you were doomed?  How often do you speak with the individual cells of your body?

I am not in jeopardy of dying.  I will go on.  I have a future and it is bright.

However, I am a planet in service.  And as a planet in service, I will shift as I am called to do.  You cannot harm me, but you do play a significant role as to what your part of me will be like.  Do you wish to live in the Garden of Eden?  Or do you wish to live in the deserts and tundra? Do you enjoy the variety of life that lives here? Or do you prefer to live in a different version of reality?

Do not cry for me and do not cry for yourselves.  I do not ask for your tears.  In fact, I do not need your love, but I do enjoy it so.  Yet it is your love of me that brings to you more of what you love.

David, yesterday, was given this phrase:

There is an infinite number of things to fear, and an infinite number of things to love. You only have so much attention, so use it wisely!

You also only have a limited amount of time and experience (here).

Imagine that everything that you look at grows before your eyes, and everything you set free of your attention, resolves itself.  If you saw this process, would you visit the Gulf of Mexico and add your tears to the oil that flows there?  Would you visit every disaster and add to its chaos?

Or would you instead visit my infinite beauty and marvel?  I do not need your tears of fear, but I will be happy to plant your tears of awe and create more.  You do not know what I am capable of.  You notice a summer that is a mere 10 degrees off expectation, yet that is nothing.  I can create for you the most luscious breezes or the most violent gales.  I can manifest a mountain range or an inland sea over night.  Yes, it would be fun for me and no, it would not be pleasant for you.

A short time ago, I placed a suggestion in the mind of my daughter, one that you know as Stephanie Golden-Falcon.  She asked to be of service to me and I suggested she be of service to YOU!  And so I suggested to her a meditation, a pouring of love into my soil to plant a garden of YOUR liking.  It was her idea to have each person focus on a continent of their liking and choice, and to send their love into that continent.

I say, “Why not?”

And with the spawning of that idea, some of you have already responded.  Some of you have already been doing this.   You dream of Europe, or Patagonian.  You fantasize of swimming above the Great Barrier Reef or near a Southern Pacific Island.  You place pictures of majestic mountains or rich forests on your computer screens.

You plant gardens of your own and enjoy them, or walk through city parks alit with appreciation.

All of these ARE creative.  Do not send me your tears.  Send me your dreams!

Your movie producers are better than ever at creating virtual realities of their fantasizing.  They are in part a product of YOU.  But if you think the floating mountains of Avatar are impressive, you just watch!

Yet, stay aware of the fact that you enjoy not just my beauty, but your own!  You love many of your tall buildings, your stadiums and arenas, your statues and boulevards. And you know that a landscape rich with greenery is far more appealing than one without.

Love your fellow breathing brethren, be they plant, animal or human.  Give them your attention, not the places where there is chaos.

The range of your collective thought is widening.  The diversity is increasing.  As such, you will see shifts and you may not love all of them.  Your attention and your experience are limited, so use them wisely.  Focus on the shifts you enjoy and draw yourselves to them.

Blessings to you my children…


2 thoughts on “Don’t Cry for Me!”

  1. Awesome blog David – I love it!!! I was just enjoying mother earth yesterday very much.
    There was this hummingbird who was dancing all around and doing things I had never seen of a hummingbird, like nose diving down towards the ground while spinning around like an out of control airplane.
    It seemed as though it was interacting with me in some way – mother earth is so beautiful!! 🙂


  2. Wow! How is that for a reality check! I love it. A broadened perspective. Thank you for being the messenger. You know I will continue loving our beautiful Antarctica! Love, Caara


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