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There is Nothing New Here

I am not sure what has happened energetically, since my last post, but time, for me, has slowed  down quite a bit.  Twenty-four hours after the post, I found myself saying, “the other day” instead of “yesterday”.  I have had a number of times where I looked at the clock and thought, “It is only noon?” or some other time.

Now, time passing slower or faster is nothing new.  We’ve all felt it.  We’ve felt vacations fly by in an instant, and we’ve been in near collisions that seemed to take tens of minutes instead of tens of seconds.

Just today, while listening to a David Wilcock interview, he spoke of an experience where time dragged so much while within a drug induced state, that he thought he had died because the clock seemed to have stopped.

Twice in my life, I have given Akashic readings in rooms that contained a clock that ticked.  Both times, I could hear, actually hear the ticking slower during the reading than before.  That was cool!

Anyway, in the midst of this “time dilation” as they call it, I am having an ah-ha moment in slow motion.  It is actually quite interesting to experience.

First point.  A few hours after my last post, I went to the gym to get some exercise.  In between sets, I received a message about a particular line I wrote.  Here is the specific line, plus the line that preceded it (for context).

Yet there was one card that said to me this, “and do what needs to be done”.  In other words, if you need to prepare, then prepare.

Notice the first line contains what I heard, and the second line was my interpretation of it.

So, in response to my statement, spirit says to me this:

David, do not lose sight of the fact that preparing and planning are not the same thing.

When you plan for an event, you begin creating that event.  You anticipate the event and draw it toward you.

Preparing, in the way we meant for you to hear, is not about planning.  It is not about taking (specific) action, but preparing to take action (in general).

So, still within this short break between sets, I digested this message and that’s when the slow moving ah-ha “moment” began.  [It has not ended yet, by the way.]

Second point.  Spirit reminded me that I have been preparing for this time (we are now in) for a long time.  Even beyond my conscious mind, I have been following guidance in the moment, as I have been lead to prepare my mind, my body, and/or particular aspects of my life.

It was at this point where I better understood what I was sensing that changed.  In the last blog, I said it felt like I (we) turned a corner.  Well, the threshold that was past, I now believe, was one of predictability.  In other words, we have moved into a time when predicting how thing will play out is more difficult than ever (in this lifetime anyway).

That’s why so many messages out there are about the now, being in the now, hearing in the now, acting in the now and focusing on the now.

In the past, spirit could see what was ahead of us more clearly because we (collectively) moved more or less in predictable ways.  Individually, we might step left just in time to completely avoid something foreseen, but collectively, it all averaged out enough.

Well now, it seems those days are over.  So the message of being prepared is all about being everything we’ve learned and practiced on this journey of ascension.

Many of us have been developing tools for a while.  Some of us have employed these in service to others, either as work or simply friendly expression.  All of this is preparation.

Now, allow me to take a step back into what will first feel like an off topic point…

Third point.  In a conversation with a friend yesterday, we were discussing annoying patterns in life.

Say, for example, you are a contract worker.  Each of your contracts is short and thus you work with many people over the course of time. Then let’s say that you find yourself within a pattern where each of your “employers” tries to gyp you out of income that was agreed upon before you started.  This would most certainly be annoying, not just because you are being cheated, but because you are within a pattern that you don’t know how you created or continue to create.

So, in this hypothetical situation, the person being repeatedly gypped says, “The worst of it is that I do not seek these people out.  They keep finding me.”

That’s when the third message came through (as I have most certainly experience something analogous to this in my life). The message behind this situation is the following:

You do not attract these situations by your actions; you attract them with your vibration.  You need not seek out these situations or clients; they will most certainly find you.

Wow.  What a gift.  This situation leaves no room for misinterpretation by us.  Since we are most certainly not “doing” a certain thing to “make” this happen over and over, we “must” be attracting it from some other means.  And that is our vibration!

Last point (for now).  A few blogs ago, I received a message about the difference between knowing with your nose and understanding with your mind.  I have sat with that message ever since, echoing it in my mind to better understand what is truly being conveyed to me.

Then, just today, I see something written by Clif High that says, “We must abandon the ‘matter’ concept of things—it’s all energy.” That’s when the next wave of this slow moving ah-ha tide hit.

Our understanding is that manifestation is due to thought and emotion.  Yet we are also told that because emotion follows thought, manifestation is due primarily to thought.

Yet this has never felt complete to me.  There were aspects of this teaching that I’ve struggled with ever since learning the Law of Attraction.

For example, sometimes I’ve seen something I desired and went straight to pain.  No thoughts were detectable, just emotion.  I could use my mind to deduce a core belief as, “I cannot have this thing I desire,” but I didn’t think it so much as jumped straight to the emotion.

How often do we react beyond thought?  So, what is it that dictates our reactions?  Vibration!

Even Abraham continues to say, it is all vibration.

But, while we completely understand vibration in terms of sound (remember, amplitude and frequency is nothing more than volume and pitch) what does it mean for us to change our vibration?  What does it really mean?

Well, that’s the ah-ha!  When we have an ah-ha, and yet can’t find what we understand now that we didn’t before, we are merely noticing a shift in our vibration!

I have just (literally now) come to realize that for the past few years, I have been switching from monitoring my thoughts and emotions to monitoring my vibration.  I am learning to listen to my vibration directly!

So, what I now believe is the way that manifestation works is this:

Vibration -> Thought -> Emotion -> Manifestation

This is also why we can entertain all sorts of thoughts that don’t manifest.  We can even entertain emotions that don’t manifest.

Take for example a mother that worries about her child.  She sees her child run after a soccer ball and notices a car in the street and worries that her child will run into the road and get hit.  She might even emote loudly by screaming to her child to stop.  Yet, she does not always (or even often) manifest these feared visions despite entertaining them frequently and loudly.

That’s because there might be some other aspect that is maintaining a vibration that is not aligning with these feared outcomes.

Another way to look at that equation above is like this:

Vibration -> (unconscious) Reaction -> Emotion -> (conscious) Action

When we prepare, we work on vibration and thus alter our unconscious reaction to life situations.

When we plan, we are working within conscious action.

This is all GREAT news!  We are not doomed to manifest our fears just by thinking about them or even fearing them.  There IS something else there, and that is something we’ve all been preparing within ourselves.

And that’s why meditation works; yoga works; energy healing works; listening to music works.  All of these things work on our vibration directly, beyond thought, beyond emotion.

I think that this is why, in light of information that was indeed scary, I felt motivated rather than immobilized. I might not yet be manifesting the well-being I desire in all areas of my life, but I do fundamentally believe in well-being and I do fundamentally believe in the Perfection of the Universe.

So, at this point, I take a deep inhale and let it out slowly.  Something within all of this talk brings me peace.  I can feel that it is there.

Maybe when the ah-ha has fully run its course, I will better be able to share its insights, but for now, this is where I’m at.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this report from within the midst of this vibrational shift!

Blessings and hugs to all! [And don’t forget to check out the video posted just below/before this post!]


1 thought on “There is Nothing New Here”

  1. David,

    As always, such a thought provoking blog. I love how spirit uses your mind. Spirit and your mind are a good match.


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