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Dreams vs Dreams

[This is part 2 of 3 – so far…]

The word dream has two basic meanings. There are the often odd visuals we have while we’re sleeping, and the hopes and wishes we desire for our waking life. Well last night, a sleeping dream about the other kind gave me a profound message.

In Shifting Gears and Rounding Corners, I spoke of Venus transitioning into the sign of Gemini. That happens today. I also spoke of her arguments. That is also already happening. What I didn’t get around to last time, was creating a diagram of the aspects I was writing about. So here is one that illustrates what we have going on as of the writing of this post. Notice that I show Venus in Taurus, though by the time you read this, Venus will likely be in Gemini.

April 3, 2012 T-Square

What you see here is called a T-Square. Neptune opposes the Moon and Mars, and Venus splits the difference. The square between Venus and the Moon is the one that is (was) exact today. The other two are forth coming. And as I said last time, the opposition between Neptune and Mars will not reach exact, but will get very close.

So Neptune is about our dreams, primarily the sleeping kind. Mars is about our desires, our passions, and our motivations. So Mars can be said to be more about the other kind.

The Moon is our emotions, how we express what we feel, how we love. Venus often represents what we love. Note that there is a difference between those things we love and those things we desire. [Your homework assignment today is to contemplate that sentence!]

So today, the Moon conjuncts Mars while they both oppose Neptune – sleep dreams versus the dreams we hope for – those things we love mixed with those things we desire.

How appropriate that Venus enters Gemini – the twins – while playing with the others. She’s tied to both sides of the tug of war. And in Gemini, she’ll get to play both sides against the middle. For me, she already has.

Now let me share with you the dream I had last night. In this dream, I was getting ready to take stage. It was one of my first inspirational talks to a large audience. Thus I literally had a dream about my dream. Before walking out on stage, my partner introduced me. There’s another aspect of my dream. In that introduction, he gave his first and second impressions of me, both from the day we met, and boy was that nice to hear!

Shortly after, I started talking, and interestingly enough, about the past me, the me I am today. So in my dream about my dream, the future me is talking about the journey to him from me, to there from here. Could this get any better?

YES! It did get better, for in that talk, the future me gave the present me a message! This is basically what he said:

So today, I stand here on this stage thinking about the man I used to be who longed for this very experience. That past version of me had a message he wanted to give to the world, but he couldn’t figure out how to do it. He had his small audience, but that wasn’t enough, for he also had a dream of it being so much bigger.

But the primary reason that David couldn’t take this stage, is because he was trying to create perfection. One who sets out to create perfection fails – in two ways. First, he fails to see that perfection already is, always is, and never is not. Second, no matter what he creates, it never matches up to the next version of him. In looking back on anything he did, he always sees flaws, in other words, ways to make it better.

The difference between that David and me, is that I now see more clearly that my role is not to create perfection, but merely to see the perfection that is. The Perfection that is cannot be improved. But my ability to see it can! And thus, when I set out to help others see the perfection that is (rather than try and create perfection), that’s when I rounded the corner. That’s when my dream to be here on this stage, started to become a reality.

Our job is never to improve the Universe. We can’t improve on perfection. All we can do is make it more what we love and desire. This is not an improvement (from the perspective of the Universe) because perfection is and always will be. Our desires manifest vibrationally instantly, so turning them into the physical is not an improvement in the absolute, merely an improvement in the relative.

When Venus is conjunct the moon, our emotions follow our beholding of beauty. Beauty is. Beauty always is. This doesn’t mean that everything is beautiful, it just means that there is always something beautiful to look at. At Venus conjunct the Moon, we look at beauty, and then emote.

Today, the Moon is conjunct Mars. We’re not looking at the beauty that is, we’re pining after the evasive dream; evasive because Neptune and Mars are opposed; evasive because Mars is in reverse and slowing to a stop; evasive because even Venus is in conflict with them.

But Venus also holds the key. In oppositions, we see only the either/or. However, T-Squares offer advice found in the middle. When our dreams and our ability to take action toward them are not meshing, look to the beauty that is – here and now. By seeing the perfection that is, we must conclude that our dream is not evasive, but rather en route. Our purpose is not merely to have the dream, but to walk the journey to and through the dream.


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