Content as a Lion

So how is everyone feeling today? Are you counting the days ‘til your August vacation?

Imagine what it’s like to have a personal assistant (assuming you don’t actually have a personal assistant). Let’s say as part of your work, you have plans to tour the east coast next month. Well, with a personal assistant, you could send them on ahead of you to scope things out and ready the road, so to speak.

Well, our dear Sun has just such a companion. Mercury, from our perspective, whips around the sun back and forth. He races ahead of the Sun checking things out, and then races back to report in. After that he trails behind to make sure everything was completed as it should have been and then catches back up. Right now, Mercury is retracing his steps in the first third of Leo heading back toward the Sun.

The interesting thing is that this first third of Leo is ripe with interaction. All of the major players from last week’s perfect storm are involved, but unlike the last few weeks, these connections are much easier and harmonious at least half the time.

So what might this be like? Well, it depends. What were your last few weeks like?

If the eye of the storm passed directly over you, and you or someone around you snapped, then it’s cleanup time. Mercury will inspect the damage done and provide a list for you. Then, as the Sun walks forward, you can begin your plans for the rebuild – making things better, faster, and stronger.

If your last few weeks were tense, but not catastrophic, then maybe you shook off some Karma and tension, and now (or soon) will feel lighter and ready for climbing. That’s how I feel. In this case, Mercury is checking his notes and will soon give his best recommendation for proceeding forward. Based on all of the fears that came up over the past few weeks, you should be in a position to absorb the information and then know better what to do, even if it’s only the very next step.

As of 5:00 am CDT today, the Sun has moved into Leo and all of the serious emotion we’ve been fighting with the past month is letting up for a bit. It’s not that Leo is emotionless or a goof off, but the Lion does love his rest and relaxation. That means that while we are preparing to move forward, there is no better way to do this than on the beach somewhere. While Mercury is still going backward (through August 8th), our forward efforts will not be super productive anyway, so best to lick our chops, roll onto our backs, and soak up some sun – maybe even stretch our muscles with a guttural purr while we’re at it.

So, what about after that? What’s approaching?

I hinted at this before, but what we have coming up is the conjunction between Saturn and Mars in Libra, which is exact on August 15, 2012, but in play from July 27th through September 1st. This happens every two years, so it’s not a rarity. In fact, it last occurred on July 31, 2010, when Mars passed by Saturn at 0 degrees Libra. I suspect that Mars and Saturn laid foundation in 2010 for what they wish to complete this summer. And, as personal planets, it’s going to be different for each person.

But let’s think about this archetypally, and the people who should be paying the most attention are those born in one of these years: 1939, 1945, 1953, 1961, 1968, 1976, 1982, & 1990 (+/- a bit). These people are having (or recently had) Saturn-Saturn transits.

Saturn-Saturn transits are like days at work when the big boss is around. He examines your desk, inspects the way you’re dressed, and eyes the stack in your inbox. He might even leaf through your outbox to spot check your work. When he’s not doing that, he’s parked in your boss’s office going over your review. Even if you’ve been a good boy or girl, you’re tense cause you just don’t know if he’ll find something to criticize or not.

Now, if you were born in one of those years, and you’re lucky, you might already be past the majority of your Saturn-Saturn transit by the time Mars arrives. In this case, Mars’ active energy could help you move forward with the criticism that has already come up. That’s where I am. Born in 1968, I am finishing up my Saturn opposite Saturn transit. I’m pretty sure all the scathing reports are now in.  No more reviews for 7 years! But I still need to more fully address the feedback. As part of the testing, I was pushed to respond time and again. Let’s put it this way: during the peak of my transit, I was backed into corners and forced to get myself out of them. That’s Saturn opposite Saturn. Now, with Mars on the scene, I suspect it’ll be more about initiating long-term courses of action, rather than simply sparking reactions.

However, if you are in the peak of your transit, or maybe just starting it, Mars’ influence could be part of the test. For you, instead of simply being backed into a corner, you might be given an épée, or worst yet, a sword. You lucky ones might have a more formidable opponent preparing you for the next color belt in your martial arts training.

Be it as it may, Mars will conjunct Saturn, not square it, so the energy he provides will be helpful. Saturn may be boss, but he does want us to succeed. AND, he rewards those of us who do!

So, for those born in one of the key years listed above, the conjunction will have stronger purpose in your life. For the rest, it might simply be to take a bit more action, possibly with words, and likely in the context of relationship. For the last two years, Saturn has been working with all of us on our individual responsibility within relationship, not just our partners, but everyone.

Let’s think of it this way. If this year we’re supposed to be ascending to the next level (even if it’s a baby step), then one part of that is a better understanding of our role in every relationship that we have. Doormats, bullies, abusers, cheaters, liars, opportunists, whiners who don’t take action, etc. are all being called to open our eyes and be more appropriately responsible. That means, we take responsibility for our side, and do NOT take responsibility for the other’s.

Saturn is exalt in Libra because he really likes when we take appropriate responsibility in relationship. Action oriented Mars likes cardinal energy (Aries for example), but is detriment in Libra, probably because too much aggression in relationship is as bad as not taking responsibility at all. So the two are going to be working together for the rest of summer (more or less) to help us mature in some way – if needed.

And, one interesting feature of this conjunction is that it takes place in a part of the sky that makes it easy to see with the naked eye. I’ll provide more information on that later.

So, for now, take pleasure in the Leo energy.

Enjoy your time in the sun. Rest up, recover, and rejuvenate your energy. The journey is not over, but it is a good time to sit back a little.


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