Horoscope Highlight: Scorpio

The Sun entered Scorpio yesterday evening (10/22/2012) and greeted Neptune early this morning with an exact trine. However, things really get interesting to me early on 10/25 when two exact conjunctions and two exact sextiles all happen centered on Scorpio and within 6 hours.

Of late, I have found myself conveying a concept that I call future karma, for lack of a better description. Future karma is a setup. It is when the universe puts you through a challenge that feels karmic, but is not about paying back for the past, rather preparing you for the future. In a way, future karma is very much something that ultimately links the past with the future.

To me, the double conjunction in Scorpio is exactly that – a configuration linking our past to our future.

You Scorpios probably really get this idea of future karma, after all, that’s what your entire life is all about. Those with progressed sun in Scorpio, Scorpio Rising or otherwise strongly influenced by Scorpio and/or Pluto relate for sure, though they get to move in and out of the experience a bit more.

Scorpio (Progressed Scorpio and Scorpio Rising)

On October 22, the sun crosses your ascendant moving from your karma house to your house of identity. The karma house is ruled by Pisces and therefore Neptune. Fittingly, the Sun makes an exact trine to Neptune in Pisces as its first aspect in Scorpio. What this will likely do is simply continue the processing of the entire last month, possibly and probably through vivid dreams, intuition, and those feelings in the gut. If you read Tarot, pull the cards out and ask some questions as your psychic skills ought to be amped up for a bit.

Last month, in all likelihood, feels like a dream now. It was unworldly; it was unreal; it was challenging. It changed something inside of you. Maybe you only felt it, but now that I am directing your attention toward it, you can see that this is true. So now what?

Well in two days (if not already), it’ll be time to get grounded and down to business. On Thursday 10/25, the Sun exactly conjuncts Saturn and through Mutual Reception has a strong connection to Pluto in Capricorn. The business at hand is personal for you. Now that you have had ample time to absorb unseen influences, what are you going to be in response to it? How do you see yourself differently now than you did 40 days ago? And what does that mean for the journey forward?

Those of you more in tuned with Gemini and/or Mercury have likely already been thinking about the future. Maybe a dream inspired you, and then you spent the entire next day or two thinking about how to make that dream actually occur in waking reality. If it hasn’t happened this way, there’s still time while Mercury crosses over the North Node of the Moon (Thursday).

Venus is also involved. These thoughts may be about you, but nothing in your life is just about you, it is also about what you love and value.

And speaking of your values, your actions ought to be motivated by them more now than ususal. Your traditional ruler, Mars, is transiting your 2nd house – getting you all fired up to promote or defend what you feel is right. Late this week, Jupiter is going to mess with you a bit. If others around you challenge your position, your beliefs, your view of life, they will get your goat more than they would normally. Of course, I doubt they will win the argument.

If something does get sparked around the end of the month, and there is some exchange of words, the purpose will be primarily to get you to hear your own thoughts coming out of your own mouth. You’re not really telling them how you feel and what you believe, you’re telling yourself. So the external outcome of the exchange matters not.

Oh, and by the way, Jupiter is and has been dancing around your 8th house. If that argument is with your lover, the makeup sex is going to be AMAZING! In fact, next weekend (10/27-28), pick a fight just to then make up afterwards! Mars in your 2nd house exactly opposes Jupiter Sunday morning, and you understand the value of a little bit of friction.

Like a caterpillar, first you absorb the energy. Then you have time to think about how you are changing and what you are becoming. Eventually, you’ll be able to put this into action and take flight. You’re somewhere in this process now, but remember to only jump off of the branch when your wings have fully emerged and are dry and ready for flying.


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