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Last night was the first in the series of chart reading classes. From my perspective, it was amazing! The whole experience was the best yet in my class-teaching career.

Keep this in mind: everyone is welcome to attend at any time. Astrology is a complex study. We touched on a lot last night, and will go over all of it again. Each week, we’ll spend time focused on a particular aspect and yet still be taking in the big picture.

For me personally, the class was extra-special for two reasons. For one, I was a little surprised by the insights that flowed in during class. I had briefly studied everyone’s chart beforehand, yet still found new information flowing in as class went on. Most often, it was sparked by someone’s observation of their own chart. They would state something they noticed, or ask a specific question, and that directed my intuitive eye toward the insight. That is exactly what I hoped for in creating this class and I look forward to more of the same! I hope the insights were valuable to the people receiving them.

Now the second reason is something one would never expect from a class this size. Nine people attended, not counting myself. Statistically, with a group this size, we should have had little overlap, being that there are 12 signs and 12 houses. Yet many characteristics came in groups. We had 3 Pisces, 2 Scorpio, 2 Sagittarius, and 1 Capricorn so we were heavy on the latter half of the Zodiac. And in total, we had 6 water signs! Wow!

Within my preparations, I had chosen a specific aspect (at random) from one person’s chart to illustrate a point. I really didn’t think about it much, simply chose it because it seemed to be an easy and obvious example. However, by the end of class, I discovered that nearly half of the attendees had that very same aspect! (Sun in the 6th house.) That’s cool!

But the most special occurrence that any Astrologer could hope for, was this: two of the attendees in the class were born on the very same day! And, at this point in my career, I have two such cases to study! And in both, I’ve gotten to know the individuals before looking at their charts.

Knowing a little about Astrology, one might expect two people born on the same day to be similar in personality and have similar lots in life. That’s because all of the planets are in very nearly the same degree of the same signs between the two people. Yet, in both cases I’ve now studied, that’s not the case… at all. In fact, in one of my two examples, some aspects of life are exactly opposite one person to the next. And to see how it plays out in a chart is fascinating.

At fast glance, the two charts look identical. The one obvious difference is rotation. Because the time and place of birth are different, the whole zodiac gets rotated before the houses are drawn. You wouldn’t think this to be significant, but it is! The context created by the house system changes everything!

Studying the concepts of Astrology is intriguing because it is vast, complex, and with lots of nuance. But to study a person’s chart, and to see the relationship between the symbols and the real person? There is nothing like it!

For those of you who do not live in Austin, or cannot make Tuesday nights, fret not. I’m working on a way of expanding my reach. I’m not yet sure which way I’ll choose, but I’m exploring ways to get this material into the hands of those that wish for it. We’ll see what comes.

Not everyone from last night will be attending next week, so there is room for others. Do let me know if you wish to attend next Tuesday.


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  1. I think I see a web-based version of the class coming for those who aren’t in Austin (e.g. LiveMeeting or Interwise)! 🙂


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