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Saturn and Service

Earlier this month on October 6th, I wrote my first full horoscope called A Rose Among Thorns. While I enjoy writing horoscopes, it is a lot of work to intuit 12 different perspectives for an ever-shifting chart. Yesterday, I had the idea to simply write a birthday horoscope for each sign following the sun around the zodiac, Scorpio being the first. Well, this morning, I am being guided to do something a little different. Today, I am going to expound on a particular astrological aspect focusing on the impact to a particular sign. Basically, this is another sign-specific horoscope, but ought to contain valuable information for everyone.

And by the way, I am likely going to expand the suite of email readings that I offer including some that are more inexpensive. A personal horoscope report based on your Natal chart will likely be one of them. If you like the format of what follows, and would like one tailored specifically to your individual chart (and not just your sign), contact me and we’ll work out the details. And until I figure out pricing, you’re welcome to make me an offer.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn; Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn; and I already mentioned how the two are related through mutual reception. It is only fitting that after addressing Scorpionic happenings, I ought to also mention some Capricorny ones.

Horoscope Highlight – Capricorn:

For the next 13 years or so, Pluto is sitting in your first house. Pluto, being a slow moving outer planet, is more concerned with the collective than the personal, and yet Pluto does affect us in profoundly personal ways. So while Pluto transforms our collective structures and societies, it also transforms us individually. For Capricorn and Capricorn Rising, it is transforming how you see and identify yourself.

Now one could say that, in a 13-year time frame, we’ll all shift and change this way, and that is true. As above, so below. Pluto cannot transform the collective without also transforming all (or most) of the individuals. However, for the next 2+ years that Saturn is sitting in Scorpio, Capricorns will likely be affected more noticeably.

And with the sun conjunct Saturn, Capricorns are likely feeling it the most right now (or second to Scorpios).

All that being said, it is the combination of factors in the Capricorn chart that most intrigues me. For Capricorn and Capricorn Rising, sun conjunct Saturn occurs in the 11th house (the house associated with Aquarius), which rules collectives [for example a social circle, peers, a group of friends, or an alliance – think common interest here]. It also rules goals, aspirations, hopes, and ideals. In a way, this house does have some carry over from Capricorn, since Aquarius is the very next sign.

So for Caps, Saturn recently moved from your power house (10th), where it was strong(est), to the 11th. And tonight the sun conjuncts Saturn in the 11th and will again this time next year and in 2014. That tells me that you will get three annual reminders on this subject. Now this year, there are three additional planets to discuss, and together they paint a picture I would call Capricorn Service.

First up, Mars is currently located in your 12th house of karma and unseen influences. Capricorns don’t like the unseen. They much prefer to work within the physical world where everything can be proven. Yet, with Jupiter in your 6th house (jobs and service) opposing Mars, and Uranus in your 4th house (home and foundations) square to Pluto, the karmic influences prevail. Maybe you want to act, but since the physical reasons to act are intangible, you’re not.

One of the many gifts of Capricorn is the ability to manage collectives. Capricorns are the quintessential managers. They are task oriented, self-starting, driven, and have a work-ethic like no other. Those that are unevolved can use these tools self-servingly.

But right now, I suspect that many Capricorn and Capricorn Rising individuals are feeling a calling to serve a collective, if not The Collective. The combination of houses 11, 12, 4 and 6 are a perfect storm for this service. And with Neptune and Chiron in your 3rd house (immediate family, siblings, and personal ideas), there’s icing on the cake.

Lastly, the North Node of the Moon, which recently moved from your karma house to the 11th, is being joined by Mercury (conjunct) and Venus (Sextile). This simply adds support expanding your ability to think things through as you consider how to make a bigger impact on the societies in which you live.

The United States is considered a Cancer nation with July 4th as its birthday. However, Cancer is intrinsically connected to Capricorn via opposition. They form two sides of a (very thick) coin. In some ways, this opposition seems the most contrasting. Cancers are the most expressive and emotional while Capricorns are seemingly the least. Yet consider this: Cancer is like the quintessential mother, and Capricorn is like the quintessential father. Looking at the US as a nation, one can easily see how strong both Cancer and Capricorn are within it (the good and the bad).

So, if you are a Capricorn, Capricorn Rising, have progressed sun in Capricorn, and/or a strong Saturn or 10th house, you likely relate to something written here. Remember, a group of 2 individuals is still a collective and anything you do for the greater good of another is service.

Earth, as an element, is the most difficult to change. Once something has become solid, it requires the most force to modify. And yet Capricorns are driven to do just that. The cardinal aspect within them is the motivator. Pluto and Saturn, under the covers, are fueling that motivation, and there is plenty of work to be done. The sun only joins Saturn for brief times throughout the year, but each time there is that extra fuel added to the fire. If Mars isn’t strong enough for you to take advantage of that fuel just yet, take note of the impulses running through you and know that your day to take action is coming.


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