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A Perfect Ten

“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.” – Beetle Juice

“Close you eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there’s no place like home.” – Wizard of Oz

“Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me.” – Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando & Dawn

“You’re once, twice, three times a lady.” – Three Times A Lady by The Commodores

“Kiss me once. Kiss me twice. Then kiss me once again.” – It’s Been a Long, Long Time

“Third time’s a charm!” – common saying


It is said that famous people die in threes and bad luck happens in threes.  In fact, my mother said this to me in our last conversation.

So what’s with three?

While researching the quotes above for this article, I encountered this site:  Rule of Three.

As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times, 2010 is a three year. So even as I am writing an article called A Perfect Ten, I still find myself writing about three.

It is clear that three has significance.  When something happens twice in a short period of time, you can write it off as coincidence.  But three times?  Now that’s a pattern.  And if something odd happens three times in a short period of time, that most clearly is a message.

In fact, earlier in the week, I had a word with a stranger – just someone who happened to cross my path – someone I had never seen before, let alone talked to.  A friendly greeting passed between us and then we were each on our way.

Oddly, about an hour later, we crossed paths again in a different part of town.  As we walked passed each other, recognition and surprised crossed our faces.  Yet, the next day, another chance passing occurred.  Now that’s odd!

And if that wasn’t enough. The same thing happened again this weekend!  Three chance encounters with a stranger in a twenty-four hour period.

And let’s look at that word: odd. One meaning of odd is: not even, not divisible by two.  Thus three is one of the early odd numbers.

But odd also means strange, unusual, atypical.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to mean that because of the fact that once an uncommon thing happens three times, it’s odd.

In Christianity, three is a divine number.  The trinity is central to Christianity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Spirit).

In A Fool’s Journey, there is what was referred to as the “Three within One, The One within Three”.  This term was channeled by one of the characters in the book and subsequently explained in detail.  Truth be told, I channeled that information when writing the book.  The phrase literally flowed through my fingers as I typed.

Three contains a power that is recognized by us on some level.  We don’t know how it works, but we belief in it.  It shows up in religions, songs, movies, wives’ tales, and superstitions.

I think the answer is actually quite simple.  Three is the number of creating.

One is a state of being.  (Individuality)
Two is a situation. (Partnership / opposition)
Three is an action. (Creating)

Magic is thus a three. Think about it. Magic is only evident by action.  You cannot have magic unless something happens that is – odd!

So, when something occurs three times, it gets our attention.  We notice it; we hear it; we feel its significance.

It is no wonder that a date like today – 10/10/10 – is met with such anticipation.  We only have 12 days in each century that follows this pattern and interestingly, they fall within the first 12 years.

In the digital age, patterns created by something repeating three times is not hard to find.  Live in Las Vegas and you’ll see 111 degrees Fahrenheit now and again. Look at a digital clock and you’ll see 2:22, 3:33 and the others.  Odometers, license plates, street addresses, the list goes on.  We are inundated with numbers and will natural see triples now and again.

And yet, we feel something when we look at them.

The numerologist in me has a small gripe about a date like today.  10/10/10 is really 10/10/2010.  It is not three tens but two tens and one three, or really two ones and one three.  Today is a five!

But, as we habitually and conventionally abbreviate dates, it is 10/10/10 – and that is enough to make it significant because WE – the bits of human consciousness that peer at the numbers – make it so.

Life has meaning as we apply meaning to life.

Numerology is not magic as much as it is pattern created by consciousness. It’s like a dry riverbed.  When the water comes, what are the chances that it will flow once again in the old riverbed?  Pretty high!  That’s because unless something comes along to change the surface of the earth, the riverbed marks the path of least resistance, the path that has been trotted before.

So, in David’s Tarot numerology, ten, is a gateway.

At nine, you are nearing completion and looking back on all that was accomplished.  Yes there is some more to go, but you are aware of nearing the goal.  You propel yourself forward by looking back at all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into it your endeavor.  This phase is about refining what has already been done, and then finishing it off.

At one, you are decidedly looking forward.  You have started the new job, the new relationship, you have already moved into the new house.  The rooms are empty, the boxes not yet unpacked, the drapes not yet purchased and hung, but you are renewed with the energy of anticipation to tackle your list.

And then there’s ten.  In the Tarot, ten is highlighted while in standard numerology it is not.  Ten should simply reduce to one.  But the threshold, to us humans, is significant.  We notice it.  We celebrate it.  We cherish it.  Weddings, funerals, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, anniversaries, going away parties, retirement parties – these are all ten type experiences where we celebrate the transition between one phase of life and another.

Time flows without stop.  Every moment is here and then gone.  In actuality, there are very few moments that so clearly define a transition from one journey and the next.  Yet we have created many. Calendars and clocks divide up time and thus we see something flow from one phase to another.

We have placed these imaginary lines into the passage of time so we can see something happening.  These are the rites of passage.  They are significant because we have made it so.

So ten is the gateway, even if fabricated for our own amusement.
Three is creative, magical, significant, and odd.

Thus three tens must certainly mean something!

Spirit once gave me a manifestation technique, a mantra, a meditation.  It is called RRR or 999.  In numerology, letters reduce to numbers based on their position.  The letter A is 1, B is 2.  R is 9.  So RRR is 999.

The R’s stand for Recognize, Release, Return-to-Center. 999 is thus an exercise in completion.

As spirit stated it, as you consciously move along a path of evolution, you will repeat old patterns, fall back to old ways.  That is expected. It is natural. It does not mean regression, it is just the way things work in time.  Time is cyclical more than it is linear.

So, Recognize when something old comes back.  Release your feelings or reaction to it.  Release the idea that it is ‘bad’ that it returned.  Release your emotion about it. Then, consciously, and in whatever way you choose, Return to Center.  This process is a process of empowerment!  Through this process, any habit can be overcome and replaced – consciously.

So 999 is a process for completing and 10/10/10 is the gateway.

Today is a reminder from us to us.  It is a celebration. It is an opportunity to look both backward at all that we’ve done, and forward to all that we want to do, have, and experience.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life – and it always will be.  The date will change; the time will change; your age will change; but every day will always be the beginning of the rest.

Could it be any more appropriate for 10/10/10 to occur on a Sunday?

On Saturday, we are into the weekend.  We know we have one more day ahead, so we party hardy.  We can push it because there’s more to come.

But on Sunday, the day of rest, the start of the week by some conventions?  We know that tomorrow it’s back to school.  We still have a day of the weekend to enjoy, but we must also be conscious of what’s ahead.  If any day of the week is the gateway, it is Sunday.

Sunday – 10/10/10 – A Perfect Ten.

It’s only just a number, but it’s a model, a meditation for a moment in time.  10/10/10 can be any moment you want it to be – just make it so.

Stop for one instant.
Look back.  See what you have accomplished.
Look forward. The rest of your life is ahead of you.
Know where you are.
Know were you want to go.
Set your intention,
And let it go.


Whether you’re reading this on 10/10/10, 10/11/10, or 12/20/12 – the power of 10/10/10 is here and now. YOUR power is here and now. T is 10.

10/10/10 – TTT
Take Time Today!
Seize the moment!
Carpe diem!


Click here to see a 10/10/10 meditation video created by

Stephanie Golden-Falcon



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