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The other day, I was watching baseball with friends when an email came through on my phone; it was from my brother and contained this picture:

Spider by Vinnie Tangredi
Spider by Vinnie Tangredi

With Halloween less than ten days away, I just couldn’t resist!

After showing my friends the photo, one of them said, “Here. Look at this and tell me what you think.” She pulled out her computer and showed me something someone had posted on Facebook. It was a picture of a black, furry spider and it looked huge!  She then asked me if I thought it was real, but you should have seen the look on her face when she did!

So the thing that got me thinking about spiders for this blog entry was a word that was written below the picture.  The person who posted the photo described him or herself as an arachnophile.

Although I hadn’t heard the word before, I knew what it meant: one who likes spiders. Now, there may not be many out there, but there are a few.  In fact, I even know some!  And while I’m hesitant to call myself an arachnophile, I am also not exactly an arachnophobe either. I’m fine with them just as long as they aren’t crawling on my body! In fact, I’m fairly intrigued by them.

So during my walk today, I was thinking about the suffixes –phile and –phobe.  Both come to English from Greek via French.

In Greek:

philos means loving
phobos means fearing

So an arachnophobe is one who fears spiders and an arachnophile is one who loves spiders.

Hold that thought.

At the start of this month, I posted a blog called Rest and Peace.  Within it was the following:

It is interesting that two represents both partnership and opposition.  Why?  These are such contrary meanings. Well, if you consider the Law of Attraction, then it doesn’t matter if you are for something, or against it, when you fight, you are entangled.

In line with this same topic, when I was writing the other day for my newest book, the following came through:

In this universe that you find yourself in, there is only a Law of Attraction, not one of repulsion. You can only draw to you.  You are connected to all else through strings and thus cannot push anything away.

So, if you are an arachnophobe or an arachnophile makes no difference, you attract spiders just the same!  [Bet you weren’t exactly loving that as an answer – were you.]

But what if you neither love spiders nor fear them.  Let’s take it to the extreme; let’s say you don’t think about spiders at all and have no preferences about them either way. You neither dislike them being around nor miss them when they are absent.

Well, one word to describe that state is indifference.

And look at that word.  If you are indifferent to something, then you are in a state (a vibration) that is different than the object.

So if both love and fear attract, then one way to not attract is through indifference. If you are indifferent to spiders, for example, then you will not attract them.  In fact, you’ll probably not notice them even when they are near.

By being indifferent to something, in a different vibration than something, best allows it to pass right by you without notice.  It thus does not affect your life in the slightest.

So, in order to rid your life of anything, the quicker you can become indifferent, the faster it drifts away. Hmmm.  Interesting to think about it this way.

Of course, since nothing is an accident, there’s more.

Notice that in the quote above (from my book) spirit said we are “connected to all else through strings.”  When I first wrote this, I thought about physics and String Theory.  But just as I started writing this blog, it also occurred to me the connection with spiders.  Spiders weave webs out of what? STRINGS!  When you walk into a web, it’s not easy getting those strings off of you. (You get entangled in them!)

Interesting analogy.

And there’s still more.

If you look up spider as a totem it means creativity or creation. Think spinning & weaving. Spiders spend much of their time creating their webs – over and over again.

But again, right now, this really starts to make sense to me at an even deeper level.

A spider not only spins its web, which is a creation in and of itself, but it’s through this weaving that it also creates its dinner!  Spiders don’t hunt.  They don’t search for food. They create their webs and wait for dinner to come to them!

How interesting is that! Now I really understand why spider is the totem for creation.  Now I get why spirit brought up the whole subject.  Look at how wise spider is and how much there is to learn from it.

To create what you desire, love it. Create your web of strings and then allow the universe to bring to you what you desire. You need only accept what lands in your web.

But you must create your web with care.  If you create a web from fear, then what you catch will not be so appetizing.

So vibrational alignment is really about weaving the right web to catch what is desired! A well made web will not only catch what you desire, but will allow it to stick in your life!

That’s what I really need to hear.  Creating something that sticks is huge for me right now!

And, as if I needed any confirmation about any of this… I am looking out of my window and see sunlight reflecting on a single strand of web as it stretches from a branch to the trunk of the tree.

Thank you spirit for letting me really see this. And thank you spider for showing me how one need not chase after their desires, but merely catch them as they wander on by.

Enjoy the rest of your October and Happy Halloween every one!


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