As Above So Below

1222012twoI want to take you on a journey with me; a journey through an enfolding ah-ha moment. I’m not sure where we’ll end up, but we’re at the doorway.

In yesterday’s post, I showed you the Yod formed with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus that occurred right when the sun opposed Jupiter. (The opposition is not part of the Yod, btw.) As I mentioned, that formation was something I only noticed just before writing about it. I have redrawn it here (left), this time orienting the chart with Aries in the first house.

Well, this morning, I decided to look at the chart for the exact moment of the solstice on 12/21/12. I again noticed something. Instead of showing you the whole chart, I’ll highlight what stood out.12-21-12

The relationship between these two charts is astounding! There is indeed a message here and I am going to work on deciphering it with y’all in tow – since I’m not there yet.

Let’s compare them. In both cases, the apex of the Yod is Jupiter in Gemini . But notice that instead of the sun sitting between Mars and Venus, we have Venus sitting between Pluto and Saturn. The Yod on 12/2/12 was personal. The Yod on 12/21/12 is universal. Again we have the Gemini-Sadge dipole in the center of it all. 12/2/12 was focused on the details, logic, and acting local part, 12/21/12 the big picture, philosophy, and thinking global part.

But there’s more!

Let’s, for a moment, look back at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 11/28/12. I have redrawn the chart here showing only a part of it. Does this look familiar?

11-28-12twoOn that day, Mars and Pluto were conjunct, the sun and moon were in opposition, and Venus and Saturn were just starting to separate. In my original drawing there was a lot more, but I have reduced it down because we again had a Yod, this time formed with the Moon at the apex. I didn’t realize then how it was foreshadowing what is still yet to come.

So 11/28/12, 12/2/12, and 12/21/12 are all connected. In fact, this entire time period contains this same Yod to one degree or another. As the Yod morphs and evolves, different energies participate.

On 11/28/12, the focus was on emotional expression. Since the moon was in Gemini, the expression it described ought to contain words. Sometimes we have to say how we feel because our emotion can be misunderstood. If I’m angry, am I angry with you? Or am I angry with myself? Or am I expressing an old anger of frustration that you just happened to touch upon? Displaying anger can be helpful – to both of us – but adding in detailed explanation can certainly raise that up even higher.

On 12/2/12, the flat side of the Yod contained Mars and Venus. Individually, when we balance our male and female sides, our efforts synergistically affect the whole in a bigger way. When enough people do this, we will move from the 12/2/12 Yod to the 12/21/12 Yod. On 12/21/12, the flat side will contain Pluto and Saturn.

Balancing Pluto and Saturn is a grand undertaking. Pluto is transformational; it is intense; and it is further acerbated by the Uranus square. This creates growing pains. We are teething as new tools rip through our tender skin. Pluto’s preferred way to unearth new material is via volcanic eruption. The pressure builds over eons and is released in minutes.

But Saturn has all of the patience in the world. Saturn slows us down. It slows everything down. Saturn’s sense of responsibility is so strong, it can keep everyone from getting hurt at the same time. When we work with Saturn energy, we wait for a win-win solution to materialize; we quell our fears; we lend a helping hand to others instead of pushing them out of our way.

The 12/21/12 Yod has Venus opposing Jupiter rather than the sun. The sun in Sagittarius represents an extroverted expression of self. Venus turns that expression into a work of art. Not all of us think of ourselves as artists, but that’s simply because of a limited view of what art is. Venus shows up in everyone’s chart, and thus everyone has an art. For some, it’s food, for others it’s code (software). Some people know how to put together an outfit, while others know how to put together a bouquet of flowers.

On 11/28/12, the lunar eclipse, by placing the earth’s shadow on the moon, urged us to come out of the closet in some way. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” it shouted to us. “Come out and play with us!” was the theme.

On 12/2/12, the way out was shown. Sit balanced between your left and your right. Open up to giving; open up to receiving. Allow your earthly actions to be balanced by what is cherished in your heart.

On 12/21/12, the journey continues. Collectively, we are urged to balance growth with responsibility. When we step on others along the way, we are growing beyond our evolving. Interestingly, when I typed ‘evolving’ it came out ‘evoloving’ – evo-loving.

We are being shown a more evolved way to love – a balanced love that is both of self and from self. We each must love ourselves first if there’s any hope to love anyone or anything outside of ourselves. But love of self is not love of self over others. Loving only self is not really loving at all. It is a search for love.

And then loving others must be from self. I can only love you the way I love you. If I pretend to love you another way, it is not authentic. When you wish me to love you differently, I might have to be strong to stay true. I have a responsibility to me and you and when I love authentically (no more or less than I feel), then I create a grand space, a sacred space, for transformation within both of us.

12/21/12 is an invitation, as 12/2/12 was and 11/28/12 before it. We are being guided by the stars. We are being shown the way. The entire universe conspires to help get us from where we are to where we want to be, but we still have to make the journey. 12/21/12 is not going to put us there, but it will turn on the light for us to see the path.


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