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There’s a couple of spots left for tonight’s class. Being that I’ve been preparing, I would like to share a sample of what we’ll be discussing:

General Astrology:

  • The role of Planets, Signs, & Houses in a chart.
  • The Elemental Gifts (Earth, Air, Water, Fire).
  • The Cardinal Gifts (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable).

Specific to you:

  • Identifying the four most significant aspects of your natal chart.
  • Uncovering a high level view of your purpose from the above

In future classes, we’ll focus on specifics like:

  • Interpreting recent, current, or upcoming transits
  • Tracking your soul’s Journey
  • Understanding the role of your internal
    • father
    • child
    • female
    • male

It’s not too late to make tonight’s class, but regardless, there will be another class next week! See my Events page for details.


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