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The Four-Year Term

Sometimes when I write, I have a clear message to convey. At other times, I start with an idea and let the message coalesce as I write.  Today’s post will be the latter.

Yet, before I begin, I thought I would convey my intention behind this blog.  As you know, I work with the Tarot and the Tarot is a collection of Archetypes.  These archetypes have provided significant insight into my own journeying.  So, at times, I write about my journey with the intention to assist, console, or simply entertain others within theirs.

At times, it is clear to me that what I am experiencing, in its most general way, is what others around me are also experiencing.  At other times, I am not sure.  In this case, this post may simply be about what I’m experiencing at this time.

And yet, there is an archetype within this that I am becoming aware of. Even if you’re not at the same place now, hopefully you’ll be able to relate to it remembering times when you have been or in the future when you will be.

So the topic for today is this: the four-year term.

2011 is a four year (2+0+1+1 = 4).  Yet, as an odd year, it is not at the boundary of any of the more typical four-year terms.  There will be no Olympic games next year, no World Cup, no US Presidential election. However, some will graduate High School, and others college.

For me, 2011 will mark four years living is Austin, Texas. In fact, I think I am feeling the completion of this four-year term early because four years ago late last month is when I decided to move here.  Once I had made the decision, the process began.

Now that I am nearing four years as an Austinite and Texan, I have come to realize that the majority of my pondering of the past is of here.  This had me formulating a theory.  I think our minds wander over four years of history readily, but much less so for times further back.  In other words, we think of our past four years often, but only remember further back when specifically stimulated to do so by a person, a song, a smell, etc.

So, for me, Austin is now home in a truer way than it has been.  I find that I truly am happy living here and do not want to live anywhere else.  While I knew there was a purpose to me moving here from the start, I now see that I also desire living here fully.  I am no longer split between what I left behind and what I gained.  I am simply here.

At the same time, I feel like the early part of 2011 will be filled with new beginnings for me.  It is the start of a new four-year term.  At one point last month, I distinctly had that mixed happy/sad feeling of one who is about to graduate.  At that time, I was more aware of the sadness (the four-year term ending), but now am more aware of the anticipation of the beginning of a new period.

A while back, I blogged about the Death card and how it is numerologically a 13/4. (Read The Grim Reaper.) In that blog, I realized that Death is a four because it is not really an ending.

And yet, in this blog, discussing the four-year term, I see that same archetype of transition/transformation.  Here I am, at the end of a four-year cycle, and at the same time beginning a new cycle.  We just can’t escape this archetype.  Endings ARE beginnings.  We can’t end something without starting something else and vise versa.

So, in these past few blogs, I’ve talked about the significance of the 11 within 2011.  I’ve talked about the 2 versus the 11/2.  I’ve talked about the journey from 2 to 11.  And now I’m seeing the 4, the transition out of one phase and into another.

As with everything that is presented to us, there is choice.  We can unconsciously react, or act consciously.  When we act consciously, we allow our knowledge, wisdom, and awareness to guide our attention and thus intention, and through these, choose our experience and ultimately create.

The end of a four-year term, which is the beginning of the next phase, is upon me and certainly others.  If nothing else, we are certainly at the end of a calendar year (well most of us) and the end of a season (at least those of us that are native earth dwellers).  So, one way or the other, the majority of us is at some transition or other.

In the numerology of the Tarot, gateways are highlighted by 9, 10, and 1.  Nine is the approach to the gateway but with focus on what is ending or completing, ten is standing in the gateway and seeing both sides, and one is when we’ve passed through and are decidedly looking forward.

The entire transition from one level to the next is the four.  What this means is that the relationship between the numbers is multileveled.  Each situation that can be represented by a number, can also be split into smaller pieces that are individually represented by other numbers.  That’s a level of complexity I hadn’t seen before – at least not to the same degree.

This must be why learning and evolving never ends (as they say).  We’re never done because even if we knew everything about everything, we are also creating and thus there is instantly more to learn in each passing moment.  That’s cool!

The Holiday Season is certainly a break from the normal course of our lives.  It may bring joy, and it may bring stress, but it certainly brings pause (also a four).  With pause comes an opportunity to see something a bit more easily than normal.

My new term has not yet started (in physical ways that I can clearly detect) and my existing four-year term has not fully ended (in time), and yet the transition is happening and I feel it.  I am feeling my way through this gateway and anticipating what is vibrationally closer than before.

This calendar week (Sunday to Saturday) contains the Winter Solstice, which brings the transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn, a lunar eclipse, and the festival of Christmas (for those who celebrate it).  Enjoy all of the departures of routine that these events bring.  Seize the pauses as you notice them and I wish for you all the growth of awareness that you desire.

In two weeks from today, we’ll be in a new sign, a new season, and a new year.  Who knows what else new is waiting for us!

Happy festivities everyone!


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