At the Mercy of Life

OK, I’m going to say it. Sometimes, I really hate Astrology. It’s like when a friend that’s ten years older says to you, “I told you not to go that way. See. That’s exactly what I said would happen.”

You’re response is likely to be, “What? When did you say that?” but in any case, you’re annoyed.

Another metaphor is this. You’re driving down the road, cruising along at 65 mph, when you see a sign:

Hmm. I wonder what that means, you think to yourself.

Then, after encountering rough roads and two flat tires, you look back and see the sign posted for those traveling in the other direction:

That’s me, right here, right now. I didn’t know Astrology back when. I either never saw the sign or it was written in Greek. In either case, I didn’t take the detour and landed smack dab in the ditch. Now I’m sitting here with two flat tires waiting for a tow truck – and it’s going to cost me.

So, what specifically am I talking about? Well, it went something like this. I recently read up on a particular astrological configuration that’s imminent. In the article, it discussed how the aspect is specifically challenging to those who have it in their natal chart. I related so strongly, I had to look at my own chart. Turns out I don’t have it in my natal chart, but it has been active in my progressed chart for most of my life (since 1984 and until the end of next year).

On the one hand, it amazes me that the description matches so closely to my experience. In looking back, I see how other aspects in my progressed chart supported me falling into this particular ditch and getting stuck here. In fact, it seems to pull so strongly in that one direction, I doubt I could have followed the detour sign if it smacked me in the face!

So, yes, I hate Astrology at times like this because I hate feeling like life is fated – at least when the fated experience is unpleasant. We all like fate when it pulls in our favor, but then curse it when it strikes us down.

However, I also have to admit that the information is useful. In this present moment when my own healing process is so lit up by discomfort, it is nice to know how I got here. There are signs along the way, and the fact that I stumbled upon that article is one of them. When I asked the cards to explain my relationship to this current predicament, it basically said this:

You made a wish with strong intention, and this road was the quickest way to get from where you were to where you want to be. Yes, it was quite unpleasant, but trust and stay present and you’ll get there.

Sometimes, when you set out to be a teacher by example, you become the one who says, “Don’t do what I just did. It wasn’t fun.” Another expression that makes me chuckle within my own pain is this one: “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”

I didn’t want what I got recently, but I just might get what I’ve desired for a long time, so I am going to trust in the process and keep going. But I am going to pay attention to the signs just a bit more than I used to.


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