Channeled Message

A Conversation with Spirit about the Oil Spill

[A YouTube version of this message can be found here:]

Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, I would like to have a conversation about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

How can we be of service to you our friend?

Well, at the time I received that message from Gaia, I was in a neutral place, emotionally speaking.  I was intentionally not focusing on what was happening.  But, some time afterwards, the magnitude of what is happening hit me.  I got pulled in, found myself curious and pursued information on the subject.

And then the emotions hit.  When I saw the pictures of animals, I became very sad.  I’ve fought my way back to a neutral place, but I would still like to see this from a higher perspective.  I know that that is the best way to offer assistance.  But how can one do this? How can one look at something like this with true positivity?  Not just hope, but a knowingness of wellbeing?

As usual, you come to us with no small feat intended for yourself and for this we commend you.  This event is transformative, and as with all transformative events, there is much more going on than what is seen on the surface.  This event is highly symbolic (as are all events).  As you see with the cards, the more you look beneath the surface, the more you discover about your self, your purpose, your gifts, your challenges, your creating.  And the more you learn about all of these, the better you are able to create the world, the entire world, in the image of your choosing.

To truly benefit from this event, one has to look beneath the surface.  Notice how, in Earth terms, this “problem” cannot be solved without “going beneath the surface”.  Also notice that in order to “really” solve this problem, man is literally forced to “go deep, deep beneath the surface of the sea to the bottom of the ocean”.  Yet man can’t just go to the bottom of the sea and solve this.  They have tried.  They have tried to cap the well, and yet, that still did not work.  Thus man needs to go deeper to solve the problem.  He must go even below the bottom of the sea, for the sea floor is the bottom of the ocean, yet it is the top of the next layer.  It is just the beginning.

Before we go further into the symbolism, let’s return to where we started before you began writing.  We would like to follow the layout (spread) we gave you for your book.  In position 1, we have the situation as seen on the surface.  We all agree that oil is leaking into your Gulf of Mexico and is evident as streaks of crude floating on the surface.  In this case, the surface situation stretches all the way to the bottom of the sea, for all know the source of that leaking.  A well, which has been drilled by man has taken a life of its own and is currently unstoppable.  That is the situation as you know it.

In what would be position 2, the underlying situation, there is some debate.  In Earth terms, the problem is that the oil reservoir is vast, one of the largest ever tapped by man.  The drilling feat was beyond anything man attempted before, being in the deepest waters.  The pressure from underneath is very much part of the “problem” for even though the sea creates great pressure pushing downward, it is no match to the pressure within the oil reservoir pushing upward.  And thus the oil spews forth.

So, in Earth terms, the severity of the problem is caused by tremendous forces of pressure both with the Earth and within the Ocean.  [Notice that the pressure of the ocean complicates all of man’s efforts there.]

Yet, this “beneath the surface” explanation is merely the Earthly view.  Politically, there is an entirely different perspective.  This is where the bloggers, the conspiracy theorists, the writers, the politicians and the businessmen come in.  This is where the Earth lovers and the Money lovers clash head to head.  Many are quick to blame someone else for this event.  “It is the greedy that are at fault.” “Man does not care about the Earth, and this is why this has happened.” “If we weren’t addicted to our oil, our cars, our luxuries, then this would never happen.”  The opinions fly and no one agrees what the “true” cause of this event is.

And yet, all of that discussion is again, hardly a fraction of an inch beneath the surface of the situation.  Returning to the symbolism, fact is that which is seen on the surface of the ocean.  It is what everyone can agree upon.  No one is arguing that oil is leaking and floating on the surface.

The “discussion” of cause (and solution) is symbolized by the water.  In this case, the water is VERY deep.  There is layer upon layer.  There is current; there is weather.  The water is alive, and we don’t just mean the life within the water; there is that too.  And so all of what man is talking about, thinking about, and feeling about this situation is symbolized by the vast water that is involved in this situation.  And, just as the waters of the Gulf ultimately connect to all of the waters of the globe, the discussions, feelings and thoughts on this subject circumnavigate the globe and have the potential to affect a large percentage of it.

