Last week, I was having a casual conversation with a young Aries man who has Scorpio on the ascendant. He described himself as “very impatient” (no kidding!) and asked for some advice. I tuned in for a moment, then said, “Channel your energy”. Hours later, I was still conversing with him in my head. It was like I tapped into some stream of information and it kept coming.

The funny thing about the suggestion to channel one’s energy is that it is unnecessary. We are always channeling our energy whether we are aware of it or not. It is like telling someone to “create their own reality”. Sorry, there’s no way not to.

The point of the statement was more to direct his attention. By telling him to channel his energy, hopefully he’ll think about that when he’s feeling specifically energetic. Then he’ll more consciously choose how to direct his energy. That’s the creative part.

Time passes. We have no control over it (at least not yet). So the best we can do is choose how to pass the time.

And, as forewarned by astrology, energy is showered upon us; best we can do is choose what to do with it.

So, today, I suspect that a lot of us are going to feel like Ares (the god of War) or like a young man with Sun in Aries and Scorpio Rising. That’s because today (starting at 3:30 pm CDT) Mars squares off with Pluto exact. Even if that were the only source of energy, it would be enough to make us all feel very impatient. But this square is only one of many and part of a Grand Cross.

In fact, do you feel it? I do and have been walking around as if on hot coals. I can’t sit still. I feel a strong urge to do something with my life. I feel fed up with the same ole same ole that’s not working. I’m ready to kick some butt. And, sad but true, it’s a rather frustrated state since I’m not exactly loaded with productive things to do.

Alas, the day is just beginning, so there’s time to put this energy to good use. And, being that I’m not a young Aries man with Scorpio Rising, I must take care to not burn myself out (or hurt myself). So, for now, I must breathe through it. I probably should have skipped the morning coffee, but too late for that.

Channel your energy, direct your chi, breathe in, hold for a second, and breath out. Take it one second at a time. This bolt of energy will not last forever, so enjoy the ride!


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