Releasing the Reins

Today is 12/5/12. It is, from one perspective, the middle of a quiet period. If you don’t count the moon or modern satellites, the last exact aspect was 12/2/12 and the next one will be on 12/7/12.

Interestingly, we are in a bit of a pattern. One by one, a planet has its turn aspecting others. The last three were all Jupiter, the three before that Venus, the next three are Mercury. The inner half of the solar system is actively poking and prodding the outer half.

What this feels like is a symphony. Base instruments are playing pedal notes creating a long, low foundation to the concerto. Mean while, instruments like violins and flutes flutter and trill actively overhead. Tension builds underneath us – like a child’s anticipation of Christmas – while bursts of activity release and relieve like bouts of laughter and joy.

For me personally, life became like The Chariot. As I always say, you ride a chariot, you don’t drive one. When The Chariot rolls into your life, best you can do is get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on.


Jupiter was that Chariot this time around. It was the prime participant of the Finger of God or Yod that we had over the weekend. Venus bathing in Scorpio, Mars fighting its way through Capricorn, and the most extroverted sun in Sagittarius all directed their energy at the socializing Jupiter. It is no wonder I didn’t have a minute to sit down and write. My dance card seemingly filled from dawn until dusk each day.

[Added note:  Notice that sun – ego/extroverted expression of self – sat exactly between Mars – our male side/earthly action and Venus – our female side/deeply felt receptivity. Through the Yod, the balancing of give-receive, doing-being, and physicality-emotionality was directed toward Jupiter in Gemini who expanded both sides equally and to the extent that we allowed.  Wow – this is like turning up the flow of water while keeping the hot and cold in balance!]

The Chariot with Jupiter driving whipped in and out of our lives. When he dropped me off, I was as socked by the stillness as I had been by the movement. Tuesday afternoon, it felt as if I were trudging through molasses. I really should have been taking advantage of the reprieve, but I was too antsy with the remnants of the Mars-Pluto conjunction, and the sun-Jupiter opposition.

In reality, life is still moving at a clip. Here in Texas, some speed limits are as high as 85 mph. After driving for a while at that speed, 55 feels painfully slow. That’s just what the last two days were like. In fact, the majority of the change, for me, was a reduction of planning. Last week, a moderate calendar got filled in as time rolled on. This week, it’s completely ad hoc. As of yesterday morning, today was empty, now today it is totally full.

The one thing I’ll say about this is that it feels really good. Life is flowing better than it has been and the spontaneity of it is exciting. Not seeing too far into the future (in terms of plans) is freeing and helps keep me from getting overwhelmed. In a perfect world (by my design), life would always be this way – it would unfold spontaneously with hardly any plans too far in advance. I would spend more time living in the moment and less time anticipating the future.

To live in The Chariot, one has to let go of the reins. Maybe in discovering my core trust issue, I am easing my grip.


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