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A Letter to my Friends

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I have been writing in this and my previous blog for a few years now.  Most of the time, when I am writing, I am in the flow.  I say I’m channeling because when I reach this flow, information comes out that is beyond what I knew when I sat down to write.  Some times, it is not necessarily beyond what I knew, but comes out so elegant and clear, and with no effort, that it just has to be inspired if not channeled.

But today, I have decided to write simply as me.  I want to share with you my thoughts about what is happening in the world and most specifically the Gulf.

This now makes three entries about the spill since it began on 4/20/2010.  The strange thing is the first one from Gaia came through when I wasn’t even thinking about it much.  I just started hearing the message as I walked one morning and decided to let it through.  Channelings often work that way for me.  The other way they work is that I metaphorically push on a door time and again until I feel it open, and then I write.  This could take weeks for a particular subject.

So, the first message comes out of the blue and only weeks after that, I start getting very emotional about the spill as it seems to grow beyond control (as if it was ever under control in the first place).  So I ask for assistance and I push the door, and a short time later, the 2nd message comes through.

Since then, I have heard one short line. “The spill will continue until the deepest secrets about your world (society) are revealed.”  “What could that be about?” you might ask?

Well, I rarely share my personal beliefs about the mundane in my blog because that’s not its purpose, but how about this?  How about the secret about what really happened on 9/11?  It is clear that the story we were given is not accurate, being that it is physically impossible to have occurred the way they stated.  So what did really occur?

For me personally, 9/11/2001 marks the end of innocence.  Both energetically and intellectually, a corner was turned that day.  In fact, there is a CD that I listened to quite a bit that summer and when I hear it now, I can feel how different reality was pre-9/11.

Well, for what it’s worth, another corner was turned this weekend (for me anyway).  I felt it.  I see it.  I have overwhelming evidence of it (for myself).

To put this in perspective, I have read over the years numerous times about us having gone through this gateway and that shift.  Yeah, I feel energy ebb and flow.  Yeah, I feel waves and shifts and changes.  But a turning of a corner?  This I can say right now that I remember only feeling twice, 9/11/2001 and this past weekend.

Before I discuss anything specific (within the mundane) I want to reiterate my understanding of the way things work.  There is the physical and the metaphysical and the physical is always and to the nth degree a result of the metaphysical (non-physical).  So a shift that occurs in the physical HAS to be preceded by a shift in the non-physical.  That’s the way I see it, that’s what I am being told (directly from spirit) and that is what feels more true with each passing week.

So, non-physically, I feel the corner being turned, but physically within the mundane, I become aware of things I did not know before.  Is this information true?  I don’t know.

But let me ask you this.  If in March, someone tells you in specific detail that something is going to happen in your life in exactly a particular way, and in fact 2 months later, it happens just as you were told, what would you do with the next thing they told you?  Would you believe it?  Would you deny it?  Or would you consider it?

In my mind, when someone through whatever means makes a prediction and gets it EXACTLY right, you can’t ignore them; you can’t deny the possibility that they are seeing a probability accurately.  Remember, if everything has to exist as pure potential before it can manifest, it is there in the non-physical before it becomes physical.  It has to be if that theory is correct.  If it is there, and we have any access to the non-physical at all, then we must be able to access those potentials, to see them.  Doesn’t mean it all will happen, just means they are possible or even probable.

So, let’s cut to the chase.  There are guys out there who through technology can collect psychic information from the collective.  Remember in my last channeling that spirit reminded me that collectives are collectives and that the energy of the members of the collective are collected into physical manifestation.  The entire earth population of humans is a collective, thus we collectively manifest events that affect the entire globe.  It has to work that way if the theory of manifestation is accurate.

Okay, so these guys, for TWO years now, saw an “oil volcano under the sea” coming.  As always, there is room for interpretation before the manifestation occurs, but lo and behold, we are certainly experiencing what is being called an oil volcano.  This is not a spill, this is a gushing, a spewing forth into the ocean.

Well, these guys didn’t just see that.  If that were the end of what they saw, then there wouldn’t be a need to discuss it.  But it isn’t.

