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At The End

1.4.2011 / 9

Today is January 3rd and for most of us, it is our first day back to work.  Our extended holiday vacation is over.  The new year has begun.  With the holidays landing on the weekend, it’s Monday and back to the grind.

Normally by this point I’m raring to go.  However, I’ve been dragging my butt all day.  I should say I’ve been dragging my body.

You see, my mind has been soaring.  I have fresh ideas for the new year – some of which you’ll all know about in the near future.  Mercury is rolling forward again, and my mind is quite happy about it.

I am anxious to get on with the new, but something is dragging me back.  It’s like I’m a cat and someone has a hold of my tail.

I did a few card readings for myself on various subjects to see if I could figure out what’s up, but the information flowed well, and the cards were optimistic.  Hmm, what’s going on?

I then read a few Facebook posts from friends of mine. For two of them, today is their last day at work as they’ll be moving to Austin soon from the west coast.

When I saw their post, my first thought was, “How odd to end a job on January 3rd.”

Boy was I wrong with that one.

Not an inch lower on the page, another friend posted a link to an article about the pending new moon and partial solar eclipse which occurs overnight for those of us in the USA.  When I saw the numerology of this eclipse, it all made sense.

And what really got me smiling was that at that same moment, playing on the radio, was a song called “At the End”.

The Universe is fascinating.  It is comprised of cycles within cycles within cycles.  There are ‘universal’ cycles, and personal cycles, numerological cycles and astrological cycles.  In this very moment we call now, one can slice through all sorts of information to get a read on all that is shifting and changing.

And, despite our inane habit to count linearly, experience time linearly, and expect every 2 to follow a 1, it just doesn’t work that way.

2010 ended on a 1 day – as I mentioned in the last blog.  2011 started on a 6.  That’s neither logical nor linear.  And yet, that’s cosmic humor, as I like to say.

So 12.31.2010 was a great day to start things, and 1.4.2011 is a PERFECT day to end things!  Why?  Well 1.4.2011 is the first 9 this year and just happens to coincide with an old moon that moves into a partial eclipse transition into a new moon.

My friends are ending a long standing job today.  For them, it’s the 3rd, but for most of the planet, it’s already the 4th.

So, if you’re feeling like your tail is being pulled today, well, it is.  We ended 2010 looking forward, and then the Universe grabbed a hold of us for a bit to remind us how significant an ending we’re walking through.

Remember, in the last blog post, 2011 is all about the dig and pour, dig and pour building of a foundation.  It’s not linear work, but rather cyclical.

So today, despite the urge to jump forward, instead offer up.  12.31.2010 was the day to state our resolutions for the new year and 1.4.2011 is the day to offer up all that has been holding us back.

“Yes I want to start this new endeavor, and yes, I perceive this one issue as holding me back. Show me the solution!”

Those of us in the USA will not see any part of this eclipse.  We’ll likely go to bed before it begins and wake after it’s over.  Say goodbye today and allow the pull to hold you steady.  Know that you’ll be free tomorrow to really get this year, month, and week started.

And to my two friends, congratulations on the completion of a major cycle and best wishes to joyful creations in the new one!


1 thought on “At The End”

  1. Very interesting and insightful! Thanks for pointing out the cycles within cycles….now I understand how it works much better!


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