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Enchanted with Grandeur

On the morning of October 28, 2012, while many were enchanted with the formidable display swirling off of the East Coast, Venus ingressed one of the two signs that she rules: Libra. Fittingly, later that afternoon, she made an inconjuct aspect to Neptune, ruler of Pisces (where he is presently sitting) and ruler of the seas.

Many of you have seen me write words like love, art, beauty, and creativity when discussing Venus, but another word that comes to mind is enchantment. When we are filled with Venus energy, we are enchanted with something that catches our attention. On 10/28/2012, some were enchanted with the seas, only to experience its wrath the very next day. While looking through photos online, I saw a set where a young man was happily surfing the huge waves Sandy brought only to be reprimanded later by the authorities for putting himself in danger.

Venus in early Libra (November 2012)

Venus whips around the Zodiac quickly. That means she meets with every planet frequently and at varying angles. Her conversations with Neptune alone are many and diverse. Each speaks of many subjects, so together, there’s lots of stories to  weave. This time, I think Venus sat back in awe. In some ways, she was a co-conspirator since in Libra, she rules the air (Libra being an air sign).

As apropos as it may be, midday tomorrow, November 1, 2012, Venus will make her next inconjuct aspect, this time to Chiron. In this state, she will be enchanted with healing. The cleanup has already begun in many places even while the storm still messes with others. This time, Venus will be taking an even more active role. Chiron in Pisces is empathy. Venus in Libra is good will toward others. So now that she has shaken loose her eyes from the storm, she can assess how and what to do. Empathy is not the easiest place from which to help others. Sometimes it’ll be too much, but other times it’ll be ok. That’s the nature of an inconjuct aspect.

Hours later, right around dinner time, Venus will oppose Uranus. In the Libra chart shown above, Uranus in the 7th house plays the role of her lover. In Aries, he’s fiery, aggressive, anxious, and maybe a little angry. I would not be surprise if many affected by the storm feel just that way. So some of us will play Uranus and some Venus. Remember that a purpose of life is to present us with experience. We love to love, we love to care, we also love to be loved and to receive care. In times like this, there are shoes to fill, so pick your role and then experience what life presents you.

Again, using the Libra horoscope chart, we see that Venus is moving through the 1st house. That means that she gets to experience herself through her interactions with others. What she chooses to be enchanted with, who she chooses to care for, and what she does defines who she is in her own mind. Libras may feel her energy the strongest right now, but she is shining her light for all to see and we are not immune.

Next up, on Saturday November 3, 2012, Venus with make a square to Pluto and be enchanted with power. Whether you love one candidate or hate the other, you will easily find yourself enchanted with all of the emotions flowing through you if you pay attention to the politics. Every time I dip my toe into the fire, I find steam flowing out of my ears. I keep biting my tongue because I do not choose to identify myself politically. That is not the role I have set out for myself. So while I am communicating (a Libra action), I try to stay grounded in my self-identity (1st house). [Another thought occurs to me. Maybe your enchantment with power will be enchantment with electricity. Many are without it right now, and there is no better way to appreciate it than to not have it for a bit. Let’s hope that most of you are plugged in by Saturday the latest!]

For Libra (Libra Rising and Progressed Libra), Pluto rests in the fourth house – a relatively beneficent place for it to be. Pluto likes to drag us to the underworld in order to transform us, but the 4th house is already at the bottom of the chart. This is the house of foundational work and the domestic. It is a good, safe, comfortable place to work on our innermost crevices. If you do get worked up over the weekend, find a safe place in which to express it. Grab your partner and spew off to him (since he may have spewed off to you once already by then).

Better yet, find a fraternal friend. Mercury in Sagittarius will still be nearly sextile and will thus be a perfect sounding board. Girls, find your best gay male friend and bend his ear with all that you’ve been thinking about that’s got you warm around the collar. That archetypal relationship is precisely a Venus-Mercury pairing – and it serves a purpose for both sides.

As if that were enough for Venus to accomplish in a short time, she’ll be back at it the start of the following weekend. On Friday, November 9, 2012, Venus will trine Jupiter in Gemini. That will feel similar to the meeting with Mercury, but in a bigger way. Maybe the story will be bigger. Maybe she’ll gather a few of her friends to vent with. Or maybe she’ll just be in the mood to have a party and invite everyone. Whatever it will be, it ought to be enlightening because in the Libra chart, Jupiter will be in the 9th house – the house he prefers – and the house of philosophy and international travel. Of course, it is also the house of religious ideals, so there is a chance for some spark in the conversation if you so choose.

The time period reflected here takes us through other hot topics, but I’ll save them for another post. For now, stay mindful of anything that catches your attention to the extent of enchantment. Enchantment feels great, but don’t lose yourself in it unless you want to.


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