Yet, as we said earlier, the bottom of the ocean is just the start of the next layer.  Man didn’t just go to the ocean floor in this pursuit; he drilled deep down below it.  He tapped into something that could have remained dormant for centuries if left alone.  It is HERE that we are most interested.  It is HERE that you will find the answer to what you seek, for you are not merely looking for a solution; you are not looking for neutrality; you seek deep understanding.  You are not even looking for cause as much as you are truly looking for the Big Picture.

Yet, “cause” is a part of the big picture.  We do not like that word “cause”.  Instead, let’s use the word “creation”.  The creation of this event is significant to the journey.  It is nearly the beginning – in one sense.  Notice that in the spread we gave you for your book, the left-most card, which is numbered position 3, is the start when reading left to right.  It is best to read positions 1 and 2 first to better understand 3.  Yet the 3 came before the 1 and the 2! [There is deep wisdom encoded in that statement, which you will come to understand more in time.]

Let’s look at some of the information for position 3, the creation of this event.  In Earth terms, man is (in his collective mind) dependent on oil.  It is hard for man (the collective of man) to envision a life without oil.  He can only see what came before oil and this is not pleasing to him, collectively. (Many individuals, on the other hand, think they would enjoy a return to that existence).

So, one piece of the creation is that man currently believes oil is necessary.  As much talk of “green” as there is, man is really just playing lip service to a small percentage of itself.  It is like your body telling your finger that it will reduce the amount of blood it uses until it needs blood no more.  Your finger points to the body and says, “Your use of blood is damaging the whole.  You must stop.”  And the rest of the pieces of the body say, “Sure.  We’ll limit, reduce, and take all of these steps to eliminate our use of blood,” yet in reality there is no intention; there is no belief; just words, plans, meetings.

We have no judgment of this.  Man, as a collective, cannot reduce (significantly) its use of oil until it can SEE life beyond oil.  And yet, there is SO much that must come before that vision is possible (not measured in time, but measured in vibration).

Now, man’s belief in the necessity of oil is, in and of itself, not a problem.  But man also believes that resources (and thus oil) are limited.  Man believes and talks of “Peak Oil”.  This phrase is an indication of man’s belief that all of the oil of the Earth will be used up some day.  Peak Oil is the “half-way point” to the end of oil.

As long as man believes in scarcity, man will manifest pursuit.  A man who would pursue oil (or anything) a mile under the surface of the ocean is a desperate man.  If you peek beneath the surface, you can see how desperate man (collectively) is on this subject.

And yet, this is simply the manifestation of a broader belief.  Man (collectively) believes in Armageddon.  He believes in the end of Eden.  He believes in Hell, the possible and probably damnation after life.  Man’s thought about oil is symbolic to his thought about a whole host of things.

All of those who focus on the “possible” catastrophic events of the eminent 2012 are contributing to the highlighting of this belief.  They are adding pressure to the well, so to speak – with their thoughts and their attention.  Again, there is no blame here, this is just an observation of the flow of thought, the flow of energy that creates manifested experience.  All is well and there is perfection in ALL of THIS.

So, man believes oil is necessary because man believes energy can only be pulled in from outside of himself.  And man believes that oil (energy) is scarce and must be pursued.  Again, oil is nothing different than water, love, food and money.  Man feels roughly the same about all of these things.  And his basic thoughts are:

•    I am separate.
•    There is not enough.
•    Thus, I must pursue; I must store; I must protect; and I must defend my piece.

Now, allow us to step back, way, way back from this particular event.  Do you recall when we’ve told you that in order to see what thought/belief/emotion went into the creation of an event, to look at your reaction to that event?

Okay, so let’s do that with this event.  Tell us again some of your reactions to this event, not just yours individually, but what you are observing in everyone.

Well, I myself have felt sadness. I’ve felt powerlessness.  I’ve even felt, at moments, that this is the beginning of the end – not the end of the Earth, or even man’s existence on the Earth, but possibly the end to many lives (animal lives), the end of much beauty, and the end of the ability to live in certain areas.

