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Something To Look Forward To


We’ve crossed into a new day, a new month, and a new year.  As a reader of my blog, you know that I have been writing about the numerology of this new year for nearly a month.  For me, a Gemini who gets bored easily, I’m already looking forward to writing about something else!  LOL

But spirit is not done with me on this subject, so I guess I’m not done.

However, this time, I am going to have us looking forward – far forward.

2011 is a four year. 2+0+1+1 = 4
2012 is a five year.
2013 is a six.

It’s a good time for us to be looking forward not just to 2012, but beyond.

Yesterday was 12.31.2010, which was a 10/1 day.  To me, we started the new cycle a day early.  Yesterday was not only a great day to start something, by being a 1, it was also a little magical (the zero with the one).

I got to experience a little of that magic in a reading I did for a friend.

Spirit had me start with numerology.  I thus calculated the Querent’s Life Path number (based on date of birth) and then started discussing what it meant to me. At the end of the reading, she asked me about the world in general and this is what I saw.


That’s how it came through.


In 2011, as a 4, we are laying a new foundation.  Have you ever seen that being done?

No matter what one is building, when laying a foundation, there is digging.  For a house, it might not be noticed. In Texas, where some houses are built on slabs, there is hardly any ground penetration, just a leveling off and then the pouring of cement.  But in places like the Northeast, there’s a bit more digging.

But picture this. If we’re going to build a skyscraper, what then?  Have you been downtown lately?

In my days working downtown, I’ve seen this.  I’ve seen the hole dug deep into the earth before any construction began.  The taller the building, the deeper the hole.

So this is what 2011 is about.  We are building a foundation, but as part of that, we are digging.  We are preparing the earth to support a lot more than just a single story house.  Yet metaphysically, within 4, we dig and pour, dig and pour.  As we dig, we unearth things; we reveal things.  As we see what was there that was not good, we are then able to replace it with something preferred.

So, as the year goes on, dig and pour.  Anytime something unliked is revealed, pour into it something preferred.  Metaphysical work is not like physical work. We don’t have to only dig, dig, dig and then pour, pour, pour.  We instead, dig and pour, dig and pour, dig and pour.

OK, now let’s look forward.  In 365 days, we’ll be beginning 2012, a five year.  Five is about change.  Better yet, five is about shifts. Hopefully, the shift will be evolutionary.  Of course, that all depends on what we pour this year.

So in 2011, we are to build a foundation that will support a whole new decade of evolutionary growth.  Then in 2012, we start shifting into it.  Of course, this is symbolic.  We don’t have to dig, pour, then shift in that linear fashion.  We’ve been shifting – individually and collectively.  It’s just that in 2012, shifting will be more the theme.

But what’s on the other side of that shift?  So many talk about 12.21.2012,but what’s the 22nd going to be like?

Well, 2013 is a 6 and six is all about harmony.  Six is a collective number.  Three is what we express out to the universe artistically, but six is what the universe gives us back.

Allow me a more individual example of what a 1…2…3…4…5…6… progression can look like.

1 – Take a woman who is an especially gifted mother. For me, a specific friend quickly comes to mind.

2 – Now, picture her with her 2-year-old boy.  They are relating; they are talking.  They are walking down the street and are about to pass an ice cream parlor.  The boy says, “Mommy, can I have an ice cream?” and the mom responds, “Not now dear.”

3 – And then the boy has a fit.  He doesn’t like that answer.  He wants ice cream and he wants it now.  Maybe this denial has triggered something else and as a 2-year-old boy, he knows nothing other than expression.  And so his frustration is expressed, in full force, right then and there, in that moment. “I WANT ICE CREAM NOW!”

The boy expresses, and then the mom does.  Yet she is an adult and is evolved. So, instead of reacting, she acts.  She uses this opportunity to express wisdom, caring, and love, and so she first quietly allows her son his expression, and then as it wanes, she explains to him why.  She doesn’t bargain with him, she just calmly and clearly explains that they are on the way to the doctor and that it is not an appropriate time to stop for ice cream.  And then she assures him that a time will come when it is appropriate and encourages him to look forward to it.

That was 2010.

4 – Through her expression, our mom here is laying down a foundation for her son.  She is teaching him the power of anticipation.  Yet she knows that his expression is healthy and natural, and thus she allows it to flow.  This one interaction is not necessarily the whole process.  This one conversation will not shift his behavior, but it does pour a little bit of foundation for his future.  And so, within the 4, she allows them to move through the repeating pattern of dig and pour.  It takes time to build a stable and supportive foundation, and she is dedicated to the task, joyfully.

That’s 2011.

5 – Soon, the boy learns.  He learns that “no” is not absolute, just temporary.  He learns that he can get what he wants – in time.  And as he learns, he feels less frustrated and is thus less explosive.  He’s growing up.  That’s the shift.  It didn’t happen in one day, but it happens a little bit every day.

6 – And then the time comes when a walk down the street – mother and son – is nothing but harmonious – at least the majority of the time.  His foundation was built well, and he has grown into a happy toddler.  And now, he gets to be the teacher.  He always was anyway.  He teaches mom how to laugh at silly little things that she would otherwise have overlooked.  And he teaches passers-by to notice joy when it walks on by.

We, on this day 1.1.11, have crossed into the 4, and so our path ahead is the 4…5…6…

Something to look forward to.

So when you see grown men acting like 2 year olds, you now know what to do. Let them have their fit. Let them get all of that anger and frustration out.  And then express your wisdom and light to them, laying a foundation down for a time when we’ll all live is a world with a lot less fully-grown 2 years olds at the helm.

And then we’ll all have a lot more peace…


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