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333 / 9

Today is 12.21.2010. (Or if you prefer: 21.12.2010.  As an engineer – I’ve always thought 2010.12.21 made the most sense because then our date would count up the way our number system does.) Anyway, no matter how you look at it, numerologically today is:

3.3.3  /  9

A friend of mine had a birthday on December 3rd.  This had me thinking because for him, he is having a 3.3.3 / 9 personal year (the numerology of his birthday for this year). This struck me as quite significant for him and I can already see how so in very practical terms.

Well, today, the day of a lunar eclipse, earlier this morning, and the Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere) later this evening, a 3.3.3 / 9, is a perfect day to mail your letters to Santa (a.k.a. The Universe).  The vibrations are perfect for singing your creative vibrations – shining your light forth within a day of significant darkness (longest night up north plus a full moon that passes through earth’s shadow).

It is via a passage through the dark that let’s us see our own light.  One day, we may actually glow, and if it were subtle enough, we would only see it in the dark.  Just think how neat that would be.  The power goes out and all of the city light is distinguished, and then we notice it.  We somehow see our family members walking towards us in the otherwise pitch black.

[In actuality, we already glow, our eyes are just not yet evolved enough to see the subtle light that we shine.  But we do have special devices that can!]

Well, today is that day, symbolically.  The light from the outside is at its least, and thus reminds us of the light on the inside.

Light festivals abound this time of year. Be it a Menorah, a Christmas tree, or any other display, we celebrate light in the middle of darkness.

3.3.3 / 9 is a day to create, create, and create some more to achieve completion and thus manifestation.  Remember, the physical acts, which we typically attribute to creation, are really expression.  That’s when the majority of the creation is complete (metaphysically) and we get to actually do, to express ourselves in the physical.

So, today, do not concern yourself with physical results for your future manifestations.  Just vibrationally sing and shine your wishes out.  Think of it as sending a message in a bottle, except the bottle is a beam of light.  Light, as fast as it is, still takes time to travel.  So attach all of your wishes to a beam of light and shine it out into the Universe, and then await that day when your wishes fulfilled come back, raining down on you like the summer sunlight.

The 3 of Cups highlights celebration.  The 3 of Wands is when we see evidence, which inspires appreciation (seeing what we already have in order to trust that the rest will come).  The 3 of Pentacles is a reminder that we do have the skills needed to be who we want to be and the 3 of Swords tells us to let go of those things that aren’t what we really want in order to uncover (unveil and reveal) those that we do want.

Dorothy clicked her heals together three times and stated her wish.  Click, click, click – that’s vibration in the form of sound cast out in to the universe imbued with a wish.

Say it, sing it, shine it – wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight!

Happy Creating, Happy Solstice, Happy Winter/Summer, Happy 3.3.3 / 9!


1 thought on “333 / 9”

  1. Hi David, I have been playing with the numbers for the dates for the last few days. 20, 21, 22. I noticed that they all are 0, 1 or 2. Like a trinary system. But I didn’t see that today is 333. That is lovely to see. It seems there is a lot of alignment showing up right about now. Thank you for sharing. I like the way you look at things. Blessings


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