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The Expansion of Beauty

Three of Cups

In celebration of the Jupiter-Venus conjunction that is forming before our very eyes this month, I would like to take a moment to share with you beautiful examples of what this conjunction is all about.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He is optimistic and playful. Whatever he touches grows larger, and in less than a week, he’ll kiss Venus as she dances past him in the early evening sky.

Robin Wood - 3 of Cups

Venus, they say, sings of platonic love. I see her more as a romantic. In any event, all agree that she is beautiful. She is beauty personified. She is art. Venus is in one of her ruling signs – Taurus – and this is where her art is emphasized.

The combination of these two is nothing less than magical. And, being the two brightest stars in the sky, the sight is breathtaking.

In the Tarot, the Three of Cups is the card of celebration. Its image depicts three lovely ladies dancing, celebrating, toasting all that is wonderful in this life. Today, I am going to introduce to you living, breathing examples of these three beautiful ladies. I have the pleasure of knowing each and have witnessed their gifts in person.

In most decks, the three primary hair colors are all represented among the women. In fitting with the Perfection of the Universe, the three I have in mind do just the same.

Kiah Denson

First up is the youngest among them. This woman, fair of hair, is the most Venus-like. She is an artist in the most obvious way. She paints; she draws; she sketches. She produces art for hanging on walls, paints art directly on walls, and turns whole rooms into works of art.

And whatever has happened within her, it is as if Jupiter has blessed her talents by multiplying them, expanding them, and simply making them more than they were before. She is truly blossoming right before our very eyes! I have known Kiah Denson for years now, and still find my jaw dropping with each new piece that I see.

Take for example this one (shown right), which she recently posted on Facebook. The beauty is indescribable!

An interesting thing about Kiah:  she is as beautiful as the art she creates. So if you’ve never met her before, your jaw will drop first at the sight of her, and then at seeing her art!

To sample some of Kiah’s divine works, check out the following links to get started:

Next up is the woman in red and I am of course referring to her fiery, red hair. This woman may be the most petite among the three, but she carries the most spark. She is eloquent, both with the written word and the spoken. Her complete beauty requires eyes and ears, words and pictures… in motion. In fact, at this point in her career, we can see her in motion. She’s expanding from blogging the old fashioned way (typing) to the big 17” screen (video). It is only a matter of time before her name becomes as well known as San Francisco.

Tolly Moseley

Tolly Moseley packs a lot of personality (and personability) into a beautifully soft shell. Her eyes glisten, her smile is bright and beaming. Her topic of choice? Austin and all that make it interesting. Her blog is called Austin Eavesdropper and can be found here:

Be sure to get over there ASAP because she’s on the verge of launching a new version, which I’m guessing will be at a different address. In fact, if you jump over there today, you can see her latest video: an interview where she and her guest discuss the top ten things to do in Austin –  just in time for SXSW when this little fish called Austin becomes the center of attention in a much bigger pond.

In fact – get this – history in the making and hot off the presses… Tolly has just released her new site. Find it here:

And for the fun and ease of it – I have embedded her video here for y’all to see:

Top Ten Things to Do in Austin from Austin Eavesdropper on Vimeo.

Last up is a woman who’s talents have not only brightened my days, but healed my heart and body. As with the other two, I first met her in Austin, but sadly she no longer calls this her home. [Those of you in bay area of California are the lucky ones! She now lives in Marin County.] However, she is coming for a visit and in a little bit, I’ll tell you of her itinerary. Just like the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, she won’t be here for long, so you’ll have to be sure to tell Siri (or your Android phone counterpart) to remind you of her events.

Susan Renaud

Susan Renaud is a gifted healer like you don’t encounter often – even in my world. She is what is called a Medical Intuitive. She can see into the body, both energetically, and… well… literally. Maybe not literally, but seemingly so.

Fortunate for me, Susan has never seen physical issues in this aging body of mine. She has seen emotions, stored and stuck and itching to get out. Thanks to her work, they have found their way to and through the surface. She’s eliminated pain and eliminated stagnation within me.

Susan is not just a healer, she is also a teacher. And, for about a week in April, she’s here to do both. It is my pleasure to be able to host her for some of that time.

Rather than repeat her efforts, I am going to list her events here:

  • 4/9/12 – Conversations with a Medical Intuitive
  • 4/11/12 – Past and Future Lives
  • 4/14/12 – Healer Marketing Workshop
  • 4/15/12 –  Working with a Spiritual Teacher

And then direct you to her calendar where you can find all of the details here:

You can also find her on Facebook:

And she too literally just created that page! Boy, this post is more timely than I thought when I started it! I guess spirit is working overtime today to get the messages out…

The first and third of Susan’s events are at the Tree of Life Sanctuary further South in Austin and the second and fourth are right here in South Congress/Travis Heights. She’ll also have full use of my healing room on Sunday, April, 15th, so be sure to sign up for a session while there’s still availability. [She has additional availability besides 4/15. Contact her for information.]

Whichever art and energy best appeals to you, seek out one or all of these talented angels. You won’t regret it. Take home art for your walls, healing for your body, or inspiration for your Austin adventures. And keep going back because these three are just getting started within their respective successes.

And when you see them, give them a Big Texas Hug for me! I love these ladies!


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