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Regression… Reunion… Presence

Picture the scene: It is Wednesday morning – early. I am up and mentally going over the list of things I need to do. My sister is due to arrive at 11:00 am. Then Susan Renaud is leading a three-part regression out of my house. I did pretty much all the cleaning I needed to do. Just maybe some re-arranging is left, but there is plenty of that.

AND – I volunteered to cook – for my brother who will be coming straight from work, for my sister who’s visiting, and for Susan whose schedule has been packed to the gills. I had done a market run the day before, but forgot something. Hmm, when best to swing by the store today?

Then the phone rings. My sister’s flight was canceled. Oh no! AND, she’s now due to arrive at 6! Shoot, that’s just the wrong time. I’ll be feeding Susan by then and welcoming guests into the house right after. <sigh> My stress levels rise and my mind races. What am I going to do?

So I push stuff around in the house as it is too early to do anything else. Then the phone rings again. This time, someone is RSVPing to the event. She says, “I RSVPed on Facebook…” and my mind goes blank. OMG, I forgot to check Facebook!  I had already thought we had a full house before then. So I look at the Facebook event list and think, It’s gonna be really full now.

Then the phone rang again… and again. Another wants to join, then another pair. When it got to the point where I started turning people away, I was met with sad voices and disappointment. I gotta make it work. So in a panic, I start clearing the dining room. If I can find a place for this table… Ultimately, the dining room and living room are cleared of all unnecessary furniture. At this point, I’m thinking we can squeeze 15. I can always sit in the kitchen or even just lie on the bed and listen from the other room.

And I’m still trying to figure out how best to get my sister here from the airport.

As it turns out, 16 people showed – not counting Susan and I!

And then the show begins. Funny thing is – my sister and Susan show up together. They had both grabbed some food at my best friend’s house across the way. So a family reunion commences right in the middle of the crowd. But you know what? That was very apropos. That’s what regression is all about, after all! Be it a past life, a visit with your guide(s), or a future life, you’re reunited with family in the truest sense!

Regression exercises are intriguing, but risky. Susan explains to us the process, then guides us in. She holds space for us, and makes it safe. But we are the ones that see… or don’t see. We’re the ones that have to reach. We have to let go of limiting beliefs and stretch our awareness. We have to trust that what we’re seeing has value and meaning. And, of course, there’s that annoying inner voice that says, I’m not going to see. I never see anything.

It might surprise you to know that that was my voice too. Even after the first regression, and the second, I still doubted I would see anything in the third. And yet, I did see. I did see a past life. I did visit with my guide. And I did see a future existence. And the messages were huge!

Interestingly, I wasn’t told very much. I was shown. I was imbued with energy and experience. I was left to figure out what it all meant. In the last regression, the future life, I did hear a word repeated over and over again: presence.

Right now as I share this with you, I am remembering the night before last. I was on the phone with one of my oldest and bestest friends. She called to share an amazing experience she had with a medium/psychic. At one point, she was given a message and it was this: “You are Michele and you are here.” But she didn’t understand what it meant and asked me about it. When I tuned it, I felt so much meaning, so much energy, but not something easily described.

It was basically the same as my one word message: presence.

You are you, and you are here. You have existence. You have purpose. You are in this location and time and it is your right to be here. It is also your rite. If there are doubts as to who you are, why you are, or what it all means – dispel them. Your presence is all that matters. Your presence is what heals. Your presence is your purpose. Your presence is your gift to others. Actions are insignificant in comparison.

Susan is presenting one more event while she is here in Austin – Sunday afternoon from 3:00-5:00. [Visit my Events page for details.] At this time, I am not sure she has any openings for private sessions, but if she does, it’s maybe one slot on Sunday.

I put my living room back together, but I can pull it apart again. Do let me know if you wish to attend.

In the mean time, today is my brother’s birthday and a special one at that, so the next two days are all about celebrating him, and our presence together.

Love and blessing to all!


1 thought on “Regression… Reunion… Presence”

  1. Last night was an new, but amazing & interesting experience for me! Left me with so much to thing & want to experience & know more about!! Thank you & Susan for allowing me to be part of this new journey……& so Good to see you & Vinney…& meet your Sister, even tho I feel like I already knew her , need to see up our next time to meet ❤


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