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Here in Austin, TX, it is a cold and rainy day. What better day to sit inside and read? As such, I have decided to share another excerpt from The One who Wrote for the Gods. It is from chapter 2 (2 – Two – II) and about the number two.

I hope you enjoy it!


I am Ares.

And I am Eros.

We are two within one.

We are two within The One.

In Greece, I am known as the God of War.

And I am known as the God of Love.

We are thought of as father and son.

And yet we are merely two sides of the same coin.

Two is a simple number, yet rich with diversity. Half of all whole numbers are divisible by two.

Those that are, are even.

Those that are not, are odd.

Two, more than any other number, has been embedded into the minds and hence words of man: two of a kind, a pair, a couple, a duo, a duet, a duel. Much of duality has been created in twos. You have day and night, light and dark, male and female, yang and yin. Hot and cold, good and bad, on the one hand this and on the other hand that. When man views the world, he first sees in black and white. We, of course mean this metaphorically. Duality is a classroom with the greatest potential in learning!

There is a saying that goes, “All is fair in love and war”.

And thus you have Eros and Ares.

And yet love and war are not true opposites. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is fear, for all things not of love stem from fear. Fear is the root of hate, war, so called evil, and darkness. When you learn of a man’s fears, you will understand his motivations.

But let’s not speak of extremes; let’s speak of archetypes. On the one hand, there is partnership, and on the other hand opposition. These are the basic meanings of two. At first glance, partnership and opposition appear to be antonyms, but metaphysically they are not. Remember from your earlier teachings that to know your intention, look to your attention. Whether you be for something or against it matters not, it is your focus on it that binds you. When you fight against something, your fixation on it makes it seem real. The more you push on it, the more solid it becomes. You cannot create peace through war or compliance through coercion. It may appear that way for a while, but the waves of aggression you send out will always return and the very things you seek to defeat will grow ever stronger.

You can only battle your fears for so long, at times gaining the upper hand and other times at the mercy of them. To truly rid yourself, you must accept them, walk through them, let them go, and then focus on them nevermore.

Pro and con are more alike than different. Both sides come from the same place. Enemies are not opposites, but expressions of same. They each believe their view is right. They each believe the other’s is wrong. In war, their belief is so strong, they are willing to fight – and willing to die. They may fight over gods or religions, lands or resources. They may fight over culture or mores, but each desires the same outcome and yet fails to see this correlation. They are reflections of one ideal resonating in opposition.

Two contains within it balance and tension, cooperation and conflict. Win-lose is of the two, but so is win-win. The choice is yours, for choice is also of the two.

For a moment, let us speak of gender. Men and women are often viewed as opposites, but I ask you, are they really that different? Do they not both have two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, two hands, and two feet? Do they not desire love, and abhor fear? Do they not strive for the strength to overcome weakness?

Yes, men and women are different in physical ways. Most are even different in emotional ways. Each gender has its strengths, its assets, and also its challenges. Each comes from a slightly different perspective; some of this is innate, and some of it learned.

There is a saying that ‘opposites attract’ and yet it is both through apparent differences and similarities that bonds are formed. In this universe that you find yourself in, there is only a Law of Attraction, not one of repulsion. You can only draw to you. You are connected to all else through strings and thus cannot push anything away. And yet what you specifically do not pull toward you will drift off naturally. By diverting your focus, you can heal all ills and all ails.

The number one represents a state of being, two a situation. You are an individual and you are living inside of duality. The two is everything around you, everything outside of you.

And this leads us to the description of the next realm of density. Second density is the domain of plants and animals. Matter, having gained awareness, advanced. Plants and animals – down to single celled organisms – are born with awareness, but must now strive toward self-awareness. Each seeks to know its self! Duality is created for this purpose. To best know one’s self, is to continually compare self with other, what is I and what is not I. You can see this expressed from one extreme to the other. Plants, toward the one end, are not as clearly delineated or separated from their surroundings. They cannot, generally speaking, exist outside of the soil. They are melded to their environment, and for the most part, cannot move freely.

Animals represent further development within Second density. They do move freely. They do exhibit observable choice. They must forever discern whether another is prey or predator, friend or foe, foodstuff or fatal, life sustaining or life abating. They graduated from the density of existence. They still exist, but now must act to survive. But the work of survival serves them. By observing what surrounds them and learning how that which is outside of them affects that which is inside of them, they come to know who they are. They have not yet formed personalities or identities. They do not call themselves by names or categorizations. They operate primarily through instinct, at least until they learn another way.

And this brings us to what would be considered your second chakra. The Sacral Chakra links you to Second density. It is your center of instinct. It is the part of you that desires at all cost to be alive. Your first chakra keeps you physical; your second keeps you alive. Your first chakra is concerned with your atoms, with your physics; your second chakra is concerned with your cells, with your biology.

In Sacred Geometry, there are two shapes to consider for the number two. On the one hand there is the line and the other hand the circle. A line is constructed from the connecting of two points. This is the love aspect of two: connection, communication, bond, and partnership. When two points are joined, an infinite number of points exist between them. The line represents choice and thus direction.

The line is drawn by Eros.

But is also the symbol of Ares. The sword is in the shape of a line.

And so is the phallus.

The pure potential of the one has now been directed into function. Whatever may be the motivation, energy is now thrust forward – in love, in war, in purpose.

The second symbol of two, the circle, is also line, a curved line that is drawn around a center point. All parts of the circle are equidistant from the center. It can be said that the line is a symbol of male, and the circle female.

Birth and death are forever linked by the two. One marks the beginning of biological life, the other the end. For birth to occur, a line must be joined with a circle. The sperm, the male gamete, which resembles a line, must penetrate and merge with the egg, the female gamete, which resembles a circle. Together they form a zygote, the two that come together to form one.

Death can be created in an analogous process. The sword, a line, pierces and penetrates the heart, a circle. In this case, the force is destructive rather than constructive. Force is a vector; it has strength and direction, and is thus another aspect of two.

What is not known in your duality, or at least not widely understood, is that birth and death are the same. When you are born to one reality, you die in the other. Birth and death are illusions – the one creating the other – inseparable and forever connected.

In the Roman number system, two is written as II. Be they lovers, twins, allies, or enemies, two is forever constructed from one and one.

You are the center of your own universe, the point at the center of a circle. However, from all other points, you are other. And this is the basis of the Perfection of the Universe! You are here to live your purpose, to create your own reality and then experience it, and yet, what you create is also part of another’s reality. What you do influences all around you. You are the expression of self, yet the experience of others.

You are the creator of your own reality and thus, when you enter into relationship with another, you are the sole creator of your experience of them, just as they are the sole creator of their experience of you! To be happy in relationship is solely up to you. It is how you choose to experience the other, not what they choose to do, that holds all of the power. When you decide anything about another, you are merely judging what you see based on your own experiences. You see as much with your beliefs as you do with your eyes. You cannot know the sum total of what went into another’s choosing and thus an observation is nothing more than that. It is an estimation, an approximation; it is constructed from a finite perspective and is thus incomplete.

For now, we break. We shall split the discourse of two into… two. Ha! Before commencing with the second half, we request from you a task. We have taught you the ways of manifestation. We have told you that the Journey of the Fool is always from where you are to where you want to be. So where do you want to be?

Ponder your preferences, discern your desires, write down your wishes. For our next communication, we will discuss a course of action for you to consider so that you can consciously create what you choose. When you are satisfied with your selection, sit and you will be joined in light, in love, in union.


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