But, I have also witnessed much anger.  Some out there are very angry.  And, of course, anger is just hurt and fear.

And these are all contributors to the creation of this event.  Greed is nothing more than fear too.  If you fear a limit to what is received, you become greedy and no amount of storage is enough to squelch that fear.

Please understand that collectives are collectives.  Corporations and countries are collectives, and thus the fear of these collectives is an aggregate of what exists within the collective.  It doesn’t mean that everyone within the collective feels the same way, it just means that the energy of the collective is collected – pooled – and evident.  Your country, your beloved United States of America, is filled with this fear.  You are very much within your own Four of Pentacles. You have created a lifestyle some refer to as the American Dream, yet you so fear the end of it that you “fight” for your “freedom”.  You amass great armies to defend your way of life because you do not trust in your own power.

YOU have CREATED your own Eden!  You are the creator of your own beauty – one way or the other – and yet you are also the creator of the Expiration of every loved experience.  You so believe that no dream can last forever, and thus you set yourselves up for the end of those very same dreams you created.

And, again, we return to perfection.  You are as you are, but you will not remain in these beliefs forever.  You are evolving – individually and collectively.  Awareness is the greatest contributor to evolution, and thus what is hidden deep within all manifestation must at some time be made known.

So, your pursuit of oil is also a symbol of your pursuit of love, understanding, wisdom, and enlightenment.  You are willing to dive one mile beneath the surface of the ocean and then again drill further into the Earth to understand who you are and what this life is all about.  You will stop at nothing in your pursuit.

We commend you – all of you – in this pursuit. You have no choice but to live within your beliefs.  We do not fault you for not seeing to the core of the Earth for how could you?

Gaia was very strong in telling you not to fear for her, not to cry for her.  She KNOWS!  She offered her entire body to you the moment she agreed to be a planetary body that would be home to life.  She has offered you her blood WILLINGLY!

You – as human beings – as human consciousness – are 3rd density beings.  And you came from 2nd density.  You cannot deny that you came from an existence of believed survival.  You still carry that memory.  You cannot remember your life before birth and cannot see your life after death (yet) and thus you are where you are.  There is no imperfection in this.  This event is not a catastrophe (in greater reality).  Even the death of every living cell on the planet would not be.  Life (true life) does not end – EVER.  It merely transforms.

You do not morn the melting of an ice cube, yet that event is the death of the ice and the birth of the water. You do not morn because you understand it is just water changing state.

And at the same time, yes, it is sad that much life will be transformed in this way by this event.  It doesn’t HAVE to be this way.  It is not as it SHOULD be.  It just IS.  You cannot change what is and yet what is will change as a result of YOU.  You can’t change what is, and yet you can and do change what is.  It is tricky to speak of these things because the same words can have vastly different meanings.

You, as David Paul Tangredi, cannot in his human form stop this oil leak.  You do not have the skill to dive one mile under the ocean and plug this well.  You do not have the telekinetic power (YET) to seal the gap with your mere will and thought.  And yet, you ALONE can – (better written you ALL-ONE can).

You are a hologram of THE ONE – and thus encoded in one human form is the power of the entire creator.  We do not say this so you will feel bad for not shifting all that is in this very moment, we merely reminding you that there is nothing that you can’t do – in ultimate reality – in ultimate truth – and in ultimate practice.  And by you, we mean all of you, each of you, every single one of you…


1 thought on “A Conversation with Spirit about the Oil Spill”

  1. Thank you for asking the questions and thank you for sharing your answers. I have been just observing the situation without judgment; actually I have found it to be a bit funny how no one seems to be able to “do” anything about it. Many people seem to think the situation is terrible, and I just shrug and think that I have no idea if it is good or bad from my tiny point of view. Actually, I assume it is happening for our good because my dominant belief is that all things are used for good.

    The insights in this dialogue are very helpful in clarifying the broader picture and resonate with me.

    Bless Your Heart!


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