So what now?  Well, it is just as easy to believe everything they say just as it is to believe what BP says, or what our government says, or for that matter, everything we’re told about everything else.  But is that the answer?  No.

One day, when talking to spirit, I asked them why we can’t just know the truth.  Why is it that every piece of information has doubt.  I think it is harder to find fact now than ever before in my life.  That is because for every person that says y, there is another that says x, and x and y conflict.

And what they said to me was interesting.  They said that right now, development of discernment is of utmost importance to our personal and individual growth.  This means that each of us must decide for ourselves.  No one is going to tell us (for now) that this is true and that is false and be absolutely correct.  We have to decide for ourselves.  And why?  Because we are the SOLE creator of our own reality.  The ONLY way to create for oneself is to DECIDE for oneself.

Okay, I get it.  It makes sense and I have enough life experience to validate that for myself.  Doesn’t mean it is easy.  Yeah, I can decide what is right or wrong for myself.  And yeah, I think I do pretty well deciding what is good or not good when interacting with others.  But when it comes to the global stuff?  That’s where it’s really hard.

Who is telling the truth about what happened on 9/11?  Who is telling the truth about what is happening in the Gulf?  Who is telling the truth about the possible threats going forward?

I don’t know, but I have tools.  So, in light of the information I became privy to, I did some card readings.  I asked specifically about my Austin family and what we needed to be prepared for in the months ahead (July and August).  And the cards said to sit tight.  They said that all of our physical needs would be met (and beyond).  They said to rest our minds (of troubled thoughts) and celebrate what we have (each other for example).  Yet there was one card that said to me this, “and do what needs to be done”.  In other words, if you need to prepare, then prepare.

So for comparison, I did another reading.  I asked what the next two months would be like for those living along the Gulf.  This reading was much different.  There was disruption, burden and movement needed to restore harmony.  And there was theft.  This reading to me confirmed at least some of what I was reading in the predictive linguistics and the alternate press.

So, what’s my conclusion?  What’s my point?  What is even my recommendation?

Readings I have done overwhelmingly remind me of well-being.  It is still here and for the manifesting, and always will be.  And the way to get to it (and maintain it) is to follow guidance in the moment.  That means if I am guided to do something as large as move further away from the Gulf Coast, then I will.

So the best advice I can give is to listen to your internal guidance.  If you think you don’t have it, then look into your past and find when it was there and when you listened or didn’t listen and what happened.  The evidence is there. You DO have access to guidance, ALWAYS, and if you think you don’t, you’re just not letting yourself see it.

The corner we turned on 9/11/2001 changed life in a fundamental way, but life went on.  Some people are very happy right now and can continue to be going forward.  So if we did just turn another corner that will turn out to change life in a fundamental way going forward, so be it.  Part of turning a corner is that what happened happened.  Is it painful?  Maybe.  Possibly.  Probably.  Are we going to cry over what is lost? Maybe.  Possibly.  Probably.  Hopefully.

Why do I say hopefully?  Because I feel that we need to cry if we feel like crying.  We need to process what is happening so we can get back to the guidance.

Some of us may need to move as a result of what is happening or going to happen.  We may need to let go of things we aren’t ready to let go of.  It may be painful.  But if that’s the case, then that’s the case.

My messages say, “don’t mourn the melting of the ice for the water continues, just in a different state,” but if I am downstream from the glacier and it is melting fast, I will follow guidance to get out of the way.  And I will mourn what is lost.

The reality is, the loss of physical life still hurts me.  Seeing a single dolphin dead from human negligence hurts.  Hell, even seeing a dead armadillo on the side of the road is painful to me.  I have grown more empathic and sensitive than I have ever been.

I get that we can’t focus on that which seems tragic and attract happiness.  But we also have to accept that if we were lied to, we were lied to.  If we were (or are being) betrayed, we have to accept it to move on.  And if we need to do something to get out of harms way, then we have to.

If I need to sit down and cry for a whole day to process what is happening (whatever it is), then I’ll do it.  And then the next day, I’ll get up and say, “okay, now what do I need to do?”

Writing this letter to y’all is an example of one thing I felt needed to be done.  Now we’ll see what’s next…


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