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Today is one of those days I previewed last week and features, among other things, the face-off between Mars and Jupiter exact at 7:54 am CDT.

Jupiter, in and of himself, is seemingly harmless. However, he is a magnifying glass. Whatever you see while looking through Jupiter will be larger than normal. When Jupiter transited my 10th house, I thought business was going to expand. Business did expand, but so did all of my issues lying there. See, my 10th house is ripe with planetary influence/lesson/karma (via a stellium or collection of natal planets).

So when Jupiter transits conjunct (meaning when Jupiter in the sky is in the same place as where a planet was when you were born), it magnifies what that planet represent to you. But when Jupiter transits in opposition (meaning it is 180 degree away from your planet), it is more like a convex mirror. You know those mirrors they have in the funhouse which make you look really fat? Convex mirrors reflect and expand at the same time. Reflection allows us to see a mark on our face. By looking at someone else, we get to see (become aware of) something inside.

In a horoscope, I’m not looking at transits, rather simply the planets in the sky and how they are stimulating each other. Mars is staring into the convex mirror which is Jupiter, and whatever bothers him, is going to really light a fire under his butt.

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Horoscope Highlight: Sagittarius

Since Mars is sitting smack dab in the middle of Sadge (short form of Sagittarius), I am going to highlight how this energy might affect Sagittarius, progressed Sagittarius, and Sagittarius rising.

What you see below is the full chart for today, rotated so that Sagittarius is on the left side just below the ascendant. The Sagittarius Horoscope chart is always oriented this way.

Sagittarius Horoscope Chart
Sagittarius Horoscope Chart

In this perspective, the Mars-Jupiter opposition is 1st house-7th house; this is the classic me-versus-you dynamic. Mars is looking at his partner, and something he sees is displeasing perhaps. The partner has the advantage (from Mars’ perspective) and Mars does not like being on the losing end of a battle. Mars is in a fire sign, so his defense is offence, something he is not shy about. Sadge is a long fuse fire sign, but nonetheless, a threshold can definitely be reached.

So, if you are a centaur (by way of sun, progressed sun, or rising), and you don’t like something in your relationship/partnership, you’re probably a little angry and not able to hide it. Sagittarius is authentic in its expression, typically. It’s one of those what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) signs. If your partner is a centaur, you might want to pull that Halloween costume out a few days early, especially if you’re planning to be a catcher, a goalie, or a knight in chainmail!

But let’s look at what else is going on because it is insightful. Perfection of the Universe enables everything to be innately useful; it’s up to us to take advantage of it. So, say I’m a centaur and say I’m pissed off. Also say I’ve expressed that emotion, and while I feel relief from the expression, I’m now wondering what to do about it. The confrontation likely lessened the expansion of the reflection. It was huge, it pissed me off, I got angry, and now it doesn’t look quite as huge, but it’s still a problem. If I think about it, I can get pissed off all over again – after all, Mars is still opposing Jupiter. Look back into the mirror, and it looks huge again. So what now?

First, notice that at 1:18 am CDT tomorrow morning, Mercury will cross the ascendant from the 12th house to the 1st house. A planet on the ascending horizon is huge. All by itself, its presences is loud. Think of the very first moment when the sun rises on a clear day. The shift from night to day is conspicuous. It can stop us in our tracks as we take notice. So our mind is thusly activated today (especially for the centaur).  You may be looking at a reflection, but you’re also thinking about it more than usual. That combination is what adds extra fuel.

But also look at the 12th house, the one right above the 1st. In the Sadge chart, it’s the sign of Scorpio. This is why Sagittarius is characteristically penetrating. Sadge is symbolized as a centaur carrying a bow and arrow. That arrow pierces deeply. And that is because in the karma house, the house of unseen influences is Scorpio, a deeply penetrating energy. Sadge is all light and optimism on the surface, but deep under the hood.

So all of this energy in Scorpio is affecting centaurs in ways they cannot see or fully understand. Yes, “my partner is pissing me off” right now, but why is this bothering me more today than every other day?

Now lets look at the multi-colored triangle formed between Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. By this evening, they will all be at 0 degrees in their respective signs. Mercury and Venus, as I mentioned before, have been Sextile to each other for weeks. They shift signs hours apart, which changes the subject within the ongoing conversation. In a horoscope, this also changes the context.

So what’s the difference between subject and context? Communication is a subject, talking to your boss is one context, talking to your children another, and talking to your partner a third. Where Mercury lands and what it hits in a horoscope chart gives context to conversation.

But there’s more. For Sadge, Mercury is on the ascendant line, and Neptune the IC – the nadir, the opposite of straight up in the sky. Both of those angles are significant more than other house boundaries. So for centaurs, Neptune’s underwater influences are even harder to see or pin down. And since the aspect is a square between Mercury and Neptune, it’s certainly hard to think straight (for all of us). Feelings aren’t logical, and since Neptune is stronger, it’s going to be like trying to do math when you’re intoxicated. It’s not easy. Good thing it’s the weekend!

To quickly address the rest of what intrigues me, consider this. Mars is activated by Jupiter. Mars rules Aries. Uranus and the moon are presently in Aries. And Uranus is in an aspect with the sun. Look at this as electricity flowing through wires. Or, think of this like that children’s game telephone. Mars is pissed and Uranus knows about it – so he tells the sun. Well the sun is also on the line with Chiron, so now Chiron hears the story and gets some extra activation from it.

But this is key for the centaur. Centaurs are in a very long cycle (4+ years) where the healing of some core belief (let’s say) is active or at least being considered. If there is something there, Chiron is showing us.

Here’s a weird way to think about this. Years ago, I dislocated a finger. It happened pretty quickly and before the pain set in, I put my finger back into place. For a few days, I had it in a splint, but unfortunately, I took the split off too early. I now have a finger that will not go straight. For some odd reason, I want to have my finger straightened now, despite not thinking about it in years.

Well, during the 4+ years that Chiron is in Pisces, Centaurs will want to heal something deep within them that they haven’t thought about most of their life perhaps.

I think that if you’re a centaur and you are pissed at a partner (romantic or otherwise), then you have a wound that hurts more than usual. The hurt showed up as anger at your partner, which is how it caught your attention. With Mercury moving into your 1st house, this coming week is a good time to think about the situation and try and figure out what the wound is about, where it came from, and maybe what to do about it. Mars is also in your 1st house (until 11/17), which means that action for oneself is right action. And, of course, from 11/22 to 12/21 (the solstice and/or end of the world – haha), the sun will be in your first house, so in a sense, you pretty much have the rest of the year (or existence :-)) to pamper yourself…


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